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  1. Hi, We're trying to get 4 nights at a 4* or resort in Kauai for the first 4 days of August. I didn't have any luck bidding on Priceline up to $165, so I'm thinking of getting this deal on Hotwire. Anyone have a guess as to which hotel it might be? Thanks!
  2. Agreed. We stayed there last summer using gold member points. We got a ground floor room looking at the parking lot. But we still loved the hotel amenities. My favorites were the super comfy bed with 8 pillows (I was pregnant), the awesome pool, and the hammocks. Sigh.
  3. Bid $70 and won...before I stumbled on this site and found out I could've started out lower. :) Anyway, it was still a pretty good deal, I thought. There was a major messup with housekeeping. We checked in after 4pm, but when we entered our room, it hadn't been cleaned. Dirty towels and glasses, sheets stripped from beds. I called the front desk and they immediately sent up keys to a new (larger and nicer) room. When we got there, THAT room was still being cleaned! Kostas, the rooms manager was extremely apologetic and gracious. He promised to look into the housekeeping issue and comped us a wonderful, delicious dinner at the Regatta Bar and Grill. I was annoyed at first but quite placated (maybe from being overstuffed) by this gesture. Other than that, we were impressed with the grounds and the service. A major snafu such as this would probably never have happened at the Ritz or St. Regis, but I doubt I could've gotten either for seventy bucks! It's a nice walk to the park and to the beach, and the weather was glorious. We enjoyed the pool and jacuzzi. Our room (once we got a clean one) was very nicely appointed and the bed was comfy. We're planning on going back.
  4. Hi, I'm new to the boards, so forgive me if I skipped something but I checked on all the Hawaii links I could find and haven't seen any hits on the Ihilani area. Any experience bidding on this one? It looks like Ko'Olina is included, but I don't know what other hotels are in the area. Thanks!
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