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  1. Dear all, Haven't been to the website for more than 9 months and can't find the place we used to see others reported winning bids. Is the feature still here and who can help me?
  2. Hi, I got to report this 4 star hotel. It's not in your priceline hotel list. It's actually a rather old hotel built in 1963. It was not shown in the available list. It's kind of tricky. Priceline dirty work. Is it possible to cancel it? Otherwiase I will have to check in tomorrow. bid: 110+tax for 21th night
  3. FYI. My first bid is 110, a message just poped up to advise me if I would put another 39 on top of it, I will win the bid. I may want to try somewhere between 120 to 130, but my husband didn't want to bother, so we just took it and it turned out to be westin. Sorry we forgot use your link.
  4. Besides I recently noticed Hotwiire has a 4 star hotel in hoboken area with amenities "no smoking,Fitness, Restaurant, Hi-Speed Internet, Business" & "We are still gathering reviews for this property". Is it newly added hotel or Westin in disguise?
  5. Hi, I am still travelling on 11th. I will wait for a while or may find some place near Now Providence. Any place you will recommend?
  6. Any event on these dates? So shall I drop it for a while till early Sep? If bid now, what is the winning price you expent?
  7. Hi, I tried a lots bids up to 135 all rejected. What price could win the bids for Sep 12 to 15?
  8. Its amenities are 1. Smoke-Free rooms 2. Fitness Center 3. Pools 4. Restaurant 5. Business center 6. High Speed Internet
  9. During weekends we will plan to DC or LV. Beside I booked Westin for 15 to 21 @152 @ Hotwire. Guess not bad, now I need room for nights fr 12 to 15+21 to 27. I tried many times @priceline for 12 to 15, all rejected up to 123. What price level you expect to win bids for the time slot?
  10. I will arrive Sep 12 and leave Sep 27. I am still working on the final agenda but I guess I will spend most of time there (except for a few day trip to DC & Las Vegas). I can go 160 if breakfast included. Thanks for your great help. It's really a tremendous thing to start a website like this.
  11. Hi, there, My husband will be on business trip to New Providence. If we stay at Hoboken is it convenient for him daily commuting? We will stay for 15 days, how should I bid, split into 2 or even 3 bids to increase my success chance? And I have seen a 4 star hotel with amenities as follows: Suite, Restaurant, Pool, Fitness, Hi-Speed Internet, Business Is it newly star inflated hotel-Sheraton? Thanks in advance
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