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  1. $83 Kimpton Monaco for 4/22/16-4/23/16 4.5* Very happy with this, thanks for the help and of course i used the BetterBidding HOTWIRE links!!!
  2. There is a 4.5* for $83. These are the amenities using the Hotiwire East View(By the way, what is this new thing, how do you have more amenities then the normal hotwire website) FULL AMENITIES: Free Internet, Boutique hotel, Smoke-free rooms, Fitness center, Restaurant(s), Business center, Internet access, Spa services, Accessible for visually impaired, Accessible path of travel, In-room accessibility, Accessible bathroom, Roll-in shower I believe it is the Kimpton Monaco. Do you believe the same thing. Basically ready to book today/tomorrow. Last time i used this website scored a Kimpton in D.C. and loved it!
  3. I had a quick question, to continue the part about the baby. Do you think i should ask the hotel ahead of time about arranging the crib? If I tell them ahead of time, maybe they will see that a crib doesn't fit into their tiny Queen room of 285 sq feet and give me the next room size up of 500 sq feet. But it also gives them the opportunity of saying they don't want a pack and play in the room since i booked on PRICELINE. Thanks, Joe
  4. $93 Palomar Washington DC 8/10/13-8/14/13 started bidding again today at $85 even though i stopped at $90 the other day. Did $85, $87, $89, $91, and won at $93 I know this is a highly rated hotel by tripadvisor, but was really hoping for the Omni, Marriot Wardman park or the Washington Hilton. Oh Well, i'm sure it will be fine, hopefully the room is big enough to fit the pack and play crib. Thank you once again for all your help, i have always loved this website.
  5. actually hold on, not sure about doing the HOTWIRE.com , we realized it is a roll in shower. We preferably need a tub to bathe a 1 year old. If I do the name your own price, does the promo code SUMMER get put in after you win? Also i keep forgetting to tell you, it appears that your hotwire.com list for the White House zone doesn't work. I cannot view any of the possible hotels in the zone in your list.
  6. my wife and i decided that we are going to take a chance on the $99 HOTWIRE. I have the $10 coupon how do I use it but still use your link since they want me to click on the link through my email.
  7. For the $100 and $110 Priceline express they are both in Dupont Circle The $100 includes Pool restaurant business and fitness The $110 includes Free internet restaurant business fitness and bed choice and then there is the $99 Hotwire where i typed this last night: "Dupont Circle $99 - Pet friendly, Fitness center, restaurant, business center, high speed internet, deaf accessible, accessible path of travel, in room accessible, accessible bath, handicap parking, roll in shower and 95% recommended (where does this percentage come from???) It doesn't seem to be tripadvisor based on a few 4* comparisons I tried."
  8. my last post above talks about me not wining my priceline bids from earlier today. I was just on HOTWIRE, and there is a hotel i am interested in, but I can't figure out what it is Can you help? for 8/10/13 -8/14/13, and these lists are from after picking hotel and using the link on the left hand side Dupont Circle $99 - Pet friendly, Fitness center, restaurant, business center, high speed internet, deaf accessible, accessible path of travel, in room accessible, accessible bath, handicap parking, roll in shower and 95% recommended (where does this percentage come from???) It doesn't seem to be tripadvisor based on a few 4* comparisons I tried.
  9. went from $65 to $90, and no luck. Lets talk about the PRICELINE EXPRESS deals for a second, do you agree that the $100 4* is most likely the Palomar? What about the 4* that is $110, what is your best guess for that one?
  10. My question was about the hotel allowing us to bring a pack and play and having the 3rd person in the room. (Which you did answer) I hate the fact that I won't be able to use Priceline in future years when the child is older as I have liked Priceline better than Hotwire. I am looking for the 4* Dupont Circle woodley Park ONLY. I would say the max would be about $90 to start before reevualtion. I say that becuase the Express Deals have the 5% coupon going on. Priceline charges the percentage in fees for both programs I assume, right?
  11. ok we decided we want to go the cheaper route which i assume is the Name your own price. For a 4 star in the Dupont Circle Woodley Park zone. But before i start the bidding I want to ask you opinion on one thing. I have a 1 year old baby. Would any hotel give us a problem bringing a pack n play crib?
  12. i chickened out on the Chelsea because i didn't want the Annex. At a really cheap price i would have considered the Annex, but not for a significant amount of money. I wound up booking the AC Days Inn directly through them.
  13. Looking to go to D.C. for the dates mentioned above. Preferably would like a outdoor pool. Comparing Express Deals on Priceline and also Hotwire. Need help trying to identify hotels. Before I ask about some particular hotels I see, is it known that a hotel may have amenities like a pool, but it isn't mentioned? Also, is there a place on this website where you are keeping track of amenities for Priceline Express Deals like you for your Hotwire lists? On Priceline I am eyeing the Dupont Circle 4* with pool,restaurant, business center and fitness with 9.0 rating(i suspect this is Hotel Palomar or Omni) I am also eyeing the Dupont Circle 4* with Internet, restaurant, business center and fitness and also bed choice(i think this may be the Marriot Wardman Park, but as my question above asked, this does not show a pool but the Marriot Wardman has one) Also, i was looking back at old entries in the forum and it seems like every single Dupont Circle bidding win is for the Omni, the Hilton and the Marriot in this zone, which are probably my top 3 choices. So maybe bidding makes sense?!?! On Hotwire the 3.5* in Georgetown/foggy bottom with pool, restaurant, high speed internet and kitchenette i suspect is the Embassy Suites the 4* Dupont circle might be basically any hotel in that area. When I started to type this i really thought maybe it makes sense to book a PRICELINE EXPRESS Deal, but now i really have myself leaning towards bidding to see if I can get something in the $70's or $80's per night. On the express deals, is the guest rating rounded? So if hotels are 8.9; 9.1 and 9.3, you won't see the 8.9??? Also how accurate is the save 35%, save 50%? I guess I have to talk to my wife to see what is more important, a pool, especially an outdoor one, or low price. I would definitely say my preferable choice is the Omni, the Marriot Wardman, and the Hilton.
  14. Does anyone know if you win this hotel on Hotwire or Priceline if your guaranteed to get the Luxe Tower and not the Annex. There seems to be significant differences in quality of the rooms between the two. Is it possible that the Annex is included on both the sites at a lower star level and the Luxe is included at the 4* level? FYI, I used the link tonight for Priceline for the dates of July 31st to August 1st. I bid 3.5* and had 3 free rebids. Went from $45 to $60 and had no luck. After I failed I was thinking about it and trying to find my answer about the room location through the old posts on this site, but there seems to be no definitive answer. For the future when someone says they won the Chelsea you should have them confirm what type of room, Annex or Luxe. I'm really surprised AC is so expensive on a sunday night considering all i read about his how much AC is struggling with the Pennsylvania hotels now taking some of their business.
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