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  1. Hi All! Needed a last minute hotel room in NYC for TONIGHT, so decided to try my luck. Started in MTE with $120 and used free rebids and added areas up to $170 and finally got accepted at the Tribeca Grand! I was actually surprised as you don't see this hotel turn up often on Priceline. Not sure my bidding strategy was the best, but I needed the room for tonight and got a bit sloppy, so I may have been able to get it for slightly less. Still happy as the lowest rate on their website for tonight was $275. Used the PRICELINE link to do my bidding!
  2. I always find myself a little disappointed when PRICELINE accepts my bid on the first go, cause then I know that I probably could have gotten it for less!! OH WELL! Needed one night on our return from the Maldives! Got the Sheraton! I have been unsucessful bidding for Gatwick July 6 for one night for over a week now. Hmmmm.... Anyway: Your Offer Price: US$85.00 Number of Rooms: 1 Number of Nights: 1 Subtotal: US$85.00 Taxes and Service Fees: US$22.76 Total Charges: US$107.76 Used the PRICELINE linked provided!
  3. just wanted to follow up and close out this thread. We tried bidding at least 10 times up to 300 dollars, splitting the bid, bidding it all together, and just never had any luck! They ended up keeping their room at the NewYorker and said it was really a GREAT hotel, especially if you had one of the refurbished rooms. NOt sure why we were never able to win a room through PRICELINE, but it certainly wasn't for lack of trying! Thanks!
  4. That's ok! Based on your last response, I just figured I was supposed to try bidding for all the nights together! Anyway- They have a reservation at the New Yorker and with taxes, I believe they are paying right under $2,000. So, about $285 a night. They aren't displeased with the NewYorker, since they renovated they are getting pretty good reviews on TripAdvisor, I think my friends would just like to spend the same amount and be able to stay at a 4*! They are open to staying anywhere, I just bid in MTE cause that is where I have always had the best luck and LOWEST prices in NYC...guess i am a creature of habit!! I will ask her if she wants me to bid the first 2 nights and just go from there. IF she says ok, should I start at 180 for the last 2 nights in April? Thanks for your thoughts!
  5. hello! Ok, just tried bidding for all nights together. Started in MTE at 222 a night and bid up to 260, all rejected with no counter offers. Closed the window and split the bid from April 29-may 2 and started again. Started in MTE at 222 and added rebid zones up to 260, all rejected, no counter offers. Closed the window and started again and bid May 2-May 6 Started in MTE at 222 and added rebid zones up to 260, all rejected no counter offers. So, is there anything else you would reccomend doing other than what I have done?? Just keep trying every few days? Used the PRICELINE links provided!!! Thanks for any input!
  6. Hi Thereuare! Their backup is costing about 300 bucks a night INCLUDING taxes. So anything UNDER that is fine!! So, without taxes, a maximum bid would probably be around 260 a night? Thanks!!! I will rebid when the 24 hours are up and will try for the entire 7 nights. I usually bid for MTE, as that seems to be a good area for 4* hotels on Priceline. Thanks again and any info is appreciated!
  7. Hi All! It's been awhile since I bid on NYC and it looks like there are now FOUR rebid zones with the addition of Brooklyn and Long Island! That is nice! I have a friend here in Norway going to NYC for a week! I tried bidding this morning and split the bid as I felt 7 nights in one bid was unlikely to be accepted. Tried first for April 29-May 1: MTE at 180 and added rebid zones up to 220 All rejected. Then started in a new window with the the second half of her trip from May 2-6, this time started in Soho/Financial District. Same strategy, started at 180 and bid up to 220 with no luck. I have seen some wins for the Benjamin and other 4*'s around 220 for around these dates and was hoping to get lucky. They have a cancellable back up at the New Yorker-- Any sugesstions for a strategy for this time of year for a 4*? Any help and thoughts are appreciated!
  8. Hey guys! Well, I ended up cancelling my booking at the original hotel on Hotels.com, as I felt it was too expensive. Our friends we are going with found a great rate at Hotel 27! We got a buy 3 nights get the 4th night free, so that made the price average about 150 bucks a night! The rate also includes breakfast AND dinner!!! So, we are happy! As always, thanks for all of your help!!!
  9. Hi Thereuare! Here is what I booked on Hotels.com: Bertrams Hotel Guldsmeden Vesterbrogade 107 COPENHAGEN 01620 Danmark Totalpris : 8 015.40 NOK So, it AINT cheap! May 1 is a holiday round here, so I wanted to book something before everything booked up!!! Now in hind sight, it's just too expensive for a place to eat...even if it is pretty and has an organic breakfast! I found out I can get a good rate through my company for the Copenhagen Strand hotel for 885 Danish Kroner a night, which is about 150 USD or so. And shockingly cheap for CPH...so may just go for that one! It's not a 4*, but thinking about it, we really don't NEED a 4*...3 is fine! It now has me wondering what kind of hotels come up on Priceline for 3* in Copenhagen??? any history of anything other than a 4*? Didn't know Hotels.com was an affiliate! Will do so in the future! Will keep you updated!
  10. Hello. We are headed to Copenhagen and I tried our luck last night for the first time. Went through Savings Barn and bid up to 120 dollars, no luck, no counter offers. Seems as though the Priceline staple for Copenhagen is the Marriot. A look at their website showed little availability for our nights. Booked a cancellable backup via Hotels.com, but if anyone has any ideas or leads for some good deals for a 4* on our dates, would love to hear about them! Thanks!
  11. hi smackie! Yes, they did offer me the extend your stay for the same price, so you could very well have the same luck. I didn't split my bid even though it included a Thrusday and had no problems! Good luck!
  12. :) IF at first, you don't suceed...try, try, try again! W New York Hotel Midtown East 541 Lexington Avenue New York, New York 10022 Thu, Jul 19, 2007 / After 03:00 PM Check-Out Date: Sun, Jul 22, 2007 / 12:00 PM Your Offer Price Per Room, Per Night: $145.00 Subtotal: $435.00 Taxes & Service Fees: $84.10 Total Charges*: $519.10 Was actually surprised that we won this today! I was going through the motions of bidding and rebidding. Started with MTE at 125- rejected Added rebid zone 135- rejected Added rebid- 145- accepted! Lowest price on Starwood website was $323--significant savings! And $14 lower than my cancellable backup at the Parksouth. Tripadvisor has this W as a 3 star hotel and reviews are fairly mixed. People either LOVE it or HATE it...thus giving it an overall rating of 2.5 out of 5... Regardless, we have great memories of the W hotel and actually spent DH's birthday there a few years ago. Looking forward to returning. As always, bid through Savingsbarn!
  13. yes, that is exactly what i was trying to do! If we can get a 4* for a lower price, then we will... Not unhappy with our grammercy hotel, just trying to better the situation if I can! That's why. will continue to update. :)
  14. tried again tonight up to 145 in several different areas. Even tried splitting the bid and bid friday and saturday seperatly with no luck. i might just wait until july to try again, because obviously, not alot of inventory has been released by the hotels yet! Bid through Savingsbarn...
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