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  1. just booked for monterey through express deal for $96 4* with Hyatt. Was able to call and get double beds without additional charge because they still have rooms available. Thanks for all the help.
  2. Does the PRICELINE EXPRESS deal limit to one bed? Also, If I "name my own price" do you think that I would be able to select bedding by calling hotel?
  3. i'll be traveling for 2 nites 9/26-9/28. Can help on the best rate for a 4 star hotel in monterey would be appreciated. I did see the Hyatt for 155. Is there anything better. On HOTWIRE, they list rates at 131 but there is no idea of what hotel it would be. Thank you for the quick responses back.
  4. I'm looking to head to monterey with the date listed above. Any good recommendations or rates? Any help would be appreciated
  5. I'm not booking to san francisco anymore. Planning on just going to monterey. I will be booking soon for monterey but would like to know what hotels are being offered.
  6. I'm definitely going to book for a hotel in monterey for the dates above. I'm a little confused upon how hotwire works. How do I narrow down the exact hotel they are offering. Please help. I will be booking soon so any help upon the best rate and hotel detail would be appreciated. Thank you!
  7. the monterey one is more important. It will be 3 adults so 2 beds is needed.
  8. trip was cancelled so there was no need to book anymore. thanks for all the help
  9. Hi, I'm trying to find 4* Monterey, Ca. 9/26-9/28 in zone 5 for approximately $120 and 4* San Francisco 9/28-9/30 (no preference for zone but would like to be in an area for tourism since i'm going with elders as well) about $160 if possible. Any help would be great. No preference on amenities. Thanks
  10. I have not used HOTWIRE before. The pricing seems reasonable but I really don't know their star rating system and what hotels would fit for each zone. I'm looking for 3.5 star hotels and above with a budget of 239 per night. Since it is my first time in New York, what zone/area or hotel do you recommend. I appreciate any input. Thanks.
  11. what is your best guess for the 4 star rate hotel at 239 in madison square garden hell's kitchen area?
  12. By any chance, would there be a hotel for this price range in TS or MTW?
  13. At the moment, I'm trying to bid lower than $237 because I could get a 4 star in midtown east at this price. I'm trying to bid for other areas but priceline seems to reject all offers below 237. How do I get the rates you have provided, for example, doubletree in the metro area for 220/nite? I see the price in the high 200's. Thanks again.
  14. It looks like the best price I can get for sept 28-0ct 1 is $237 through the PRICELINE EXPRESS. Do you think that there's a better deal for me at the moment with the areas I want or should I wait longer? I appreciate all the help.
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