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  1. I was giving a second look to my trip here: http://www.betterbidding.com/index.php?showtopic=204626 And I thought it could be Platinum Residence Warsaw.
  2. I'm considering booking a hotel on Hot.wire. One of the amenities promised is indoor pool. I've figured out a couple of hotels I could get, but reading tripadvisor reviews, I see complaints that although the hotel advertises having a pool, they actually send people to neighboring hotel to use their pool, and there is even a charge for that. If I end up getting this hotel, will Hotwire cancel the booking and refund if I complain? What's your take on this?
  3. Yes, the info from Hotwire seems quite contradicting so I'll probably book non-opaquely.
  4. I would if the hotel is really 5* and from a chain where I have status and could (possibly) snag an upgrade. Also I'm not sure how reliable "XX% recommended" feature is. What caught my eye is "casino", this is no LV so should be relatively rare for a hotel to have one, although I don't know a site allowing to search by this amenity.
  5. Amenities: Pet friendly Casino Indoor pool(s) Smoke-free rooms Fitness center Pool(s) Internet access Spa services Apr 8 - Apr 10, $59 per night, 5*. Tripadvisor 4 out of 5.0 Hotwire customer reviews 40% recommended (5 total reviews). Any ideas which one is this?
  6. Last minute bid. Your Offer Price Per Room, Per Night: US$67.00 Subtotal: US$134.00 Taxes & Fees: US$19.44 Total Charges: US$153.44 Bid of $66 was rejected. Taking into account 7% hotel tax, seems that Maritim has set their rate to 50 EUR all in.
  7. I've had bad experience with Intercontinental in past... Anyway, United changed my tickets so I don't have a stopover in Frankfurt anymore and this 3.5* hotel remains a mystery. :)
  8. Location: Frankfurt Star rating: 3.5-star Check-in date: Fri, Jul 24 Check-out date: Sun, Jul 26 Hotel rate per night: $64.00 This hotel features the following amenities: Fitness Center Restaurant(s) Business Center High-speed Internet Access Any ideas which one this might be? No Tripadvisor rating, no other clues I could think of... Thanks!
  9. Well, looks like bdima is not going to answer so: Fitness Center Business Center High-speed Internet Access Restaurant(s) Laundry Facilities (in a 5* property :)))
  10. We did arrive a couple of days earlier; didn't use Hotwire, found a better deal on hrs.de, so can't confirm that it's really Arabellasheraton. Didn't see any slopes or ocean either. :)
  11. B zone, just "Frankfurt". I checked Expedia and looks like it's Arabellasheraton. The hotel is available at the same price during Bookmesse, looks like a great deal.
  12. I've been in Frankfurt only a couple of times, but noticed there are some nice parks along Main on the outskirts of the city where you can rent a paddle boat etc, but nothing like beach, and certainly no swimming there. As far as something resembling slopeside, the nearest mountains are Taunus mountain range (Altkoenig, Feldberg), but they at least 10 km form the city...
  13. There is neither ocean nor any slopes near Frankfurt...
  14. I'm getting an offer of $142 for 4* hotel in Frankfurt, 1 room, 3 persons, Aug 8-10. Amenities: Beachfront Oceanfront Slopeside Restaurant Pool High-speed Internet Access Business Center Any ideas which one it could be? If I book and don't like the result, what are the chances of getting a refund because there's no ocean nearby? :)
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