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  1. i want to be near the td waterhouse garden or at least on the transit line to get there (but i will be returning late at night). i would like to stay below $125 a night and a 3 star or higher. i know asking for a lot, but i've gotten some remarkable deals via priceline, and hoping to score another.
  2. yes, that was me. bring a new one to boston (and chicago). is the hyatt via priceline or some other way. and not driving, flying from texas and not renting a car. will take advantage of a good transit system unlike what we have in houston. and thereuare, the dates are 11/17 through 11/20.
  3. first time to boston and am going to an event at the td banknorth garden and have no clue which zone to bid for. any help would be appreciated. want to be close to the garden, but willing to take transit to there. thanks.
  4. Looking for a 3* in Tampa for 11/4 for 1 night in the Downtown/Westshore area. Initial bid was $50 and rejected. Any suggestions on what to bid next? Thanks.
  5. waited my 72 hours and bid $38 for 3*, still didn't win. will bid $41 next time.
  6. bid $33 for a 3* in Grand Prairie/Arlington and didn't win.
  7. Since I saw others getting the Hyatt Harborside for $50, I was thinking that sounded good to me. But after checking hotel.com, Expedia and Travelocity for that day; maybe I will have to go to around $100.
  8. Heading to the NE to see the leaves change in Vermont, but starting and finishing in Boston. Get in late on 10/7 and leave bright and early 10/11. Need help with bidding on 10/7 and 10/10. Need 2 rooms and will have a car to park. I'm worried that it is a busy time. Per hotel.com the Hyatt Harborside is $342 :) for 10/7 Thanks.
  9. Hotel Name: Omni Austin Hotel Downtown 700 San Jacinto Blvd At 8th St Austin, Texas 78701 512-476-3700 Your Offer Price: $64.00 Number of Rooms: 1 Number of Nights: 1 Subtotal: $64.00 Taxes and Service Fees: $16.34 Total Charges: $80.34 Since I haven't signed up for Hotwire yet, I just thought I would try the $50 bid on Priceline first. :) It came back with add $14, so I figured $64 was less than the $75 the guy paid on Hotwire and went with it. :o Woo-hoo, now I don't have to walk far after the reception :)
  10. I am going to a wedding with the reception at the Downtown Omni in June. Trying to decide if I should go ahead and go for the 4* and hope for the Omni. Is $50 to much to start with so far ahead? Thanks.
  11. Thanks, and glad that the link is going to a good cause.
  12. $65 wasn't accepted, they countered with adding $17. Tried to put in $70 and it wouldn't take. Will try Friday. :)
  13. Just found out a friend bid $60 and was countered with $77 which she took and got the Wyndham Garden. I know there is a trick to countering somewhere on here. I'd appreciate any help. BTW, I'll be bidding thru SavingsBarn.com :)
  14. I am going to Shea for the Springsteen concert that night, and have an early flight in the morning. I bid $67 this morning for the 3* and was rejected. Would be willing to go 2.5* too. I noticed that prices on Hotels.com started at $115 for the Wyndham Garden which I think is a 2.5*, and works for me. Just need to know what to bid.
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