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  1. 2nd leg of my trip. Tried $38 with Seatac...missed but was asked for guaranteed rebid of $48. Added Renton-Kent and raised bid to 42. Also purchased insurance (flying from N. Dakota in January) so total w/ fees came to $61 Used Priceline link to book my hotel
  2. Bidding on 2 stays, A 12/21/11 and B 1/2/12 $38 Failed on A, Priceline counter offered with 48 Tried B and failed @38 I added Mukilteo to both bids, raised B bid to 41 & Failed (will try again tomorrow) Raised A to 42 and succeeded. 56 with fees Used the PRICELINE links to bid and Thanks for putting together such a nice website
  3. as far as I know..you have to 'win' the bid for every night you stay. The more nights you stay the more nights have to fall into the price you bid for. They don't accept bids based on the average but the highest night of your stay. So Yeah, it gets harder the more nights you add.
  4. If you check the Priceline and Hotwire Calendar of Wins you'll get a good idea of what they're accepting.
  5. Rolled the dice with PRICELINE and won. Tried Seatac+Bellevue at $50/night for 2 rooms and was denied. Added Downtown Spaceneedle and raised bid to $54/night and was accepted. Made following bid for 3* Downtown Spaceneedle (only)for 10/8 as well as 10/13-16 at $54 and was accepted on both. Total of 3 rooms for differing dates. I used the PRICELINE link provided here and am very happy. BTW with taxes it came to $61 and change per night for all rooms and bookings. Got everything I'd wanted. thanks for the help.
  6. My budget for hotel rooms is realistic, I just want to save as much money as is possible. There's no reason to spend more than you have to, right? I think the unrealistic requirement is being able to book 3 hotels for different lengths of stay in the same hotel. I think, after all of the advice I've gotten off of this board, I'll tweak my plan a bit. I'll book the 7th-13th for 2 Hotel rooms I'll add a room at whatever nearby hotel I can get for the 8th and 9th I'll then add another room for the 13th-16 for my wife child and I. I'd be the only one switching hotels during the stay and if I upgra
  7. I was thinking of finding the secondary deals that show the hotel names but booking the 2 hotels from the 7th-13th first with Priceline. Of course.I've also sent a special request to priceline asking them to help me with the custom bid...we'll see if they'll accommodate me. I'll let you all know what they say.
  8. I'm coming from Alaska to Seattle and staying from 7th-16th My cousins driving from Utah then staying 7th-13th My brother is flying from Utah and staying the 8th and 9th Alaska air has their annual PFD sale that we'll be able to take part in and save a few hundred dollars in airfare. I'll look into Priceline vacations. What do you think about booking 2 hotels the 7th-13th through priceline, then adding a single hotel room the 14-16 and the 8th and 9th through hotwire? I'll also look into Expedia and Travelocity again to see if they can compete price-wise. Any other tips, advice etc would be ve
  9. I'm new to Priceline/Hotwire and new to this site. I'm trying to set up a hotel for a trip with some friends/family of mine we're taking in October. I need one room from the 7th through the 16th, another from the 7th through the 13th, and another the 8th and 9th. I definitely want the same hotel (so the kids can swim together). Any suggestions on how to do this? Thanks for your time, Nicholas
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