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  1. update.... nickolodean confirmed its an additional 100.00 usd per night per child. brutal. I also did not like the customer service over the phone at all. Back to the drawing board.
  2. I went ahead and booked one night (to test) priceline Deal and IT WAS IN FACT the Nick😊 Cost me about $188 bucks and when i went to add aditional nites the rate jumped to from 134 pn to 189pn. Im guessing i just haveing to buy the additional 4 nights for the FIRST room and then book AGAIN for the second room for a total of 5 Nights. I'm worried that i may not get the Nick each time and then i am really in trouble . 😥 I also called the resort and got the run around inregard to adding 2 kids to the resevation. I was transfered to the resevation dept which goes to voice mail and then states the mail box is full!! I called about 8 times so far. i wil try again tommarrow i guess. p.s : on one occasion a front desk clerk did tell me for kids not on the reservation will incurr a 100.00 fee per night per child charge. thats about 1000.00 bucks for a total of 2700. kinda kills the deal...
  3. 4.5-star All-inclusive Hotel in Punta Cana - Bavaro area | 85% | (2001+ reviews) 2 Rooms, 4 Adults, 2 Children Sun, Jan 13 - Fri, Jan 18 Free parking, Resort, Beachfront hotel, Casino, Free food and drinks, Free premium drinks, A la carte dining, Free water activities, Smoke-free rooms see less This hotel's location earned it a 4.9/5 guest rating. $342.00 per night x 5 nights x 2 rooms $3,420.00 Tax recovery charges + fees $393.00 Promo Code Trip total (USD) $3,813.00 btw, Whats your opinion in regards the Nickolodean Punta Cana? I have read mixed reviews?!
  4. follow up... Im still hunting, I decided to explore Pricelines name your own price option. My goal is to get something nice in Punta Cana I guess.
  5. Thanks you for the follow-up, here are my requirements. 2 rooms 4 adults 2 children ages 2 and 6 Im looking for all inclusive resort in Punta Cana similar to let's say either the Royalton or Majestic. My goal is a 4-5 star rated property. I would like to spend about 250.00 per night per room. Thanks again 😊
  6. Thank you for your help, rate does drop to 135 per night from the listed 175 and it's an all-inclusive! I'm just not sure if we will have a problem with two adults and two kids for the second room. PRICELINE doesn't allow users to list children and the disclaimer on this deal states 2 person MAX!
  7. Your room : STUDIO SUITE Guest Score: 9+ Amenities: Free Internet , free parking, free breakfast, gym/spa, non smoking, pool, restaurant. Travel dates January 13-18 2019 STUDIO SUITE 134pn (drops from 175pn when clicked on)
  8. I last found this hotel' Hyatt Cypress..." under resort but no longer see the word resort just a star rating. Any idea why? Is it still possible to win this Hotel by Disney? I need 3 rooms fr six nights.
  9. I used 10 per night in BONUS CASH so total bid was 78. Got it on the first hit for 3.5, seems like a good deal? I used the PRICELINE link from the "hotel" list pinn:)
  10. 4* Los Angeles - San Gabriel Valley (Pasadena) Westin Pasadena. I tried to add addtional days but was countered at 117 pn. I still need 2 more nights checking out on Monday. I tryed Pasedena 4* for 2nites then 3 with no luck, only at 1 nite did I get it at 74, but again I need 2 more night. :o I used the PRICELINE link from the previous post.
  11. Con grads on your win, I was wondering if you selected San Gabriel Valley (Pasadena) first or additional areas? Please advise, Thank You. Miami, FL
  12. 4 Star Hotel in Beverly Hills - West Hollywood Area for $147 a night We've negotiated an exclusive price of just $147 a night for a 4-star hotel in Beverly Hills, CA.* Who could it be?
  13. Seems has the better rates for dulles airport area
  14. 3 Town Center Drive East Brunswick, NJ (EXIT 9 OFF TH NJ TP)CLOSE TO RUTGERS U