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  1. Started at $85 and added zones @ $5 increments to $95, then $3 increments. Going to see Guns n Roses.
  2. After many tries every other day over the past month, I got the 4* Sheraton downtown for $155/night for 2 nights. Not an amazing deal, but enough savings to put us in a 4* property on a weekend that seems to be giving a lot of people trouble. I used the standard price increase with added areas method after accessing Priceline via the links in top right corner. Now to work on a rental car.... BTW I made a new thread since my original "Help" thread from a few weeks ago got massively derailed. Hope that's ok!
  3. My backup is Executive Hotel for $140 a night. This is my first time using PRICELINE.
  4. I have booked a backup. I'll continue to try Priceline 4* (through the links on this site, of course) until shortly before my trip and leave additional feedback here.
  5. I've been reading a lot of posts and trying the techniques others seem to have success with and am not having much luck. I use the Priceline box in the top right, enter my dates + SEA, go to Priceline and start with just those 2 areas at $120. I continue adding areas and increasing my bid by $3 each time, but am never winning even going up to $140. Other people seem to win nights in SEA 4* well below that. Is it just that I have a Friday night in there or is there some large event in SEA that weekend (besides the Soundgarden concert!) Any help or tips would be appreciated.
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