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  1. Free internet, pool, indoor pool, restaurant(s), business center, spa services, internet access Doing my own research, with the spa services amenity I figured this is the hotel I would probably get.
  2. So sorry. Maple Grove zone. Plus, as I said in a post here on this thread that disappeared, the dates were wrong. 1/12/16 to 1/13/16 (1 night). Address is 12970 63rd Ave. N, Maple Grove, MN
  3. No surprises as to winning this hotel. Bid $32, not accepted, raised to $34 and added MSP Airport zone (which would also be acceptable but most likely not accepted). Amenities on PRICELINE EXPRESS were Free breakfast, free parking, free internet, pet friendly and $40 on PRICELINE EXPRESS (but I used NYOP, not PRICELINE EXPRESS). Accepted as follows: Offer price:$34.00/night Number of rooms:1 room Number of nights:1 night Room subtotal:$34.00 Taxes & fees:$9.85 Total charged today:$43.85
  4. This hotel is now a 2*. Amenities were: Free Parking, Free Breakfast, Free internet, pet friendly, airport shuttle, fitness center, self-service laundry, internet access I expected to get this hotel so I am pleased. Rate dropped $1 from the day before. $65.35 including all taxes/fees/
  5. Amenities are: Free breakfast Free internet Pool(s) Business center Self Service laundry internet access No surprise in getting this hotel. I have stayed here on multiple occasions in the past. No free parking, but parking is fairly plentiful on the street and no charge for parking on the street after 6pm in the evening. For info for anyone reading this, they also have an airport shuttle but it only operates from 7am until 11pm.
  6. When I called Hotwire (after receiving their Email saying bookings are not changeable or cancellable), they refunded my money basically no questions asked. The woman I spoke with on the phone was surprised herself that it was a cot in a "pod."
  7. Smoke-free room and "internet access" even though it mentioned "free internet" once. I am in the process of contesting this reservation with Hotwire. Not only is it not a private bathroom, but it is not even a hotel room. It is a Japanese style "pod" with a cot. Hotwire and the hotel were both very deceptive with regard to this.
  8. Amenities: Free parking, free breakfast, free internet. I kind of guessed it would be this hotel before I purchased it. I am assuming I will get the standard single room with private bathroom. If not, Hotwire will hear from me :-).
  9. Good catch. I bid on 2.5* but you are right, I was upgraded to a 3*. Airport shuttle was not associated with the hotel amenities, but they do offer an airport shuttle (just that it was not listed on priceline). Also, the waterpark that is attached to the hotel is normally "free" for hotel guests. But for prepaid rates like priceline, the waterpark entrance fee is not included.
  10. $51 + $13.49 tax/fees = $64.49 Guaranteed amenities: Indoor or outdoor pool Fitness Center Free Parking Restaurant Free internet Business center Guest score 8/10 or higher
  11. $29 + $11.69 taxes/fees = $40.69 Free internet was shown as an amenity. Not unexpected at all to get this property. No airport shuttle, but I don't need it. They do have a "grab and go" breakfast as well for no charge.
  12. I was a little disappointed when I won and realized it was the Ramada, having stayed here a couple of years ago. But it will work. For this trip, a downtown location is key.
  13. Amenities were: Free parking Free breakfast Pet friendly Airport shuttle Fitness center Business center High-speed internet access Total paid including all taxes/fees was $315.06.
  14. $60 plus taxes/fees. Amenities: Free parking Free breakfast Pet friendly Indoor pool Airport shuttle Fitness center Laundry facilities (self-service) Business center
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