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  1. Just want to confirm this is correct: Select Key West and select resort, bid at $85 If it fails, Select Islaramoda and select resort bid at $90 If it fails, Select Marathon and select resort bid at $95 If it fails, wait 24 hrs and start all over again at higher bid Thanks.
  2. >Are you able to accept any Resort rated hotel in the zone? What are the date(s) of your stay? What is your >maximum bid? Yes. 11/6-11/7. Not more than $110. Thanks.
  3. I see.....it's a separate stay. For now, I would just use PRICELINE bidding for resort in Key West, please help me on this. Thanks.
  4. My bad.....I didn't look at the hotel list carefully. For Key Largo, 3* are 3* Hilton Key Largo Grande Hotel and Beach Club Sheraton Beach Resort REVIEW (3* bidding not currently offered in this zone) 3* Holiday Inn For Key West Resort Casa Marina Waldorf Astoria Wyndham Casa Marina Resort Hyatt So, for key largo, I would like to get 3* hotel, can there be others besides those two listed? I mean what other hotels are in the same zone? For Key West. I would shoot for the Hyatt Resort. Thanks.
  5. I would like to make sure I bid correctly to get the following hotels. Key West: 4* Hyatt Key Largo: 3* Hampton Inn Please suggest bidding strategy. Thanks.
  6. I kept adding zone and bidded up to $44, you know what I ended up with?? Raddison Worldgate, damn! This is the hotel I wanted to avoid, but lucky me.....I hope it's not as bad as people said.....
  7. Please tell me if this is correct: add Kissimee, bid at $40 add Orlando East, bid at $41 add San Lake Corporate Park, bid at $42 add West Disney Area, bid at $43 add Winter Park and Winter Garden next if all fails.
  8. I just tried to bid $39/nite for holiday inn main gate east from 01/20 -01/25 on priceline via the savingsbarn link. But no luck. I got this. Try Again Right Now We searched hundreds of options to find your hotel room, however we can't accept your offer of $39 per room, per night. Your credit card has not been charged for Request Number XXXXXXXX. If you are willing to raise your price by $11, you can try the same request again right now. I tried to increase the bid per nite to $42, still no luck. I guess my next step is to add zone to allow me to rebid. What zone would you suggest? Thanks.
  9. I looked at hotwire again, a 3* in Disney Main Gate - Champions Gate for $52 the ammenities: fitness center, pool, laundry, high speed internet,business center, restaurant. The weird thing is that the holiday inn main gate east is physically located in kissimee but somehow when I entered its address in hotwire, it shows that it falls within the Disney Main gate - champions gate area. Can it be confirmed that it's the holiday in maingate east for $52?
  10. complimentary breakfast, pool, fitness center and laundry. On this hotel's website, i didn't see breakfast is included, i guess what hotwire offers is a different hotel then. the one hotel within the same priceline zone is the Raddison Worldgate, this is one hotel I don't want to get as it has very bad review.
  11. Well, this hotel was renovated in 2007 and the tripadvisor's recent reviews are pretty good. The ongoing rate I've seen so far is $63/ nite for the time I will be staying. If I can get it @$40-43 from priceline, that will be great, but no guarantee:( From the hotwire website, there's an offer of $42/nite for 3-star hotel in Kissimmee This midscale establishment offers more than just the basics in style, comfort and customer service. See hotel details But I couldn't tell what hotel I will get.
  12. hmm...there are quite a number of hotels in this zone....not sure what to do now:(
  13. Do you happen to know what other priceline 3* hotels are available for the same zone?
  14. We plan to stay at this hotel from 1/20/08 to 1/25/08. From what i've read here, winning bids are around $42-43 / nite. I would like to get the same deal or cheaper. Can someone suggest the bidding strategy? I will use savingbarn's link. Thanks.
  15. Thanks. I'm not sure I understand this.