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  1. A new one to add to the list. Amenities: Boutique, Pool, Free Breakfast, Airport Shuttle, Business Center, Smoke-free rooms, Golf nearby. Cheapest rate for this property otherwise was $251, so a 29% discount on hotwire.
  2. A new one to add to the betterbidding list. Only amenity shown was Pool.
  3. Amenities as already shown on the betterbidding list (Fitness, Restaurant, Business, Internet) I actually already had a reservation at this same hotel for GBP 109, so about a 50% discount from HOTWIRE :)
  4. This was a fairly easy one to predict. Amenities: Breakfast, Fitness, Business, Laundry, Internet (as shown on the betterbidding list)
  5. Amenities: Fitness, Restaurant, Internet, Pool, Business, Spa (note: Internet & Pool not currently shown on the betterbidding list) Introduced the boss to hotwire...I hope this one works out well!
  6. This was a surprise, but a pleasant one. Time to add the W Seattle to the betterbidding list. 4*, Boutique, Restaurant, Fitness, Business, Internet $164 when the cheapest rate on the Starwood website is $296 :)
  7. Wasn't planning on booking this early for an April trip, but $52 for a 3.5* in downtown Toronto was just too darn good. Note amenity change: Children's Activities is no longer shown (though this wasn't a surprise to me because I checked the vacation pkgs too). All other amenities are as per the betterbidding list (i.e. Fitness, Pool, Restaurant, Business, Spa).
  8. A new one to add to the list: Atlanta (Downtown) 3* Restaurant/Pool/Internet/Business = Courtyard Atlanta Downtown Good deal at $46 for 1 night Aug. 7 (although taxes and fees add $13.70!). Rate per Expedia is $149.
  9. Just got an e-mail from Hotwire saying that the La Quinta downtown SFO has changed its name to the Opal Hotel (no longer affiliated with La Quinta) but that they have kept the star rating and amenities the same.
  10. Amenities: Restaurant , Pool, Fitness, Business This one can now be crossed off in the vacation packages section of the betterbidding list and added to the Downtown Los Angeles zone.
  11. Amenities: Restaurant, Pool, Fitness, Business (as already shown on the betterbidding list).
  12. I started a new thread because I found the previous one a bit confusing to get through. (thereuare, please feel free to merge this post if you want) Today I got the La Quinta at the $60 rate for 1 night June 3, but with the following amenities: Breakfast, Fitness, Internet, Business, Laundry (even though apparently Breakfast & Laundry were not there as of brent's HOTWIRE post 4 days ago, but were on the list previously)
  13. Toronto Airport 4*: Sheraton Gateway Toronto Airport (attached to Terminal 3) Amenties: Shuttle, Restaurant, Pool, Fitness, Spa, Business (as already listed on this site, but the hotel can be crossed off in the vacation packages section and moved up to the Toronto Airport zone). Got it for $62 March 23 when the best rate otherwise available is over $200....thank you hotwire and betterbidding!
  14. For 2.5* Banff (Canmore) got Radisson Canmore at $66/night for 2 nights Dec. 28 & 29, 2005 Note new star rating for this hotel (was 3.0 last year). Amenities are still as listed on this site (i.e. Restaurant/Pool/Fitness/Business/Laundry)
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