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  1. Hello Dennis, I followed this thread and would give the following answer to your question above: it probably wouldn't. I won the Marriott West Loop for Sunday night 6/3 and tried to extend it to the previous night, as I'm leaving Houston on 6/4. I got the following message: "Unfortunately, we are not able to add nights to reservations at the Marriott Houston West Loop By Galleria. Please note: Our customer service agents have access to the same hotel rates and availability as our customers do on our website. They are not able to make this booking on your behalf." If I were you, I wouldn't try to bid for the shorter period and then use the "Extend your stay" feature. It probably wouldn't work. Daniel
  2. Hi all, Targeted the Marriott West Loop at Galleria and was lucky ! First selected 3* Galleria and bid $50, but got rejected. Then added Conroe, bid $52 and got accepted. Grand total of $68.16 Used Savingsbarn link to access Priceline. Thanks to all who keep this board up (to date) ! Regards, Daniel
  3. Oh, I totally forgot to mention :) Yes, this property is a 3* on Priceline. The only 3* that is left in this zone is the Doubletree Oceanfront Resort, but this has remarkably higher rates. So the chance was very low to get something else. Kind regards, Daniel
  4. Bid on Priceline for the last two nights of my stay. Hotwire showed a 3* Best Value for $52, which could be identified thru the Hotwire hotel list as the Newport Beachside Resort. Started to bid $43 on Priceline, got counteroffer of $52 but declined. Added North Miami (free rebid zone) and bid $46, but was immediately rejected. Then started over and selected North Miami Beach and Southwest Miami (2nd rebid zone), bid $48 and got accepted on the Newport Beachside Resort. Grand total of $116.95 The hotel has quite good reviews on tripadvisor, so I'm really looking forward to it. I think it's hard to beat the value of that deal. BTW: on Travelocity"]Travelocity, the hotel is shown with a rate of $79 for these dates. Deducting the 50 bucks from the current "Mastercard $50 off on 2+ nights hotel bookings" promotion, I only saved around $16 for the whole stay. But I wasn't quite sure whether they would accept my German Mastercard on this promotion or the "Travelocity"]Travelocity Mastercard" only. Kind regards, Daniel
  5. Thank you, runNgun :) A few more words about this hotel win: Before purchasing this hotel I performed a package search (Flight+Hotel) on Hotwire, which found the Trump Int. Sonesta and Le Meridien as the only 4* properties in this zone. Le Meridien had only a few amenity icons, whereas the Trump showed all of the icons that were displayed in the opaque service. Plus, when performing a search on Expedia and Travelocity"]Travelocity, it shows almost the same rates for Le Meridien and Trump Int. Sonesta, with the slight difference that the Trump seems to be on sale with 10 or 20 % off the rack rate. Therefore, I was pretty sure to get the Trump which I targeted over the Le Meridien, especially because of the complimentary shuttle service to South Beach and other benefits. Of course I tried to save a few bucks by bidding on Priceline, but up to $112 I did not even get a counteroffer. The next step would have been a bid of $115, which would have come to a grand total of $535, thus only $5 less than Hotwire. Since the only reported 4* property on Priceline was Le Meridien, I decided to purchase via Hotwire just to keep the chance up to get the Trump. This was successful. Regards, Daniel
  6. Hi everybody, I have booked a 4* hotel in the Miami Beach North - Sunny Isles zone with the following amenities: Beachfront, Fitness Center, Pool, Restaurant, Business Center, High-speed internet, Tennis, Spa, Children's activity program. Dates are 11/22 - 11/26 at a rate of $119, in total $540.81 I have seen that many of you have wondered which hotel this could possibly be, and it is the Trump International Sonesta Beach Resort Miami . Cheapest rate available on Expedia, Orbitz and Travelocity"]Travelocity was $224. Kind regards, Daniel
  7. Regarding room and service quality / cleanliness, this hotel has a good rating on TripAdvisor. Nevertheless, one must consider that this is a basic hotel with standard service and amenities. The only reason I would target this hotel over a North Beach hotel is the location, which is MUCH closer to South Beach. Who is familiar with the 4* hotels in North Miami Beach ? How big is the chance to get something else than the Doubletree Oceanpoint Resort, Trump Sonesta or Le Meridien ? Regards, Daniel
  8. This is exactly what I am scared of - expecting one specific hotel and getting a totally different one. Neither do I want to take a risk on Hotwire, and your previous posts just support my initial feelings that I could end up in a way I really don't want to. Considering that there are only 2 weeks remaining until this stay, I think I will either pay the rack rate of the Atlantic Oceanfront or move to a different zone (Miami Beach North), where you can get 4* hotels for reasonable prices. At the moment, Hotwire has an offer of $119 for a 4* in that zone, which I expect to be either the Trump Sonesta Beach Resort or the Le Meridien. Even if I end up with the Doubletree Oceanfront Resort, this is fine with me because all of those hotels look great. The risk of getting a bad hotel should be very very low on this star level. Thank you so far Daniel PS: believe it or not - I've learned both words at school :o
  9. Thank you so far. No, I did not bid on Priceline's 3* level, because I am quite scared of the hotels to expect - especially the New Casablanca which has bad reviews). Some of them have so-so reviews, and it seems like many of them are not worth the money. On Priceline's 3* level, it is also likely that the Miami Beach Resort & Spa will come up, since it appears on Hotwire as 3,5* Best Value (at least it is a match with the Hotwire hotel list). Reviews are quite good, but I've checked the surrounding on my navigation system, and it seems like there is absolutely NOTHING around (restaurants, shops, etc.). The Atlantic Oceanview Hotel seems to be a good location, since South Beach is not far away, it's clean and has a good beach access AND complimentary breakfast. Since you two do not recommend giving it a shot on Hotwire, I think I'll go for the rack rate which is $84. Has anyone experience with bidding for 3* on Priceline ? Can you determine which hotel is likely to come up when Hotwire shows specific hotels ? Thank you - Daniel
  10. Hi everyone, can anybody help identifying the following 2,5* property in Miami Beach, FL (Miami Beach zone) ? Amenities: Near beach, Restaurant, Pool, Fitness, Laundry Facilities. Dates are 11/22 - 11/24. Price shown is $52, "Best Value". My best guess would be the Atlantic Oceanfront Hotel (formerly Fairfield Inn & Suites), but I'm not quite sure which other hotels could come up since the Hotwire hotel list doesn't show any properties at 2,5* level. Your help is greatly appreciated. Thank you. Daniel
  11. Hi everyone, last-minute bid for a one night stay on Aug 12. Selected 4* both in Tiergarten and East, and bid up to $60 without any success. Counteroffers at $52 (add $15) and $60 (add $17). Total after tax $78.45, and won the Park Plaza Wallstreet, a brand-new hotel which opened for business in March 2006. Hotel seems to be located conveniently at Potsdamer Platz and city center. Regular rate of EUR 99 including tax, which equals to $126. Savings around 37 %. Kind regards, Daniel
  12. Hi everyone, can anyone help me identifying a 4* hotel in Berlin, Germany on Hotwire ? The zone is "Mitte-Kreuzberg", the date is 8/12 (one night only) and amenities shown are Fitness center, Laundry facilities, Restaurant, High-Speed Internet access. Price is shown as $70 (tax is only shown to be $7.15 - what's that ??). Thank you ! Kind regards, Daniel
  13. Tried several times in various zones. Focussed on Notting Hill Bayswater zone and bid from $50 on. Got special counteroffer of $76, but ignored. Increased instead, and got accepted at the Hilton London Kensington at $70. Grand total of $173.29 . Regards, Daniel
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