Combining conventially booked stay & priceline

By chpcruzr,

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Has anyone tried to combine a hotel stay booked with priceline with an adjacent stay booked conventionally?

I am going to Vegas for a conference and as part of the conference package was booked for 4 nights at Ceasar's Palace. I'd like to add two nights to my stay and would prefer not to pay the published rate. If I can get Ceasar's through PL or HW (not sure if that's possible) for the 2 nights preceding my already booked stay, anyone know if I would be able to stay in the same room?

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I think some hotels are cooperative, and some aren't. Wish I could be more helpful :).

But at least you have leverage with your conventionally booked stay. In theory, you could cancel it if they refused to cooperate (even if that's not practically possible).

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I haven't seen Caesar's come up, so i don't know if you'll be successful in getting it.

But to answer in more general terms, i have stayed at hotels with consecutive reservations booked thru multiple sources. I give them all the info at check-in and tell them i'd like the same room. I haven't had a problem yet, although one hotel did make me come downstairs on "switch" day in order to check-out of and then check-in to the same room (i didn't need to move, i just needed to go thru the 'front desk check-in/check-out procedure).

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Not relevant to Vegas but my girlfriend just did a five night stay in Richmond VA. We were only able to get a decent price on PL for the first two nights - it was an Amerisuites in Innsbrook area. We booked remaining three nights through Hotels.com and got a good rate (much, much cheaper than booking directly through the hotel's web site). She had to go to the desk to "check-out" and "check-in" at the beginning of the third day but they were perfectly content to let her stay in the same room.

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This is strictly a guess, but the ability or inability to join mutiple reservations may depend how flexible the hotel's software package is. Recently at a Sheraton in Europe, I had two separate reward stays on consecutive days (booked as two stays because of different point levels needed for each day) and the clerk was able to join them without any problem.

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There was an article in the Wall street Journal last week (Thursday??)- about Starwood and all their properties having different computer systems...

One guy's job is just to chase down "lost" deposits...

What a mess!!! :)

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