Priceline Hotel: Resort Orlando (WDW) Hyatt Grand Cypress

By nancypatricia812,

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I don't think it's possible to add another room to your original reservation. I have faced this problem before (made a duplicate bid with all parameters the same) and gotten the same hotel, but it definitely was a gamble, and we were lucky! (Considering the huge savings afforded by PL, I take more risks than I normally might, figuring I can easily cover gas or taxi fare to get to the other hotel with the amount I'm saving on the room.)

Now, if I positively HAD to have the same hotel, but refused to pay full price and couldn't find a good deal via travelzoo, Expedia, Orbitz, or the usual suspects, I would try to isolate the hotel in question on HOTWIRE using the amenities list on the HW-Florida thread. Understand, it's still a gamble as the amenities list can change without warning, but it would be much less of a gamble than using PL. It will probably also be at a higher rate than your PRICELINE reservation, but only you can decide how much you're willing to pay to lower your risk of a different hotel.

Another tactic might be to look into the "add-a-night" feature to PL bidding. For example, if you bid 4 nights with identical parameters, you'd get to "peek behind the curtain" to see if it's the Hyatt, then you could possibly add your 4 remaining nights (you should check this first, but I think the rule is you can only add up to the original number of nights). If it's not the Hyatt, you'd be able to back out with the loss of just those 4 nights, or you could use them and then try a different method to get the Hyatt for the second set of 4 nights. Does that make sense to you? (You might also use the "peek behind the curtain" routine with hotwire above... making sure the amenity match for the Hyatt is available for the date range you want, then only commit to one of those nights that has the same amenities to see if it is truly the Hyatt.)

IF you plan to try the PL duplicate bid, I would do it asap, because I think the longer you wait to do it, the more likely it is that it will not produce the same result (the Hyatt).

Finally, remember this is all gambling... so no whining if it doesn't turn out as you hoped!!

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I think homeschoolmom basically laid out your options...

If you go with PRICELINE it's a risk, but you (or your friends) will need to decide if it's worth the risk. If they received a different resort for $91, would it be that bad?

If you want a little less risk you can try to identify the property via HOTWIRE

If no risk book knowing the name beforehand HERE... although at a much higher price.

One additional comment regarding the "Add a Nite" Feature referenced above... it is not always offered, and even when it is, there is no guarantee that you'll be successful adding the additional nites. So if you do choose to only bid for half the stay, trying to give yourself an 'out', there is also a chance that you'll win a hotel for the 4 nites but not be able to add additional nites, requiring a change of hotels midstay.

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