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By tufty2000,

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I've always assumed that PRICELINE would undercut HOTWIRE somewhat since Hotwire presents a price and says take it or leave it (I've basically taken the Hotwire price and bid $30-40 less on Priceline). I'm wondering if that's changed.

I'm looking for a hotel in the Savannah historic district (I'm editing this now that I realize I'm in the wrong forum, South Carolina not Georgia). There's a 3 star on Hotwire for $159.00. I got shot down on Priceline at 130, 140, and now 150.00. I'll pay the $159, but I'm wondering if the prices offered on Priceline and Hotwire have gotten closer in amounts, or if they just have different hotels in their systems.

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In some cities the price difference is minimal, in other cities is larger, but there other factors involved:

  • there could be a hotel which participates in one service but not the other
  • the zone boundaries can be different, so in your example above, the hotel you're seeing on HOTWIRE may not be in the zone of a similar name on PRICELINE
  • each service uses a different criteria for their star ratings, so a 3* on one may not be a 3* on the other (as well, HOTWIRE uses 3.5 stars and 4.5 stars in their hierarchy, while PRICELINE does not... similary priceline uses a Resort category while Hotwire uses an icon to designate a resort property). HOTWIRE tends to be a bit more generous in their ratings, so the star rating is usually equal to or .5 star higher than what PRICELINE rates the same hotel

If you post the date(s) of your stay and the full list of amenities associated with the property you're being offered on HOTWIRE we'll try to take a closer look and help you identify it.

Please use these PRICELINE and HOTWIRE links to begin your travel purchases.

Please use this HOTWIRE and these PRICELINE LINKS: HOTELS, CAR RENTALS, and AIRFARE to begin your travel purchases

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I can vouch that in Atlanta, for several hotels in Buckhead and now Marietta, PRICELINE runs about $20 cheaper per night.

I can also vouch for Priceline being a good deal cheaper in ATL. Hotwire had 3.5* ATL Downtown (match to Hilton) for $65 ($79a) for July 4 and 4* ATL Downtown (match to Westin Peachtree Plaza) for $113/$129ai the same day. Bid up to $55 for a 4* ATL Downtown on Priceline and got the Hyatt Regency Downtown for $68ai. Not exact property matched from one to the other but still, I'm becoming a Priceline convert from a couple of years of using Hotwire. Even with a bit less predictability Priceline seems to be the clear choice for 4* properties as it's hard to go wrong. For 3* and below I'll likely stick with Hotwire because it's much easier to predict the property and some 2.5* and 3* properties can be duds depending on the location and occasion. That said, any time I can get a 4* on Priceline at the 3/3.5* Hotwire price, I'm more inclined to take the chance on Priceline.

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