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What might be the Hotwire hotel in....

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By thereuare,

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We only have hotel knowledge of what is posted on the board (which is why it's so important that you post your results from both Hotwire and Priceline), but that doesn't mean we can't help! Shown below are a few tricks that can assist in narrowing down the possibilities, as well as a reminder to include the amenities when asking for Hotwire assistance.

It's been suggested that the amenities shown in Hotwire often match the amenities show in Expedia (but not necessarily the star ratings), so comparing the amenities of a hotel to the amenities of all of the similarly related hotels on Expedia might be a good place to start. Keep in mind that star ratings are NOT universal, so if looking at a 3* on Hotwire it would proabably be advisable to look at the 2*-4* on Expedia in order to cover any "out-liers".

Keep in mind that the above is a starting point. Just because Expedia doesn't list a fitness center (for example) does not mean that there isn't one at the hotel. If you absolutely want to include/exclude a hotel from your list as a possibility, you should call the hotel directly and ask if certain amenities are offered.(amenities like pools/fitness center/kitchenette/etc are usually accurately reported, but amenities like coin operated laundry facilities/shuttle busses/etc may not be reported at all by Expedia, even though they are offered at the property)

Of course you should still feel free to post "What hotel might Hotwire be offering in _____", as somebody on this board may be a 'local' to the area and have more info than is posted here. However, to get the best help, include the star rating AND amenties shown, as the amenities are a better tip-off as to waht hotel it might be. You may be asking about a 4* hotel, and there are likely many in the area, but by including the amenities listed it will give more of a clue as to WHICH 4* property is being offered (there may be one that has a pool and one that has a fitness center, but only one that has BOTH a pool and a fitness center).

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