WA Seattle Doubletree Hotel Airport

By mucsea2003,

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I found it hard to believe there is no review on this often won hotel here, so I thought I would add my 2 cents.

This is a large hotel (838 rooms and 12 suites in 8 buildings, including 7 motel-like wings and a 14 floor tower) located on International Boulevard close to the airport. Some of the rooms can be quite a walk from the lobby. It seems the nicer rooms are in the tower. Parking is (I think) $12, which we didn't use.

We stayed here for a pre-flight night in Feb/March on a priceline win of $32.

Check-In was quick and not particularly friendly, mentioned Priceline, didn't accept HHonors Gold number so no points not even on incidentals. Received cookie.

Our room was in one of the motel-like wings, overlooking the parking lot and kind of dark, which didn't matter for us. However it was close to the lobby and quite large with two Queen beds and clean. Bathroom was standard but clean as well. A portable crib was provided at no charge.

They have a complimentary 24h shuttle to the airport, which worked fine but was very crowded on a Monday morning at 6:30 am.

The pool is nothing special and was ice-cold (spring in Seattle!) but the jacuzzi afterwards was hot and o.k..

Overall: Good choice for pre/post-flight sleeping. Not recommended as a cheap alternative to Seattle downtown because of the parking charge.

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  • 9 months later...

Just a couple of points to add about this hotel.

We used it for a post flight flop at the end of Janauary 2005. We found it very comfortable and just what we needed after a long day of travel. The shuttle service was quick (we may have been lucky about the timing of our pickup). The beds were very comfortable and the unit very clean. We were given a ground floor unit overlooking a parking lot and I think our location might have been better if we were paying full rates.

It's kind of a long way from anything you would really want to see in Seattle so it should really be considered an airport only hotel.

The cookie was good!


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  • 4 months later...

Was definitely worth $35, but honestly wouldn't pay much more.

As a PL customer I was assigned to one of the motel 'wings'. I picked one relatively close by, though, to limit walking time - the person at the desk showed me a map of the property and made a good suggestion.

I asked about a towers room, was told I could have one for an additional $10. I might have taken it but they didn't have any king beds available (hotel turned out to be pretty full, and it was already past midnight).

I did order room service breakfast in the morning, part of the order wasn't taken correctly and thus not delivered (or charged). Mentioned this at checkout and the whole breakfast was taken off the bill.

Toilet in the room ran for awhile, quite loudly, after flushing... furniture was clearly worn... This was not a high-end property by any means but fit the bill for a late night arrival at SEA with plans to drive East the next day.

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  • 2 months later...

Our room was located in what seemed to be the Outer Mongolia wing, on the fifth floor. But the beds were very comfortable (my daughter's favorite hotel bed ever), the room was nicely spacious, and the condition and amenities were good. The chocolate-chip cookies were pretty good. We also got complimentary toothbrushes and toothpaste when we asked at the desk. Shuttle bus service when we took it just before 6 AM was fine.

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Not much to add to the above reviews. I also got an "Outer Mongolia" room, which might tax those with lesser map skills (pay attention at the desk when they tell you where your room is!) or the very sleepy.

A tip if you're riding the shuttle bus (courtesy phone in baggage claim). After you cross over to the parking side (where the hotel buses stop), go all the way down to the right (as you face the main terminal). That will get you on at the "first stop" of the bus, and it seems to be where the in-the-know overnighting flight crews congregate. Otherwise, you run the risk of the bus being full. I had to cajole the driver to take me on a full bus from the second stop.

It is also quite possible to walk to the hotel if you have rolling luggage. It might be a little confusing, but you basically go to the far right end of the terminal, out the doors, go to the end of the street and turn right (at least that's my memory!). I actually walked BACK to the terminal to pick up a rent a car (amazingly, in Seattle the cars are still right at the terminal) and it took me under 10 minutes. I did this because I arrived late at night and needed the car in the morning and didn't want to pay the hotel parking fee.

The free cookies are nice and they're definitely trying to compete with Starwood on bed comfort. My recollection, however, is that the bed had no individual sheets -- just a duvet, which I find to be overly thick in summer weather unless you really crank the AC!

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  • 4 weeks later...

Stayed last weekend and it was comfortable and clean, but a bit noisy from aircraft. This is a high volume hotel, popular with overnight/in-transit travelers, flight crews etc. Two wings are under renovation, and it has a high rise tower and several wings that spread out in an odd configuration. Parking is $12/night. On the plus side, concierges were great, shuttles run continuously to the airport, and there are several daily shuttles to the nearby Southcenter Mall. All in all a good value.

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  • 9 months later...

I got 2 rooms at the hotel. After reading the reviews about Priceline customers being put in rooms FAR FAR FAR away from the lobby... I decided to email and requested rooms closer to the lobby and if at all possible, both rooms on the same floor.

My parents & friends just checked in and called me. They were put in the tower rooms. Very nice and good size rooms.

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  • 1 month later...

We got this hotel through Hotwire. We found it to be a very nice hotel. It was close to the airport and the shuttle service was fine.

There were two restaurants that we found, one rather pricey and the coffee shop, which wasn't bad price wise but maybe a little higher than one expects from a hotel coffee shop. The food and service were both very good. They also had a little coffee shop area that's a must for Seattle with expresso coffee's and pastries. I believe I saw what amounted to a sports bar also but, we were only there one night and I didn't investigate to far.

They had two decently equiped fitness rooms but neither had a huge number of machines in them. The machines that were there were pretty good machines. The only pool is an outdoor pool and, as it was the end of the year (August 31st) we elected not to use it that evening. We were assingned a tower room and it was spacious, clean and comfortable.

I would have no problems staying at this hotel again in the future.

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  • 1 year later...

I stayed at this hotel March 12-13, 2008. Front desk staff very helpful, delicious, warm cookie at check-in. I was initially given a ground level room. As a single female traveler, I prefer high floors away from elevators. My request for a higher floor was granted. I ended up with a room with 2 beds, no biggie. Since this was a Priceline reservation, my HHonors preferences weren't applied. The room, including the bathroom was rather spacious. The Sweet Dreams bed, very comfortable. I found myself adjusting the thermostat often between cold air and warmth, couldn't find a good temp that worked for me (usually like a cool room, but not freezing). The room had a balcony so I could open the door for air if necessary. Although my room appeared clean both visually and after wiping across the tables and sinks, a gown was left on the back of the bathroom door by a previous guest. Security came up within 15 minutes to retrieve the item. I used the business center, 3 computers, a printer, fax and office supplies provided. Computer was very slow that day, but it sufficed for my needs. Parking $16 plus tax, but I knew that ahead of time. Parking area far away from tower rooms/elevator. Sharps Roasters across the street has delicious food and drinks. I didn't eat in the hotel's restaurant. I did have the spinach artichoke dip appetizer in the hotel lounge and that was good. I would stay at this hotel again, but not at any of the advertised prices listed on internet sites.

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  • 2 weeks later...

I stayed here in February on a Priceline reservation. The first room I was given was either occupied, or just not cleaned. I thought it was occupied at the time, but in retrospect, maybe it just hadn't been cleaned. Anyway, I went back to the desk to complain (I had gotten a scare thinking what would happen if the guest had been there), and got a double deluxe room. The lounge is a nice place to spend a bit of time and a good place to get a quick, light, late dinner. They have computers that are free to use in the lounge. Everything worked fine. So this was a good stay in the end.

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  • 4 months later...

Stayed five nights in April 2008 was given a room in Outer Mongolia :) Booked on Hotwire using the link on this site.

It was very easy to get in and out of the parking lot daily going behind the hotel but the price of $16 per night is steep. Easy to get to the 509 freeway and right into Seattle daily. Much faster than I5.

The room was big and comfortable but no microwave or fridge which I thought odd for a hotel of this price. I've stayed in much cheaper hotels that had both.....

The bed was very comfortable but I had to crank down the AC because there is no sheet, just a duvet and I got hot.

There was a huge compressor in the maintenance room next door that went off once an hour but I got used to it quickly and was too tired to ask for another room. I was completely unpacked and almost asleep when it went off the first time.

This farthest wing was almost empty so it was quiet and there was minimal noise from the parking lot. I would have preferred the lake view but the parking lot view was fine.

I hiked to the lobby twice to use the free computers by the bar but they were in use both times. I declined to eat at the restaurants as I had my car I could go elsewhere for much less money.

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  • 2 years later...

Great first experience with Hotwire (for $89/night). I stayed here for two nights Aug 3-4, 2010. Flew in in the morning, used the free airport shuttle, and arrived at the hotel by around noon. We got our warm cookies upon checking in. I think I asked for a room high up - they gave me a room on the Penthouse floor (13th), so my wife and kids LOVED that, although it was just a standard room with double beds. We went down to the pool, which was just fabulous on a lovely summer day. Lunch at Taco Bell across the street. Went into Seattle that night and again the next day - we had a rental car and it was about a 20-minute drive at night, then the next day when we HAD to get to downtown by 8:00 am, we left a little before 7:00 and were there by 7:30. All day in Seattle, back to the hotel for the kids to play in the pool while I went grocery shopping (just starting a 2-week vacation in the area) and to pick up a pizza, both within a 5-minute drive, then we ate the pizzas poolside, while surfing the internet (no free internet in the rooms, but it was free in the lobby and by the pool). Very nice. Didn't love the $17 parking, but at least I knew about it. Breakfast the next day was at Denny's across the street, then upon checking out, we asked for and got four more nice warm cookies. We loved it!

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  • 7 months later...

Won this property on a $48 PL bid. I choose SeaTac area often as it is less expensive. I prefer to use the light rail system to avoid downtown parking fees and negates a designated driver... Great for sporting events at Safeco/Qwest.

Parking is $16 + tax but there is a brand new WallyPark directly across the street (west) that charges $10 + tax ($16 total).

As usual I get to my PL hotel early to ensure suitable bedding arrangements. It was 2pm but not an issue for the hotel though their policy is 3pm. Complimentary warm cookies. I was slotted in one of the wings as most PL guests seem to get. Not far from lobby. Hotel wasn't full. Lots of airlines use this hotel for their lay over flight crews. No free wifi connections in room. Must have some sort of block on it. Free wifi in lobby/restaurant/pub/coffee bar area. Room was very spacious with 2 queens and an awesome mattress. I slept great on it.

Free shuttle to/from airport brings you close to light rail system ($5 day pass). Don't forget to tip your shuttle driver (ours dropped us off right at the light rail elevator). Last train south to Airport is ~ midnight.

Someone opened our door while we were in the room in the afternoon just after check in. I hung a 'do not disturb' sign when we left for the game. Room service trays from the morning took a long time (24hrs) to be removed.

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