Hotwire Plane Cancellation guidance needed please

By jaysenese,

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I'm hoping someone here can give me some guidance.

We booked 3 United Airlines tickets through Hotwire (the regular system, not the bidding system) for travel at Christmas 2007. Our plans changed, and we cancelled those three tickets in November 2007. We were told very clearly at that time that the money spent on the tickets could be reused toward three new United flights at a later time (less some charges), provided we booked by one year from the original March 2007 date of booking.

I went to book the three new tickets today (for travel this coming August 2008) and I was told that I was given bad information, or misunderstood the informationi in December: I had to FLY by March 2008 to use the ticket money, not just book the flight. I cannot book a flight in March and use the credit towards an August flight - I must book AND fly by the one-year anniversary of our original booking.

I'm naturally very unhappy about the situation, especially since I was very clear in November before I made the cancellations. Can anyone tell me:

1) Who is my gripe with - Hotwire or United? Who has my ticket money right now?

2) Do I have any recourse to use the tickets for anything at all now if I am out of luck? I have nowhere to travel in the next 2 weeks.

thank you!


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Who gave you the information regarding the terms of the credit? Were you given a code to use or anything in writing/email?

It would seem to me that United has your money and is the party you need to deal with... if it were HOTWIRE you would be able to use the credit on any hotwire purchase, but as per your comments above, the credit was to be used on a United flight only, thus indicating the credit is thru them (united).

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Hello, and thanks for responding so quickly!

I was not given a code or anything, and I do not remember that person's name. I guess I fugured it probably wasn't really their real name anyway.

I asked several questions at the time since I use Hotwire a great deal for hotel rooms (but this was the ffirst time for airfare). They were very considerate and helpful over the phone, and they told me that I would not be able to 'see' anything after the cancellation, but that the credit would be there for my use, and that I would have to simply call back. They asked me twice if I was SURE I wanted to cancel the plane tickets, and I confirmed again that I had a year from the date of purchase to rebook.

thanks, Jay

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