Hotwire Hotel: 4* Chicago (Loop) Palmer House Hilton

By mandaring,

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Hi, I have never used hotwire before and was wondering if someone could help me. There is a 4* Hotel in the Chicago Loop with the following amenities: Fitness Center, Restaurant, Business Center, High Speed Internet for $93 per night. Any ideas to which one it could be? I looked on the hotel list and thought it looked like the Palmer House Hilton, but was not sure what the "VP" meant. Also, is this a good area to stay in? I have only been to Chicago once and stayed on Michigan and am not familiar with the "Loop" area. Any help would be appreciated.

Also any thoughts on a 3* hotel in Magnificent Mile area for $75 per night with just Fitness Center and High Speed Internet Access as amenities? Couldn't find any on the list that were similiar. Thanks so much!

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Welcome to Better Bidding. :)

The Loop area is just South of the river. It puts you closer to museums and does offer a smaller shopping area (State St. shopping.) The issue with the Loop area is that, while it is fine during the day, it is primarily a business area and once it starts to get later in the evening and the workers in the office buildings head home, you'll find that a lot of places do close up - some parts of the Loop more than others, but the Loop in general is more quiet than the Michigan Ave. area. Chicago is compact as big cities go, so if you stay in the Loop, it's easy to get to Michigan ave. via walking or public transit.

Please provide the dates you are looking at.

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The 4* above is a match for the Palmer House (although those amenities are quite commong for a 'city' hotel). However, i'm not seeing it, nor the 3* in the MagMile zone, when i do a HOTWIRE search for your dates. Are you still seeing these offered on HOTWIRE? If so, are you searching for more than one room or for more than the default 2adults?

Rates seem reasonable for these dates, what are the prices of the above and what is your maximum budget?

Please use this HOTWIRE link to begin any purchases you make.

Let us know the above and we'll advise accordingly.

Please use this HOTWIRE and these PRICELINE LINKS: HOTELS, CAR RENTALS, and AIRFARE to begin your travel purchases

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I found the prices late last night, and now I cannot find them anymore. I just need one room for 2 adults. my maximum budget is $100, just because I will have a car with me as well and I know I will need to pay for parking. I don't need anything spectacular, I will only be there for one night, but thought if I could get some more bang for my buck, then I'd try to. I'm more concerned with location than the actual hotel. Thanks for all the help thusfar!

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Thank you very much for all of your help! I found the 4* Loop hotel for $92/night again, and booked it using your HOTWIRE link. It did turn out to be the Palmer House Hilton! You guys have been an excellent resource for me and I will definitely recommend this site to other travelers! Thanks again. :)

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