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By alexocean,

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I am looking for a 4* hotel/resort in Fort Lauderdale for the period 08/08-08/13. What would be the best time to book the room and bidding strategy? Since it's an off season in Florida I don't think all hotels are going to be book, should I wait until the last moment to get a better deal?

I would really like to get "St. Regis Resort, Fort Lauderdale", but with priceline I wouldn't much count on it. The regular priceline prices(without bidding) for 4* hotels are:

The Westin Fort Lauderdale - 119$

The Atlantic - 221$

St. Regis Resort, Fort Lauderdale - 277$


Marriott Harbor Beach Resort - 229$

Kayak gives a bunch of 4* hotels ranging from 100 to 300$. Is there a way to get a better ones via priceline bidding?


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Thanks to pointing out the FAQ, it's been some time since I read it and I completely forgot some of the key points, including that the inventory of "retail hotels" and "name your own price hotels" might be different.

I'd like to find a hotel in Ft. Lauderdale Beach Area. My main concern is to get "Hyatt Pier 66", which seems to be currently in a very bad condition (based on tripadvisor reviews). Unfortunately, there seems to be no recent wins anything else with 4* rating.

I am willing to bid up to around 150$, but the lower the better rule still applies.

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sometimes can you see (what I belive) is the new 4* Hilton Fort Lauderdale Beach Resort on HOTWIRE. But that is never far in advance they release rooms.

If you want a beachfront hotel is there a good deal at HOTWIRE if you can lower your rating to a 3*? HOTWIRE got what is reported to the board as Sheraton Yankee Trader or Sheraton Yankee Clipper at $74/night + $15 for parking. Both are solid 3* with a nice beach outside the hotel. Trader is the better one but there is nothing wrong with the Clipper. Both hotels have the same amenties so it hard to tell.

If you can go with a non beach/oceanfront hotel so look at the HOTWIRE Hollywood zone, it's 5-6 miles from Fort lauderdale. There is 4.5* at $129, belived to be Diplomat Spa and Country Club. Looks really nice if you can take the car to beach or go with the hotels buss to the sister hotel Diplomat and use the beach there.

Pier 66 is a "good" walk to the beach. I don't know if the hotel provide a buss anylonger to the beach. And I guess you will get the old rooms there if you use PL. And the cool spinning bar at the top is now closed to the public.

Please use this HOTWIRE link if you decide to go this way.

Just post if you need any further help.

Good luck!


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Thanks yellowdog, I do find your post extremely useful.

The proximity to the beach is one of my main factors. I'd rather prefer 3* beachfront hotel to the 4* hotel in Hollywod/downtown/airport areas.

I guess I will try to get a good deal on Marriott Harbor Beach Resort first, which seems to be the only hotel in this area listed as "resort". When I select the following zones in the "name your own price" I can't select 4*/resort type:

Coral Springs

Ft Lauderdale Airport (FLL)


Pompano Beach

Does it mean I can use them safely as rebid zones? There is no reported winning bids in those zones as 4*/resort hotels either.

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The zone(s) you mention above are your re-bid zones at the 4* level... but if you elect to bid for a Resort property first you have more re-bid zones than that. At the Resort level you have 7 re-bid zones available.

... but i'm not sure if you intend to start by bidding for a Resort or for a 4 star.

Please use this HOTWIRE and these PRICELINE LINKS: HOTELS, CAR RENTALS, and AIRFARE to begin your travel purchases

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I decided to bid for a resort, since I would probably get Hyatt as a 4*, which currently qualifies as around 3* hotel. I tried today and went up to 120 (around 150 including tax), but with no luck. I didn't go much higher since Marriott is listedfor 180-220$ per night on some websites.

I've checked hotwire and it has 4* hotel listed for 114$:

4* hotel in Fort Lauderdale Beach Area

Hotel Amenities:

Fitness Center


High-speed Internet Access

Spa Services


Business Center

Tennis Nearby

Is it Hilton Ft Lauderdale Beach Resort?

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