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By aluap1234,

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We are going to Disneyland from July 16-23. I thought it might be too early to try Priceline but I went ahead anyway. This is my first time using Priceline. I know I shouldn't compare prices now to prices in July but since I'm new I went by what had been posted here.

April 19-$45 rejected

April 20-$50 rejected

April 20-added Anaheim Hills $55-rejected

Am I doing something wrong? Most people here were getting the 3stars for around $55.

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I looked at HOTWIRE for your dates and Nort + South Disneland area is $99 - $109 for your dates for a 3*. I would keep trying around $50 for a time depending how soon you want to secure your hotel.

But also keep track of the rates if they go up/down. You have the heavy summer crowds to fight against so maybe the hotels have loaded a higer rate at Priceline. Or maybe it's just the wrong day for Priceline. Look at the rack rates for the frequent priceline hotels to get an idea about the rates.

Just ask if you need additional help.


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Yes, you are right, Hotwire was around $99 for a 3*. I'll keep trying around the $55-$60 dollar range for a while. If I see that prices are going up I may go a bit higher. I was thinking that maybe I should use Expedia.ca or something to secure a hotel that has a cancellation policy and then keep trying. That way, I wouldn't be stuck with nothing. What do you think?

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have you booked a cancellable backup yet? You can do this with the boards EasyClickTravel or GTA Hotels. You will find the links on the support site.

The question here is, how soon do want to secure the hotel? As I predicted you moved very fast from $55 to $71 so you could close this :) is it more important for you to get a hotel now or to get it at a lower price?

Trying to hit a hotel at lower rate can take some time (weeks). Have you looked at the rack rates for your dates at the frequent Priceline hotels? If so, please post them.

I looked at HOTWIRE today and the rates are the same as last time. If you want to end this now, try around 73-75-78 tomorrow or stay cool around $55-$62. You have 3 months before you leave. So I would say that you have the time on your side.

I would like to help you out some more but I'm leaving for Disney in Florida tomorrow, I wish you good luck!


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You are right. I am not a very patient person. I need to learn to be more patient. Since this is my first time using Priceline, I'm worried that I will be out of luck. I need to research and book an refundable hotel. I checked the websites of some of the hotels near Disneyland.

Holiday Inn-$123

Hilton Suites-$169

Crowne Plaza-$157

Marriott Inn-said non available and sent me to another website. The Courtyard Anaheim is $159

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I'm sure there are others with more experience in SoCal bidding, but the experience I do have suggests that the best window to bid in is under a month. In particular, San Diego and Orange County seem to have much better deals if you wait. LAX seems more random -- "if at first you don't succeed . . ." -- and I've actually had great luck advance planning in the San Fernando valley).

If you want a 3 star in Orange County, I would stick to bidding $55 or less. You WILL ultimately find a good deal, if you're patient. My only hesitation in your case is that you want a lot of nights, and California schools seem to re-start later than most places (so late August might be busier than elsewhere in the country). But no reason to hurry. There are zillions of places to stay in the area, and you're almost certain to get a great deal if you sit back and let the deals come to you.

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Thanks for the help. I haven't booked a backup yet but I will do so this weekend.

I'm sticking at the $55-$60 rate for now. Tried tonight for $57 and was rejected. I'll keep trying every night. Eventually I will get something. I'm not very patient but I'm also cheap and right now my cheap personality is winning the battle :)

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When should you choose hotwire as opposed to Priceline? I'm relatively new to this whole thing so I'm not too sure.

Also, we are going to Disneyland in California on July 16-July 23. What is Disneyland South and Disneyland North? Which is closer to the actual park?

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Still no luck. I've been bidding each day between $50-67 and still no luck.

Do you think the 7 days is too long? Should I try Monday-Friday and then Friday-Monday? I read somewhere that extended stays are sometimes difficult to get.

Also, do you think I should lower my standards to a 2.5* rather than a 3*?

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I still think Orange County is, generally, NOT a good market to bid more than a few weeks in advance for. If you read the boards, you can see that MANY people get 3 star properties for $55 or less, but usually just a few weeks out. Whether summer or the extended nature of your stay will prevent you from snagging one of these deals is hard to know, but my strong hunch is that it will all work out for you IF YOU ARE PATIENT. It's possible that you might have to move once, but I think that it would probably be worth it to save the money.

Instead of making a backup reservation, I would look at your dates on Hotwire. If there's a 3 or 3 1/2 star property at a rate of $75 or less, you're sitting pretty -- THAT'S your backup (sure, it might go up, but the odds are low). If there are no such properties, you might want to make a conventional reservation as a backup. It does seem like Priceline's inventory is a little better than Hotwire's in Orange County.

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I just checked Hotwire using the SavingsBarn link and found the following:

3* Disneyland South-$99

3* Buena Park-$75

I do have lots of time so I'm going to hang tight. I booked a backup. I didn't use any savings sites since I wanted to be sure to have a cancellable backup. I booked Castle Inn and Suites (only b/c my sister had stayed there) and it was $104. Not a great deal by any stretch of the imagination but at least I know I have something and now I can hang tight for a great deal.

I didn't try Priceline tonight as I am waiting to hear back about the Radisson deal.

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I just checked Hotwire using the SavingsBarn link...

Please note that we have our own link to HOTWIRE... please use our own HOTWIRE link for any purchases/searches.

I'd also check EasyClickTravel to see if there is anything worthwile there as their offices are local to the area (although this doesn't always offer an advantage)

Please use this HOTWIRE and these PRICELINE LINKS: HOTELS, CAR RENTALS, and AIRFARE to begin your travel purchases

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Thanks to Lonestar I was able to get a room for $48 per night plus tax for the entire week. This is the response I got:

We appreciate your submission of a best online rate guarantee form. We

have researched your claim and found you are correct in finding a lower

rate on another website. We have confirmed the lower rate less 25% for

you. Your rate is now $48.00 per night plus tax. Your bed type and

smoking preference has been requested but cannot be guaranteed.

It is too bad about the room preference but I'm going to call the hotel directly to check it out.

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This is the Radisson Maingate. For the next several months, GTA Hotels and EasyClickTravel have great rates on the property (well, we'll see what happens now that we've alerted Radisson to it!) that are lower than those on Radisson.com. So using the 25% off best rate guarantee at Radisson.com, you can get the Maingate hotel for between $40 and $50. Read the price match rules carefully and make sure you can live with the restrictions. The Radisson Maingate is a decent 3 star property -- not fantastic, but you probably can't do better on priceline for under $50.

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