Priceline Hotel: 2.5 * NYC 5/28-5/31

By enterreturn,

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More than 1 week I have been bidding. I am willing to spend $120 tops for 3* or 2.5* hotel in midtown and downtown. Maybe I don't have good strategy? I hope to find a decent hotel with no roaches, rats,peeled walls and shared bath.

Yesterday : I tried

DT 2.5 * $98 rejected

add MTE 2.5 $103 rejected

add MTW 2.5 $110 rejected

add MTS 25 $115 rejected

Lowest rate in hotels website:

Exchange hotel : $249

Courtyard Midtown East : $329

The Belvedere:US$254.00 (May 28,2007 - May 29,2007)

US$314.00 (May 30,2007)

Ramada Plaza: Mon. 05/28/07 USD 189.00

Tue. 05/29/07 USD 189.00

Wed. 05/30/07 USD 209.00

Seems that rate is higher for Tue and Wed. Should I divide my bidding hoping that I'll get extended stay invitation? I have also tried for jersey city hotels.. but I prefer to get something in manhattan.

thank you in advance

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Well a strategy won't necessarily help in this case, you've almost bid your max amount in the zones you want and didn't get anything. You don't always have the option to extend your stay, from what I've read it will display it but may still say in the end its not available so don't split it counting on using that. You could still split up your stay, but chances are you'll be changing hotels so its up to you to determine if its worth it. You can also try and book a cancellable backup and lay off for a bit, than try again closer to your dates it could be that hotels just aren't in a rush to get rid of inventory atm. If you do bid again later make sure you check Priceline Re-Bidding

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if you're thinking of splitting your bid so read this http://www.betterbidding.com/show.php/showtopic/18

If you want to try to split your bid so please remember that you must secure 2 nights out of your stay first. And go for the most expensive dates first. It's a bigger chance to "add a night" for the lower rate if you hit the expensive first.

Sorry to say that I can't comment on the rack rates but your budget feels low comparing to the higher rates.

Have you looked at HOTWIRE for your dates?

Good luck!


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