Priceline Hotel: Resort Orlando (Universal-SeaWorld) Renaissance

By LoneStar,

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This may or may not be a good win. I was actually bidding at the 4-star level hoping for the Peabody (the only known 4-star in the Universal zone). I was upgraded to this "resort," which traditionally hasn't shown up at this price point.

So what's the problem? Well, it seems that the hotel is undergoing a major renovation. They've finished the rooms and the pool area (both are which are supposedly top-notch now), but the lobby is apparently closed and undergoing a complete overhaul. Noise has apparently been a significant issue, but I've heard that the "noisiest" work is now completed.

I suppose I could complain to Priceline, but I've bid up to $85 in the Disney resort zone without success -- as well as up to $48 for a 3 star in both the Disney and Universal zones. Several of the 3-star hotels in the Universal zone (where I really want to stay on this trip) seem a bit dubious, too. So it's not like there's necessarily a great alternative. Published discount rates at the Renaissance Resort still start at $189 (which seems like an awful deal given the construction).

As an FYI, $80 may be the minimum bid -- I was rejected at $78. I'll report what I find. In the meantime, keep in mind the risk of bidding "for" the Peabody.

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I will try and hit the Peabody for the last leg of my Florida trip. So I mailed Marriott and asked about the renovation. This is the answer I got.



Thank you for contacting Marriott. We appreciate the opportunity to provide you with information.

The renovations are scheduled to end on January 31, 2007.

More information regarding this hotel's facilities and services may be found at the webpage below:


You may wish to contact an associate at the hotel for further details.

The contact information for this location is included below:

Renaissance Orlando Resort at SeaWorld

6677 Sea Harbor Drive

Orlando, Florida 32821 USA

Phone: 1-407-351-5555

Fax: 1-407-351-9991

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Nothing like "Corporate" to give out some misinformation. :)

I called the hotel this morning to see what I could find out. I think I got some pretty candid information.

First, the renovations will certainly NOT be completed by the end of this month. It's looking more like March or April.

Second, it seems like most of the "major construction" is complete. In late fall, there was apparently lots of noise and dust. But that's all supposedly done now. About half the lobby is completed, and it's open to guests. The rest is more "finishing" work. The employee told me that "compared to what was going on in November, it's a breeze now."

So it would seem like the situation is more than bearable. Would the Renaissance be my first choice of a resort in Orlando right now? Certainly not. At 80 bucks, is it a bad deal? Given that the rooms and pool area are done, and the noise and incovenience seem to be fairly modest, probably not.

I'll report back on what I find next month.

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