RETIRED: New Zone Boundaries, Star Levels, Name Changes?

By ilander,

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New zone configuration for Priceline San Francisco. Embarcadero is now a separate zone....USE is now separate....SOMA and Moscone are a separate zone. Good news for those trying to avoid Westin St. Francis.

This is fantastic news, and very long overdue since Hotwire has always separated the Embarcadero (Financial District) from USE. Priceline's former USE zone was too large.

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New zone configuration for Priceline San Francisco. Embarcadero is now a separate zone....USE is now separate....SOMA and Moscone are a separate zone. Good news for those trying to avoid Westin St. Francis.

This is great news. Where there used to be two zones, USE and USW, now there are four. This is back to the configuration from a couple years ago.

OTOH, the Cathedral Hill zone is now gone. The Civic Center zone's new boundaries take in all the hotels that used to be in Cathedral Hill. That's bad news because Civic Center only went to 2.5* and was a free rebid for 3*. Now Civic Center goes to 3* and there's only one free rebid zone left for 3*, which is Marina-Lombard Street.

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Here are the changes I see for the SF Hotel List. Please look it over, SF hounds, and post if you see any misplaced hotels.

1) Cathedral Hill zone is gone. All reported Cathedral Hill hotels are now in Civic Center zone.

2) USW zone is now USW-Nob Hill. This is a name change only. Zone boundaries appear the same to me.

3) Former USE hotels are now split among three new zones, as follows:


4* Grand Hyatt

4* Westin St Francis

3* Hotel 480

3* Sir Francis Drake

2.5* Chancellor Hotel

Boutique Executive Hotel Vintage Court

Boutique Galleria Park

Boutique Hotel Triton

Boutique Juliana Hotel

Boutique Villa Florence


4* Hilton Financial District

4* Hyatt Regency

4* Le Meridien

4* Omni

3* Club Quarters

Boutique Harbor Court


4* Hotel Palomar

4* Marriott

4* Palace Hotel

4* Westin Market Street

3* Courtyard Downtown

2* Mosser Victorian

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I've made all the San Francisco zone changes above to the Priceline Hotel List, if anyone notices anything they believe to be incorrect please let me know. (i haven't changed the Boutique star ratings yet though, going to try to tackel those in order, or at least with some systematic process, rather than just piecemeal)

THANKS Colfax!!

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Although never reported here before, the former 4* Argonaut Hotel in San Francisco's Fisherman's Wharf zone has been downgraded to 3.5 stars. This was the last remaining 4 star hotel in the Fisherman's Wharf zone after the Sheraton was earlier downgraded 4* to 3* (and eventually upgraded to 3.5 in Priceline's restructuring last month). As a result of the Argonaut's recent downgrade, this zone no longer offers 4 star bidding. This change provides an additional rebid zone when bidding 4 stars in greater San Francisco.

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I just noticed in the Pleasanton-San Ramon, CA zone (Oakland/East Bay area) both the recently upgraded 3.5 Marriotts in Pleasanton & San Ramon are now back down to 3 stars again. I first noticed this when going to bid this zone and, the 3.5 category was grayed out. I checked a couple other dates and with the same results. Then I accessed two recent bids (one at each property), and sure enough, they're listed as 3 stars again. These two hotels were recently upgraded during Priceline's restructuring just last month.

Next I searched a variety of dates in the vacation package section and noted that the recently-upgraded 3* Courtyards and Residence Inns in this zone are still 3 stars, meaning you now have full service Marriotts and Courtyard/Residence Inns all rated the same. I haven't a clue why the two full service properties would have been downgraded, but IMO it makes no sense for such different products to be common rated.

Is anyone else seeing this in their own local zones?

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Ran across because I'm looking for Washington DC stuff on tough next week (Nov 17-21, looks like esp tough Mon/Tues nites). You guys seen the new zones yet? I didn't find any references. Changes:

Airport (DCA) is gone, I would suspect re-merged into Crystal City.

National Harbor is new zone with 1-4* available. Doesn't look to overlap the old zones at all, just new at least for bidding as Washington DC. Could have been offered on its own before. A lot of new development happening here as I understand it.

Mt Vernon is new zone with 1-2* available. Again, doesn't really overlap old zones. It's really small too, so if you need to be out there you can probably be assured of a pretty specific area, but most importantly it makes a perfect rebid zone for 2.5* on up.

Hope this helps.

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