RETIRED: New Zone Boundaries, Star Levels, Name Changes?

By ilander,

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Just check in my previous PL bookings and the Top Hotel Alsterhof (Berlin) has been downgraded to 3star. (sorry if I posted this in the wrong place .. didn't find the "change-in-star-rating" section of this board any more... :-(

Same time apparently, Marriott Berlin has been upgraded to 4star from 3star hotel (according to my previous bid there).

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Priceline is no longer offering 4* bidding in both the Ft Lauderdale Beach zone or the Downtown zone. I just looked up a previous bid from the Hyatt Pier 66 and it still shows as 4 stars, rather than downgraded to 3 stars. So who knows what's up. If anyone else has previous winning bids at the Renaissance in the downtown zone, it would be helpful to see if it has been downgraded to 3 stars or not.

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Regarding Ft Lauderdale changes....

Just a reminder to anyone who may have past wins at either Renaissance and/or Amerisuites. You can access past purchases at the "my trips" section of your Priceline account. The current Priceline star rating will be reflected, regardless of what the property was rated at the time you won the bid. It's a great tool in keeping up with current star rating levels at participating hotels. As I stated a few posts up, the Hyatt Pier 66 still shows as 4 star when I access my previous win, which leads me to believe it will no longer be participating w/Priceline. Had it been downgraded to 3 stars, that would have been reflected when I accessed my previous win.

Past Amerisuites and Renaissance customers.....step up to the plate, please!

Also, the Hollywood zone of the greater FLL area is no longer offering 4 stars as well. There weren't any 4 stars reported here on the hotel list, however Priceline used to offer 4 stars in this zone.

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Just heard from a friend of mine who stayed at the Renaissance earlier this year. He just accessed his past bid info and Priceline still displays as 4 stars. Since it appears it hasn't been downgraded to 3 stars, my fear is they no longer participate w/Priceline. Hopefully we can get some difinitive information before too long, though.

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For whatever reason, Priceline is again offering 4 star in both downtown FLL and beach zones. Not sure why the 3-day "hiccup" but good to have 4 star bidding back in these popular zones. I ran three different date checks. Aug 29 (today) Nov 5 and Jan 1, 2006. All offering 4 stars in both zones.

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Wow, looks like Hotwire is making some sweeping changes to it's Seattle Downtown star ratings. Per Hotwire's vacation package:

1) Red Lion on 5th Avenue (Seattle Downtown) has been downgraded to 3*. Amenities: Restaurant(s), Fitness Center, Golf Nearby

2) Hotel Monaco Seattle has been downgraded to 4*. Amenities: Boutique Hotel, Restaurant(s), Fitness Center, Business Center

3) Grand Hyatt Seattle has been downgraded to 4*. Amenities: Restaurant(s), Fitness Center

4) Hotel Vintage Park has been upgraded to 4*. Amenities: Boutique Hotel, Restaurant(s)

5) Alexis Hotel has been downgraded to 4*. Amenities: Boutique Hotel, Restaurant(s), Fitness Center, Spa Services, Business Center

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WOW! I've noticed a pattern of Hotwire downgrading lots of properties lately. Your post certainly underscores that. I suppose it's a good thing, since I know a lot of people often commented how highly rated some properties were, especially compared to Priceline.

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Per Hotwire's vacation package, following two hotels downgraded. Both are in New York (MTE) zone.

4* Intercontinental - Barclay (down from 4.5 stars)





Note: Now identical to the Grand Hyatt

4* Omni Berkshire (down from 4.5 stars)




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Are you sure it is the Wyndham Palace in the WDW zone?  There is a 3* Wyndham in the Universal zone.

Yes, I am aware of the Universal Zone Wyndham Resort on Internation drive which is rated 3* by priceline.

Priceline sometimes downgrades hotels when they get negative reviews.

The Renaissance in Universal Zone is a good example, it was a resort level and then it was downgraded to a 4* and then it was upgraded again to a resort again. But hopefully they'll keep this downgrade on the Wyndham in place....I gave a review of it here in the Hotels Reviews Section and it's a resort in the sense that the amenities are there, but the service isn't. Which makes the amenities useless, what they should do is revamp the whole property........

that's the way a lot of these disney hotels are....they're very taxed properties by all the tourists

I'll give you an example...the La Quinta is usually a 2* hotel and when I stayed at one in Disney area it was in horrible shape....but when I stayed at a La Quinta in a non-tourist town the La Quinta was amazingly clean and well-maintained because hardly anybody ever stays there

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