NYOP for car rental discontinued

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    IT'S BACK... get notified when Rates Drop!!   03/19/2018

    Our newest development, RateDrop.com will monitor hotel prices for your specific dates and notify you if the Rate Drops!   Monitor hotel prices from both PRICELINE EXPRESS and HOTWIRE, as well as 'regular' retail hotel rates, based upon the specific criteria you choose.   While the benefits of tracking rates from Priceline and Hotwire are obvious, another use is to purchase a refundable hotel rate using RefundableRates.com and then also set an alert for that specific hotel u
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Got this email yesterday from Priceline:



Driving Ahead with Express Deals for Rental Cars


Starting today, Priceline will no longer offer Name Your Own Price for Rental Cars. Instead, you'll now have instant access to our lowest prices with Express Deals.


  • 0% Guesswork.
  • 1-click away.
  • All of the savings.


Now, with Priceline.com's exclusive Express Deals you'll get great Rental Car deals with the best brands.


  • Save up to 40% with premier Rental Car partners including Hertz, Avis, National, Alamo, Budget and Sixt when you book a PRICELINE EXPRESS Deal.
  • Get the best price without the hassle of bidding. The price you see is the price you pay, and you'll save up to 40%.
  • Express Deals are available in over 250 markets, so wherever you want to travel, we'll offer a great price to get you there.


Bonus: We encourage you to download our mobile app to get exclusive deals you can't get anywhere else.

Thank you for your continued loyalty to Priceline. If you have an existing Name Your Own Price Rental Car reservation, it will still be honored. We're looking forward to helping you save even more money with Priceline's Express Deals.



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Thanks for the information... will be interesting to see how Priceline CAR RENTAL Express Deals compare in pricing to HOTWIRE's Hot Rate offers.

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(3+ stars / 2+ nites / expires 8/31/2019)

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The deals now are nowhere as good as I could get using NYOP,  I was previously able to get cars at $10 a day or less in some markets.  What PL has essentially done is increased their revenue stream and cut out the people that understood how to use NYOP skillfully.

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