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cowboy hat girl

CA Monterey Hyatt Regency

By cowboy hat girl,

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Worse hotel I have stayed in in years.

There is no air conditioning, which might not matter if you could open window. But since we faced HWY 1, we could hear the street noise with the windows closed, imagine how bad it would have been with windows open. Plus it rained that night, and didn't want to deal with the damp night air.

Also, no elevator to our second floor room. The bus boy took our luggage up, but had to "bump" it down when leaving.

And then there is the resort fee of $10.00 - highway robbery. You get a $5 food certificate and you can take the water bottles. Still don't like the idea, just raise the rate if you want to charge more.

After I complained when I checked out, they did give me 2 free breakfasts; which did help; but unfortunately my dad says that is what he will remember the most about the trip - a nice hotel with no air conditioning.

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Did the entire hotel not have air conditioning, just your room, or was there air conditioning and it just didn't work well enough to cool things off?

If there was no air conditioning at all, i would email priceline about it.

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We stayed here for our honeymoon. The room given to us was "huge" and it even had a fireplace, which i could not get going, and it had two sinks for washing up and a wall to wall mirror. it was so nice, the bed was pretty big too.

i did mention that is was our honeymoon and i think that is why we got that room. i did tip the nice lady helping us, she said that she was upgrading us. It was on the second floor and you could walk out right onto the greens, i believe it was a golf course or tennis area. we did not hear any traffic and loved our stay.

it was relatively close to the monterey aquarium (4 stars) and other fun places. the next night we stayed at a bed&breakfast in pacific grove and that room was only 1/5 the size of the hyatt's but cost about double what we paid for the hyatt.

we give it 5 out of 5 stars. keep in mind that it was our honeymoon. but the room was awesome.

geesh it has been a long time since i last posted. thanks for your tips that made our honeymoon so much better.

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Stayed here for one night 3rd Jan 05.

No mention of PL on check in, got a grotty room in Block 9 on the 3rd floor.

The elevator up was tatty and smelt. The corridor carpets and walls were in need of a refurbishment. The room was huge with one large bed, but was in need of a decent coat of paint.

Bathroom was Ok, but not the best I've seen.

Resort fee of $10.0 is a rip off, it gets you two bottles of water a $5.00 voucher to use in the bar.

Didn't notice the lack of air con, it was raining and cold outside!

Only bonus was this "hotel" is next to the Interstate very easy to find and leave.

Would not stay here again, even for one night.

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I stayed there for 2 nights 29/30 May 05 - excellent room in Building 2, lovely grounds, was really good value at $140 per night. The furniture deserves a mention as most Hyatts seem to have the oak/marble dresser top but this hotel has really large rooms that feel like suites.

We really enjoyed the restaurant and probably would have stayed in the hotel grounds if we werent enjoying ourselves exploring Monterey, Carmel and Pfeiffer NP.

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Disappointed with the hotel, but our stay was ok... I guess. :)

We stayed here for our 1st anniversary trip from 5/17 - 5/19/07. We stayed in room 357.

Good points: The bed was super comfortable and the linens were nice. Decent size room and bathroom. Free water bottles. Great little sports bar with awesome service onsite. All of the staff were very nice. The pools are clean.

Bad points: Besides the bed and linens, the furnishings and artwork were straight out of the 80's - very old and scratched up. They don't have many TV channels (not that, that is a bid deal, but it is noteworthy). The exterior of the hotel is not that great. The fact that it did not have a/c did not bother us - we didn't need it because the weather was perfect... honestly, it could have a/c now I don't know - we didn't even check. The gym is very small, but at least it doesn't smell. One thing that surprised me - the pools do not even have umbrellas! If you want to just enjoy relaxing by the pool - there is absolutely no shade?? Weird to me. The bathrooms are just ok. The furnishings and the decor remind me of Motel 6. The elevators smell and seem like they are ready for a serious overhaul. I would NOT give this hotel 3-stars... I would give it 2-stars.

I also forgot to add THERE WAS NO COFFEEMAKER AND NO COFFEE IN OUR ROOM!!! How crazy is that?? :)

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Stayed here on Saturday 9/10/11-9/11/11. I want to start this off by saying that I normally do not stay at 4-Star hotels, but the Hyatt did seem pretty nice. The staff at the front desk were very helpful and friendly, I was asked by several employees if I needed any help with my luggage and was treated like a gentleman, even though all I was wearing was jeans and a button up shirt.

We stayed on the 4th floor of building 12 and although you would think it would have a nice view of the ocean, the view is blocked by the Naval Post-Grad school. When we first walked in I thought the room was rather nice-not quite as good as the other two 4-Star hotels I've stayed in (JW Marriotts-Phoenix and Orlando) but it was very nice nonetheless. King size bed, 32" (or so) flat screen TV with about 25 channels, large desk/entertainment center area, two normal chairs and a nice cushoned chair with an ottoman. Even a light switch for the lights right next to the bed. Bathroom was nice, but nothing completely amazing with a very large backlit mirror and an open shower (no shower door).

As a few previous people have mentioned, there is no A/C (evidentially nowhere in the hotel). I even called the front desk and they told me that they didn't have A/C and they depended on the cool Monterey air to cool the rooms. The room also had a ceiling fan with 4 speeds which helped a bit, but the room didn't really need much cooling as it was only in the upper 60s outside. I didn't get to explore the hotel much, but when my date and I got back from Cannery Row (around 10pm), the vast majority of the parking lot was full and we had to park about a 5 minute walk from our room. Nothing that really bothered me, but I'm putting it here just in case anyone has trouble walking or is handicapped.

All in all, it was very, very nice and I loved staying there. The only downside is the B.S. "resort fee" that they charge when you leave (they ask for a card for incidentals when you check in and put it on that). They claim it's for "use of the ground, parking and internet" Bull! I tried to access the WiFi earlier as a registered guest and it asked me for $9.99. I thought it was a bit shady of them, but whatever I wasn't going to ruin a perfect weekend by arguing with the hotel people for a hour and trying to get my resort fee back.

I would definitely say this hotel is worth staying in, just be aware that you will be paying $20-ish extra for the resort fee.

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The resort fee is now up to $22 per night. Fortunately I knew I would be paying this after checking other reviews prior to checking in, so I made sure we drank the expensive water! Also, when you are accessing WiFi they will not charge you the $10.75 (or higher for premium access)if you have already been charged the resort fee - so make good use of the access.

Hotel is okay. Room was very nice, on the third floor facing the freeway (with a peek of the ocean). Not the best location because we were next to a service area which had back-up beeping vehicles running throughout the night, so it was impossible to keep the window open which might have cooled the room. They have provided free standing air conditioners which are plumbed to a gap in the window, so the window never really closes which might have provided some further sound proofing. We left the AC running while we were at dinner, then turned off the noisy thing before retiring, and used the overhead fan for some relief -- even though it was not an unusually warm day/night.

Coffee and small fridge in room. Sheets and towels in very good condition, comfortable bed and pillows.

The hotel has a nice gym and a beautiful setting, with lots of gazebos and seating areas overlooking the golf course. If possible try to get a map of the resort so that you can request a different room location, and stay away from uneven numbered rooms in Buildings 5, 4 and 3 which get the afternoon sun and freeway noise. Even numbers get a view of the pool and maybe the golf course.

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