Priceline Hotel: Help identify - 4.5 star - Park City

By healey303,

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I believe you're looking at the guaranteed amenities that are shown on the bidding 'Name Your Own Price' side of PRICELINE and not the PRICELINE EXPRESS side of their site, is this correct?

If so, the guaranteed amenities shown on the bidding side does not mean that you are bidding for a specific property, but rather all hotels in the zone offer these amenities (and if a user review rating is shown that all hotels have a user review rating equal to or greater than the value shown). At this point of the bidding process PRICELINE has not yet even checked inventory for your dates, so there is no way to guess as to what hotel is being offered in this circumstance.

With my previous comments noted, the Waldorf Astoria Park City is 4.5* rated (and as per above has all the amenities listed) so this would be one possibility, but there could be others as well.

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