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Priceline Hotel: 3* Toronto (Airport YYZ) Renaissance

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(Priceline Express or PrePaid Hotels / 3+ stars / 2+ nites / expires 1/31/2020)
By dimebagg,

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Just got matched to the Renaissance in the Toronto Airport area for $50 on the fist bid. (2 rooms)

But there's a lot more to this story...

I initially wanted 2 rooms downtown Toronto, either 4 star or 3 star, but it was just impossible! Even with all the available re-bids zones for 4 star, I just could not get matched. I started bidding at $62 and went up to $101 - rejected for all bids.

Then I tried to get matched to 3 star in downtown toronto. My highest bid was $75 and still rejected.

Then I tried the Don Valley area by itself for 3 star - rejected at $70.

The airport was the last hope. By this time, it was already 5:57pm and the hotel was for the same night so I had 3 min left to place a bid. The first bid of $50 was accepted - what a relief. Priceline does not usually give me this much grief! That was quite the adventure for last minute hotel rooms.

As a side note - I went on various internet hotel websites to check out what the going rates were for Sept 17 - 18 in downtown toronto and BASICALLY ALL hotels in the area did not have any availability. In fact, the Renaissance that I ended up getting matched to at the airport did not show any availability either. Quite the busy weekend in Toronto apparently...although I have no idea what the reason is.

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