Priceline Hotel: 4* LA - BevHills/Westwood Park Hyatt

By peteropny,

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I'm trying to bid this - started at $70 - and used free rebids at $72 and $75 - all rejected with Priceline taking a long time. I've noticed that the accepted bids at thie hotel that I'm aiming for, Park Hyatt, has crept up but the rates on their own website are pretty low at $150 so I'm wondering what's going on. Any suggestions?

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I was lucky enough to get this hotel back in May for $65 even when availability was really tight due to the LA Screenings (website rate $295 prepaird).

I found that the vacation product served as a good indicator for when priceline had access to inventory. When there were no 4*s showing for my dates my bids of up to $100 failed - as soon as the Park Hyatt appeared available on vacation product, I was able to secure the booking at the then standard rate.

No idea what triggerred the hotel releasing inventory, but I would keep checking.

If it is showing as available on the vacation product, then I don't have a clue what is going on.

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My suspicion is that your difficulty has something to do with Labor Day weekend, just like I am having trouble in Seattle. Maybe inventory will be released closer to the date, but for now the hotels are keeping their options open, even if they haven't raised their rates that high.

Thanks for the reminder to check the vacation product, Jacqui. I just did that for Seattle, and I see that almost all of the available options are for hotels outside downtown Seattle.

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What is a vacation product and how does one get it?

Also on the side note (I'll also post this as a winning bid):

I knew the Beverly Hills Hilton was sold out for Friday and Saturday (Oct 24th and 25th) through the Hilton web site so I used the strategy posted by others on the board to book only for the 26th and sure enough got it! I was very happy. I called the Hotel and asked why it was sold-out for the weekend, they said there is some kind of a Rodeo(?) going on.

That's OK but the problem now is this. I am bidding for a 4* in BH/Hollywood/W. Hollywood area and no bid is successful even for upto $85. The weekend BEFORE and AFTER the bids are successful even for $70 for a 4* and even $52 for a 3* (probably looks like the Hyatt 3*).

Any suggestions how to make that particular weekend accept a bid, or how much "premium" is it commanding over other weekends and why exactly?


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