Priceline Hotel: 3.5* Minneapolis-St.Paul (Minneapolis West) Doubletree Park Place

By Frogger85,

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Started with PRICELINE link and HOTWIRE link.

Been working the MSP Zones for a while trying to get Downtown Minneapolis for 7/22-7/23. That's not going to happen.

This is one time where waiting may have hurt me. With the Twins playing a home series this weekend plus the Aquatennial

Festival going on it is going to be busy, but after U2 announced their concert at TCF Stadium on Sat (7/23) the rates

went through the room. Had I booked sooner I might have been able to get a downtown *4 star for $75-80 but I held out.

Anyway, within the last week everything downtown for Saturday is getting booked, this has to be because of the U2 show.

I should have bid 2 months ago... but I still tried all the angles:

2 night bid (22/23)....went to 82 with no luck

1 night bid (22..with hope of adding a night) went to 92!! no luck.

1 night bid (23) have not tried, but Priceline has only 2 hotels left at any star level for Downtown Minneapolis, seems bleak.

Note: Hotwire has one hotel Downtown (3* ) for $111 for both 22/23...for the 22nd there are a few starting at $123..for the 23rd there is 1 for $151 (which I think is the Hyatt Regency..a nice place.. but not $151 nice.)

Of course Hotwire might change but I think $110 is the floor this weekend.

Back to the bidding...MSP has a bunch of Zones...so you can really bid. I stayed at the 4* level the whole time because I did not want

to get the 3.5* Millenium Downtown Minneapolis (That hotel should be 3*.. there are some nice 3/3.5* hotels in Downtown Minneapolis

but your 95% certain to get the Millenium if you check the 3.5* box.) Enough ranting..

I was down to 3 zones (MSP Airport and Bloomington/MOA and Eagen). I was not going to check Bloomington/MOA because I do not want the 3.5* Sheraton/Doubletree (a nice value, but much better hotels at the 3.5 *level in MSP for $15-20 per night ) or the *4 Sofitel that is right by it in a

rather boring/isolated location (you can't really walk to anything..lots of traffic).

I checked MSP Airport and clicked on the 3.5 * level box, the three 3.5* zones that were active were Downtown, Minneapolis West and MSP

Airport. Went with a bid of $52.

Won the 3.5* Doubletree Park Place. Seems like a solid deal..the new Priceline win page had it a 41% savings.

I have never stayed here, but it is in a nice shopping/dining area and only 4 miles from Downtown Minneapolis.

I will most likely add a second night, I may still try a last second bid for the Downtown on Sat the 23rd. I'm sure I will not win.

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Update: I was checking Doubletree's website for Sat/23 rates and there was no rooms...bad sign.

So I used the PRICELINE link and tried for another night, no luck.

So now I will be bidding hard for the Downtown at first. If that does not work..I'll will be trying for another hotel in the west zone.

I'm up for any advice on last minute bidding for the downtown....The plan is the bid late Thursday night or should I wait till

Friday morning? How close has anybody cut it? (In general..not MSP per say)


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I think with the Aquatennial and U2 both being big events this weekend, it's going to be tough to get anything downtown Minneapolis at the last minute. However, I have family members who have won many last minute cheap bids in downtown (like the Friday afternoon before a Saturday stay), so it's not totally out of the question.

Are you only considering downtown Minneapolis? You could also try downtown St. Paul. It's a quick highway drive between the two downtowns and Hotwire appears to have a 3.5* available on Saturday. No guarantees on what it is, but if it is the Crowne Plaza, that is nice hotel in a good location.... just an idea.

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We've seen wins 10 minutes before cut-off time (11pm EST day of check-in) b

I wouldn't wait until the very last minute... you may under-estimate how much is needed to win a hotel, run out of re-bid zones, and then be scrambling to add zones you really don't want to stay in or have to lower your star level.

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Quick review:

After staying here I really wish I had went for 2 nights right away. This is a very nice hotel. The rooms are huge..you could put 4 king beds in it plus

it had a connecting door to another room so if you booked 2 rooms it would be like having an apartment.

Bed was nice, room was clean, nice staff, all the extras, and free parking.

You can see the downtown from the hotel (3 miles) and it's located in a shopping area that has some nightlife.

I would call this a true 3.5 * hotel, not as fancy as some of the 4* hotels in downtown Minneapolis. But that is a matter odd taste.


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