Priceline Hotel: 3.5* Minneapolis-St Paul (Bloomington West-MofA) Doubletree South

By paintergirl,

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I am needing a hotel for the Midtown Minneapolis area. I am looking at the hotel list, and I don't see the region labeled "midtown" like it is on the Priceline website. Can you tell me which section on your list would be considered Midtown? On priceline that region only has a 3 star rating as the highest. I prefer a 3 1/2 or 4 star. Can you tell me also if there is another region that is close enough to midtown that could work for me as well that has a 3 1/2 or 4 as an option.

I need a room 8/4 - 8/8.

My event I need to be close to is the Uptown art fair, which is basically at Lyndale and Hennepin. Any suggestions on region will be helpful!

Thank you!

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The Midtown Minneapolis area appears to be a new zone in Minneapolis, and unfortunately, no hotels have been reported to the board in this zone so far. 3 is the highest available, and the nearest w/3.5 and 4* would be the downtown zone.

Are you primarily looking for location (which would mean going for a 3* in the Midtown zone if your destination is there) or would you be interested in a higher rated property a bit further away?

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Well, I don't want to be too far from "Midtown". No more than maybe 10-15 minutes at the most. I am afraid of bidding for a 3* in that area. In my experience the 3*'s can be pretty borderline, and I prefer to stay in somewhere nicer. However, I also travel in a large van, and sometimes downtown parking can be expensive and difficult to navigate.

Do you have any idea what the 3* property might be in midtown?

Thanks for your help!

(btw, I did click the PRICELINE link)

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I decided to try to get a 4* downtown region. I started at $50 and went up by $2 until I reached $74. I kept adding regions with out 4* rated hotels. I still did not get my bid accepted. 8/4-8/8

I didn't want to go much higher than that. I might try 3 1/2 * downtown, but I read a review that wasn't so great for one of the options in that range.



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Downtown and Midtown are the nearest PRICELINE zones to Uptown Arts Fair. To my knowledge there aren't any hotels within walking distance of Uptown.

I'll guess the 3* Midtown is the Sheraton at 29th and Chicago. PRICELINE introduced the Midtown zone shortly after the Sheraton opened. So far no win reports from Midtown.

The Sheraton's almost new and it gets pretty good reviews (see TripAdvisor). It's not in the best of neighborhoods though and it's not walking distance from Uptown Arts Fair.

Downtown and Midtown are "urban zones". If you prefer driving farther for a more suburban atmosphere (with free parking) Bloomington West would be closest. Bloom West has a 4* hotel too... the Sofitel.

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I tried midtown region 3*, bid $45, $50, and $55. I added regions with out a 3* hotel. I will have to try again tomorrow.

Are you familiar with the Twin Cities? If you're exhibiting in the fair I'm guessing that means you'll be driving from your hotel to the fair in the early morning hours. Saturday and Sunday mornings you should have no problem reaching Uptown quickly, even if you stay in Bloomington. Outside of the traditional "rush hour," the Twin Cities generally have pretty light traffic.

If you're mostly looking for an inexpensive place to park and sleep, also consider airbnb. Am I allowed to recommend that here? My family of 4 is staying in the Twin Cities for 2 weeks in August, in someone's walk-out basement with a separate entrance, for $56 a night.

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Sheraton Midtown is $149 for your dates. With no bid history it's hard to know what it might take on PRICELINE but $75 would be 50% off, and that's a pretty good discount.

The Sheraton's been reported on HOTWIRE once, where it was purchased as a 3.5* in HW's Downtown zone. (Hotwire's Downtown zone is much larger than Priceline's and includes Priceline's Midtown zone.)

It's possible Sheraton Midtown isn't available on PRICELINE for your dates because HOTWIRE has nothing available at any quality level in their Downtown zone.

Good luck with your bidding!

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You may also want to try the Minneapolis West zone. There are a number of nice 3.5* hotels in that area, and that would not be too far from Uptown (it's basically the St. Louis Park area). The issue with Uptown is that there are no hotels in the area, and while Midtown is close in terms of distance, it will take you just as long to drive to Uptown from Midtown, becuase you are going through city streets / stop lights. (Midtown is also not the greatest of Twin Cities areas.) If you stay in either of the Bloomington zones or Minneapolis West, you will have a nice drive on the highway and as a previous poster mentioned, there is not much traffic on the weekends. You could also try downtown Minneapolis, but if you are coming with a big van, you may have trouble navigating the ramps (street parking is only free on Sat & Sun).

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Thank you so much for the information. I think I will go for another zone. I took my bids up on the midtown zone attempting to get the 3* and I couldn't get it. I stayed in Bloomington for another show. It really wasn't too far. So, I think i will try that! Thanks so much for the info about midtown. It is nice to have some insight on that.

I REALLY appreciate you taking the time to help me! I will post my findings!

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Finally got a room! Bid 60$ for a 4* Bloomington West. It offered me to rebid right away if I raised it to $75. I decided not to do that. I moved my *to 3 1/2, and bid $55. I got the Doubletree by Hilton Minneapolis.

Dates are 8/4-8/8

I appreciate everyone's help! (and yes I used the PRICELINE link)

One question. I am confused. This is the hotel that it says that I won.

Doubletree By Hilton Hotel Minneapolis-Bloomington South

7800 Normandale Road

Bloomington, MN 55439


Why do pictures of the Sheraton come up? It also has pictures of the Sheraton, and the same address as the Sheraton. Anyone understand this? Which hotel am I actually staying at?

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Congratulations on your success!

Glad to see you're pleased with the ultimate outcome and are looking forward to your trip.

The Sheraton has recently changed hands and is now the Doubletree... the hotel will have a Doubletree sign out front (or at least a temporary sign indicating it's the Doubletree), the photos in PRICELINE's system just haven't been updated yet.

Thank you for sharing your win and using the PRICELINE links on the board to begin your bidding.

Enjoy your stay.

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