Hotwire Hotel: 3.5* Vanvouer (Entertainment Dstrct) Crowne Plaza

By ankuragarwal123,

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I tried the bidding strategy based on the posts in the hotwire string but it looks like I was rejected.

I started with Vancouver at $67, rejected

added zone 1 and bid $72, rejected

added zone 2 and bid $77, rejected

closed browser and re-opened

added zone 3 and bid $82, rejected

added zone 1 and bid $86, rejected

added zone 2 and bid $90, rejected

Then I was shut out of the system...

Anyone have any advice on what to do next. I guess I have to wait 72 hours at least and then try again. What price should I start at in 72 hours? Do I start at $90 or lower? And I really would not like to bid more than $100 if I can help it. I know from some other sites that people are having trouble with $100 for the following weekend cause of some conference.

Should I just try booking a room for the 12th night? Is the sat night stay causing the higher price? I could just try and find a cheap hotel for the 11th night.

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Hmmm.... I just checked and both the Sheraton Wall Centre and the Marriott Pinnacle are sold out on the 11th, although the 12th doesn't look too bad. The Westin Bayshore is asking $460 Cdn for the 11th which drops to $289 for the 12th. So, it definitely looks like the 11th is the problem. I thought I checked before and saw more availability (when I first suggested you might want to try PL for both nights), but it definitely looks busy now! I called the Marriott and they have a large group of rooms booked for a conference and for graduations. Not sure what is booked at the Sheraton and Westin....

I see the same pattern on Hotwire - higher prices and much less availability on the 11th compared to the 12th.

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Thanks Scorps for looking into this. Do you recommend I try going a little higher to around $105? Or should I just try for the 12th night and hope to find some cheaper hotel or motel when I get to Vancouver on the 11th? Me and my girlfriend and I are fine with staying somewhere cheaper on the 11th night if that saves us money.

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If I were you, I would try for the night of the 12th only through PL. You can do that right now, without waiting 72 hours, because you are changing your dates.

I would start bidding at around $80 or so and be prepared to go up to your max, because the hotel rates are still a bit on the high side even for that night alone. If you get the night of the 12th through PL, you can always try their Add a Night feature for the other night, but I doubt you would be successful.

And keep an eye on the Hotwire listings for each night separately, as well as together. You might find that it's a better deal overall to book two nights through HW....

Sorry, I have to be away from my computer for a bit, but thereuare might have some further suggestions.....

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I think Scorp gives some excellent options and i'll add my some addtional comments:

It comes down to how much you want to spend and how much of you an inconvenience you consider SPLITTING YOUR BID.

If you aren't willing to split your bid, HOTWIRE had a 3.5* for $108/nite which i believe is likely the Crowne Plaza, you can bring this down to under $100 by using GIFTCARD06 code.

If you're willing to split your bid, i would bid just the nite of th 12th on its own. You can then try the 'add a nite' feature but i'm doubtful you'll be successful.

I would certainly find something to book before arriving into town, otherwise i think you'll be scrambling for something and when you walk into a hotel without a reservation, they know they've "got you" and you'll likely pay more than you should.

If you let us know which direct you'd like to go we can try to help further if you need it.

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Yeah, I think I might split my bid in order to get the best deal since there is such a price difference for the 11th and 12th. I might go for the Crowne Plaza on the 11th using hotwire and try priceline for the 12th night...hoping to get a better hotel than the Crowne Plaza for the 12th. I am assuming most of the 4* on priceline are better and hopefully one of them will have a cheaper rate as well.

Are there any other good cheap hotels I could check out separately for the 11th night? Oh and is the Crown Plaza also called the Crowne Plaza Hotel Georgia...just making sure I have the correct hotel.

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I doubt you will get a stunning deal just by coming into town. If you go to 200 Burrard Street (Tourism Vancouver - http://www.tourismvancouver.com/ ), they will try to find you something. However, from overhearing the conversations one day when I visited, the deals did not sound too great.

Keep in mind the Entertainment Book option - I have never tried it but there seem to be some good deals with Holiday Inn, for example.

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Are there any other good cheap hotels I could check out separately for the 11th night? Oh and is the Crown Plaza also called the Crowne Plaza Hotel Georgia...just making sure I have the correct hotel.

Yes, the Crowne Plaza used to be simply the Hotel Georgia, before being bought by CP. It really was a nice hotel, quite luxurious back in the 1920's, but the rooms are somewhat uneven now. It is still a nice hotel, but some rooms are much nicer than others. I don't like some of their rooms because I am sensitive to noise and lower floors can get quite a bit of street noise, plus noise from clubs. I haven't stayed there for awhile, but they do have some larger rooms and corner rooms that are nicer than the others. I would ask for a room on a higher floor. It's a decent location, you can walk to Robson Street, but you won't have much for views and you are further from the ocean than some other properties.

Is the HW hotel still available that you mentioned before? (Vancouver West 3.5 star for $86 with restaurant, pool, fitness center, tennis, business center and laundry) Or was that for the 12th only? That one is probably the Coast Plaza and it has some really nice rooms with great views and right by the beach (English Bay). The room furnishings look dated but most rooms on higher floors have balconies with incredible views over the city and the water. You can walk to a lot of interesting clubs and restaurants from there.

What part of town do you want to be in for the night of the 11th? That is the busier night in town.... I would recommend either the Sheraton at Guildford or the Hilton at MetroTown, but only if that suits your needs (and I think both might have come up through either HW or PL before....)

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Yeah, the Coast Plaza hotel is still available but only for the 12th night. I think I would rather go with trying to get something on priceline at the 4* level. I would also like to be where all the "action" is in terms of bars/clubs. And it seems like the Crown Plaza is better situated for that.

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After trying all sorts of things on priceline I finally booked one of my two nights at the Crowne Plaza in Vancouver. 6/11 was much more expensive than the 6/12 so we split up hotels to get a good rate.

I just booked the 3.5* hotel in the entertainment disctrict on hotwire with restaurant, fitness center, internet and business center for $105/night before using the promo code: GIFTCARD06. The total with tax was $118.95.

Does anyone know if you get any of the taxes back being an US citizen?

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