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Priceline Hotel: 3* Seattle (SEA Airport) Doubletree

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By WillTravel,

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Bid through .

I had tried bidding this for a couple weeks with the idea I have plenty of time.

I would start out at $35 and get a counteroffer for $9 more.

Attempts to undercut this by adding free rebid zones and going up as high as $43 did not work. When I bid $40 with the SEA Airport zone, plus a free rebid zone, I got an offer to add $12 more. Similarly when I bid $41 and $42 and $43. I did not take the bait for the first few times I bid, but finally this time I did, after again failing up to $43.

Now it's possible that if I kept rebidding this for the next few months, I would eventually save a few dollars. But I don't think it's necessarily the case that the current reported low Priceline rates in the mid to high $30s will necessarily become available in August. And as much as I like Priceline bidding, it would be a bit frustrating to repeat this another 10 or 20 times with the same result :).

This is once again an instance where it seems I'm unable to undercut Priceline's counteroffer.

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As you know, prices in Seattle during the summer get expensive (and i know as the two times have been there have been in the summer!). The downside is the higher rates... but the upside is the beautiful weather, which makes it all worth it!!

Eventually the time involved in re-bidding hits a point of diminishing returns and to save another $1 or $2 (if at all) is simply not worth it... better to lock it now and not have to worry about it again. Another downside to waiting is that there could always be an unwanted upgrade of a lower class hotel to the 3* level... so if you're happy with all the hotels in the group now then no reason to not take advantage of that fact.

As always thanks for posting your win and for starting your purchase using the priceline hotel link at

EXCLUSIVELY at BetterBidding:
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(3+ stars / 2+ nites... expires 04/30/2020)

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