Can you have more than 1 account with priceline.co

By knly00,

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HI i was wondering if you could have more than one account with priceline.com. I have one but was going to set one up for another family member. Also if i can set one up can i use my CC# on there account also or does it have to be a different one.

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Welcome to BetterBidding.

You can have an infinite number of priceline accounts, but what is it you're trying to accomplish by doing so?

If you simply are trying to create an extra account for another family member so that you can bid again without waiting 72 hours, then it won't work, as Priceline typically usually checks internet cookies, email address, and credit card number in order to make sure it's not a duplicate bid (so if any of the three are the same, your bid will get 'kicked out' as a duplicate).

You may also want to check out this thread: MORE THAN 1 PRICELINE ACCOUNT

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You can use whatever credit card you want, it doesn't have to match the name of the person who is checking in. There are many people that have paid for rooms via Priceline that friends or family members will be using.

No matter whose credit card you use, make sure that you correctly fill in the name of the person that will be checking in, as that is the only thing the hotel really cares about.

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So...I'm going on a business trip with my dad. I gave our "office assistant" the bid strategy and she messed it up (instead of adding one free rebid location at a time, she entered them all...and at the same price). So I got locked out of more rebidding options. So I then tried to use my dad's card: different name, different address, different card number...

and priceline somehow still saw it as a duplicate request. I even had had her close and reopen the browser between my card's and my dad's card's bids. Any idea what happened?

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