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  2. Welcome to BetterBidding... and thanks for the compliments on the site! For this one: 5* HOTWIRE Center Strip - Grand Canal Shoppes for $119 Free parking Free internet Suite Resort Casino Fitness center Pool(s) Restaurant(s) Business center ==> Palazzo would indeed be the best guess Consistent with findings. Please remember to return to BetterBidding and use the PRICELINE and HOTWIRE links on the board to begin your travel purchases... or thru our sister site for your regular rate purchases. Let us know how it goes or if we can be of further help. If you do change the dates feel free to re-confirm since even changing the dates by one nite can effect the hotel being offered)
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  4. Ok, thank you! It’s showing “2 full beds”.
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  6. Welcome to BetterBidding! With the Riviera being a brand new hotel, please hold off on this one and i'll have time later tonite to investigate further in order to confirm. To confirm, is the room type showing '2 full beds' or 'standard room'? Please remember to return to BetterBidding and use the PRICELINE and HOTWIRE links on the board to begin your travel purchases... or thru our sister site for your regular rate purchases. Thanks.
  7. Im trying to uncover a hotel on Hotwire. Im doing something wrong. As I dont get the full list of amenities I go to bidding helper and select easy But all I see is Center Strip - Grand Canal Shoppes Amenities Include: Free parking, Free internet, Suite, Resort, Casino, Fitness center, Pool(s), Restaurant(s), Business center and more... (95% recommended) I cant figure out how to get the full list as on many on these forum posts. It looks pretty certain that it is Palazzo or Venetian (free parking,) but I am hoping to confirm dates tomorrow and so wanted to be a little more sure in case the lists change tomorrow. Reveal Hotels also says Palzzo but I dont see any confidence percentage. Can you give me some pointers please. Graet site btw guys - Im in the UK and been looking at this on and off for a couple of years - maybe this time I can actually use it!
  8. June 6-9 2020 3* 4.0/5 Expedia rating $115 (regular $238*) Complimentary Free internet Amenities Airport shuttleGolf nearbyPool(s)ResortRestaurant(s) Accessibility Accessible for visually impairedAccessible for hearing impaired Hotel chooses bed for $115/night 2 full beds for $116/night The hotel reveal tool said that it’s Disney Riviera with good confidence. Any idea why it thinks it would be Riviera and not a Disney value resort? Seems like a really good price for Riviera.
  9. I would agree with Thereuare that you don't have to be right by Times Square to easily get to a show, etc., in a timely fashion. We took our family to New York several years ago. We stayed mid-town East and were happy with the location. Regarding two rooms: I presume you know that Priceline only guarantees beds for 2. You did not share details about your traveling plans. If you are a family of 4 and would normally share a room to save money, be aware that Hotwire WILL guarantee beds for up to four guests, but ONLY if you select 4 guests on your search. So again, if this is of interest to you, run a search on Hotwire for four guests to compare with the ones above.
  10. Hi, I was just curious on this for a future trip. Has anyone actually made a purchase with the Name Your Own Price on the phone app? How did it work?
  11. You're welcome. You should subscribe to this thread (button on top right corner of the page) since i will post here if/when we are able to come up with a viable option.
  12. Congratulations on your success! Hope you're pleased with the outcome and this property will work well for your plans in the area this trip. Thank you for using the PRICELINE links on the board to begin your purchase and sharing your win, helping us update the Amsterdam Priceline Hotel List with the details for this hotel. Enjoy your stay.
  13. I'm not sure how large your conference is, but based upon Valentine's Day along, your budget is going to be difficult on an all-in basis. In fact PRICELINE EXPRESS doesn't have any 4 star hotels that are under $200/nite all-in. Have you had a look at the HOTWIRE EASY VIEW as there are some 4 star properties there within your budget that maybe will be close enough to the Fairmont? Please remember to return to BetterBidding and use the PRICELINE and HOTWIRE links on the board to begin your travel purchases... or thru our sister site for your regular rate purchases.
  14. Park Inn by Radisson Amsterdam City West Check-in: Tue Feb 18, 2020 Check-out: Mon Feb 24, 2020 Room price: $77.00 avg./night Number of rooms: 1 room Number of nights: 6 nights Room subtotal: $462.00 Taxes & fees: $105.18 Priceline Coupon: - $23.10 Total: $544.08 Amenities:: Free Internet, Spa, Gym, Restaurant, Casino, Handicap Accessible, Business Center
  15. I appreciate the response! For the record, tried the mobile application for NYOP and unfortunately you can only NYOP within a preset range defined by the mobile aplication, THE NYOP is via a slider bar, so not truly NYOP. Oh how I miss the good old days!
  16. Thank you. Looking for a 4*+ near the Fairmont where I’m attending a conference. Ideally looking for $200 per night (incl resort fees) and would rather not split the bid.
  17. For this property: 4* Union Square East - Nob Hill (confirm your dates on the landing page) for $189/nite with: Fitness Center Restaurant No Smoking Rooms/Facilities Free Internet ==> San Francisco Marriott Union Square would be our best guess The "Last person got ___" information shown by HOTWIRE is in reference to the last person who bought a hotel of this star rating in the zone, it is not necessarily relative to the underlying hotel currently being offered. Note that the InterContinental Mark Hopkins is $419/nite for your dates (although our Priceline Coupon will take an extra 5% off) which would seem to indicate that demand is high at this hotel for these dates (likely on account of Valentine's Day taking place within your date range), so it may not be offered thru the opaque providers, and if it is it may not be discounted by very much. Is this the only hotel you're interested in and what is your maximum budget? (per nite before fees/taxes) Would SPLITTING YOUR PRICELINE BID be an option? Please remember to return to BetterBidding and use the PRICELINE and HOTWIRE links on the board to begin your travel purchases... or thru our sister site for your regular rate purchases.
  18. I will have a look later this week to see if there is any workaround, but i do know they were making a push towards their PRICELINE EXPRESS product. If your stay is for 2+ nites and for 3 stars or more, our Priceline Coupon makes their Express deals competitive with NYOP, but for one nite stays (or those 2.5 stars or less) it will be a little more than what used to be available by bidding.
  19. I hate to say it but am totally jammed trying to locate any PL NYOP page. I am a long time member so familiar with PL moving the link and despite trying cannot access any NYOP web page. The link redirects to and in fact, the links under "Our Products" for "Hotel Express Deals", Name Your Own Price", and "Hotels" all redirect to the same URL: Is PL NYOP for hotels extinct on the web? Edit: The only thing I could find was that PL is saying NYOP is only available as a mobile app now. Not sure if this is accurate: This link used to work through the BB site:
  20. Hi there - Please help ID the following hotel on Priceline Express: 4* Union Square East - Nob Hill Dates: Feb 13 - 17, 2020 Price: $189 No Resort Fee Indicated Amenities: Free Internet Available No Smoking Rooms/Facilities Fitness Center Handicapped Rooms/Facilities Restaurant Free Internet Access Last Person recently got Intercontinental Mark Hopkins This is the hotel I really want. Thoughts? Thanks!
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  22. Sometimes when there are two hotels of the same star rating in the same zone PRICELINE / HOTWIRE will alternate showing one vs. the other (i'm sure it has to do with some testing 'behind the scenes' to see which converts better)... as i do remember i had to change my search yesterday to 3/7-3/8 in order to get this same offer to appear. Have a great trip.
  23. Hi, I actually used the, but this particular offer didn’t show up when I used the link. Not sure why.
  24. Congratulations on your success! Glad to see you received the hotel you were hoping for and that you're happy with the results! We have updated the Seattle Priceline Hotel List to include this hotel and amenity set. If you're not, you can always use the new feature of our BiddingHelper tool in order to identify and match hotels: 1) search with 2) in the PRICELINE EXPRESS tab click the 'FIND MATCH' button 3) most hotels will be identified immediately You may see a hotel ID that is not yet in the hotel list, because we include hotels that we have previously identified thru research but have not yet been confirmed with a report on the board (we only add these when we are extremely confident in our guess). Thank you for sharing your win and using the PRICELINE links on the board to begin your purchase. Enjoy your stay and have fun in Seattle!
  25. I got Hyatt at Olive 8 through Priceline Express Deals. It didn’t list this hotel under the Priceline Express tab on betterbidding hotel list, so I wasn’t completely sure if I would get this hotel. This hotel is only listed under the regular tab, not the Priceline Express. Rating: 9+ These are the complete amenities listed: Top Amenities: Indoor Swimming Pool Pets Allowed Fitness Center Airport Shuttle Spa Restaurant No Smoking Rooms/Facilities Handicapped Rooms/Facilities Free Internet Available Free Internet Access Swimming Pool
  26. Welcome (officially) to BetterBidding... your first post after 10 years as a member! Sorry to hear you received a hotel that you didn't expect, but did you buy directly from the page? There are actually TWO 3.5 star hotels offered in this zone for your dates and both are priced at $59/nite, i'm guessing that you likely repeated the search at a different time and assumed it was the same hotel since it was priced at the same $59/nite? I'm fairly confident that the first one is indeed the Doubletree, and i'll speculate that you bought the second one which turned out to be the Sheraton. If you check your email confirmation does it show an Indoor Pool, as i don't believe the Sheraton Chalet would qualify to use the Indoor Pool amenity... guests can use the Indoor Pool at the Sheraton Plaza next door, but as this is not 'on-site' and requires a brief walk outside (and who wants to do while wet and in a bathing suit this time of year?). I think you would have a good argument to have HOTWIRE cancel this reservation if it doesn't work for your needs. Hopefully you can make this work for your needs, but if not and you do pursue trying to cancel the reservation, let us know how it goes on the basis of the hotel not having an Indoor Pool directly on-site. For your future purchases please remember to use the links directly from the board or on page from our search tool to avoid confusion between two hotels that may look alike. Enjoy your stay.
  27. Free parking, Indoor pool(s), Airport shuttle, Smoke-free rooms, Fitness center, Pool(s), Restaurant(s), Business center, Internet access, and more... (85% recommended) Reveal hotels incorrectly guessed that this would be Doubletree Hotel St. Louis/Westport.
  28. No problem, we're happy to help! For this offer: 4* HOTWIRE Walt Disney World - Bonnet Creek for $255 Free internet Airport shuttle Smoke-free rooms Fitness center Pool(s) Restaurant(s) Golf nearby Children's activities ==> Disney's Animal Kingdom Lodge is my best guess for this one Please remember to return to BetterBidding and use the PRICELINE and HOTWIRE links on the board to begin your travel purchases... or thru our sister site for your regular rate purchases. Let us know how it goes or if we can be of further help.
  29. @thereuare I"m sorry! 5/27/2020 to 5/28/2020 $259 night
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