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  2. Welcome to BetterBidding! We're happy to offer our thoughts and any insight we may have, and if a specific answer is not available we can discuss how things have been handled in the past in similar situations (although this situation is more extreme/severe/widespread that what we have seen in the past). For starters, have you see this Priceline Coronavirus page and tried the instructions regarding hotel cancellations? (airlines are discussed first... hotels are listed about halfway down the page) Is there a satisfactory response there to your situation, if not, what is the name of the hotel that you received? Please remember to return to BetterBidding and use the PRICELINE and HOTWIRE links on the board to begin your travel purchases... or thru our sister site for your regular rate purchases. Let us know how you make out with the instructions at the link above and we'll take it from there... we're happy to offer more help/assistance any way we can.
  3. I have a Priceline Express Deals hotel booked in Chicago for mid-May. I booked it in February before quarantines and restrictions with the virus were as bad as they are now. The way its looking, things will likely still be in some state of quarantine/shutdown/etc at the time of my trip. If that is the case, I am not going to go. Does anyone know what Priceline is doing about travel that was booked during these dates? Do you think they will offer refund or credit the amount for a future stay? Of course I can just call Priceline and get the answer but they advise that they are swamped right now and to only call if your trip is in the next few days, which mine is not. I was wondering if anyone has any recent experience with this.
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  5. You're welcome... hope you're able to reach a satisfactory resolution. Let us know if/how we can be of further help.
  6. Hi Beav, good to see you and glad you stopped by the board! (although sorry to see your previous photo/icon missing... did we lose that in a board upgrade??) There really has not been that much discussion about Priceline Bidding coming back to the system, although the thought has certainly crossed my mind, but i think it is way to early to speculate. Whether bidding returns or not i do think there are going to be some incredible deals to be had in the not-so-distant future (and are already appearing for those who want to, or have to, travel... or are willing to plan travel well into the future). The hotel industry has been so strong for the last 10+ years, occupancy levels high, and fewer and fewer unoccupied rooms to fill at deeply discounted prices that it has made it more difficult for the opaque providers to offer the value they did nearly 20 years ago when most of started to get involved with Priceline/Hotwire (deals have still been available, but they have not been as prevalent and not the screaming deals they were when bidding/opaque first came on the scene. With global travel coming to an abrupt halt the balance of supply/demand has quickly reversed direction, and once people start to travel again we may be seeing lots of deals that were 'as good as the old days'. Hope you and your loved ones/family are doing well and that things return to 'normal' more quickly than is currently predicted.
  7. For the first time in ages I actually used NYOP in late February. My first bid was denied, but in the response informing of the denial I was able to rebid and used the time-honored strategy of the good ‘ole days. The hotel I won (Burbank, CA Marriott) was available through Priceline Express for $108 per night, but I was curious to see if NYOP would be less. I ended up winning via NYOP on my 3rd try at $105. So although NYOP has been reduced to entering through the back door (🙄), it’s still there, albeit a shadow of its former self. One note of interest I observed was the difference in taxes/fees on Priceline Express vs NYOP. Although there was only a $3 per night difference in price between the two, the difference in taxes and fees was $25 for a 2 night stay in favor of NYOP. Not sure if that’s standard everywhere or only in my circumstance. Apologies for not posting the bid. I was in a hurry and also frustrated that I couldn’t support this site since NYOP is only available through the app. I came here today today to see if there’s any chatter about NYOP. Wonder if we’ll see it return to popularity in our new environment as the travel industry struggles to rebound.
  8. Thanks! I will let you know.
  9. Have you see this page: Hotwire Coronavirus Travel (linked as it's constantly being updated, almost daily) The link above will give you the most up-to-date information, but currently Hotwire is adhering to the terms set forth by the hotel: The quote above from Hotwire further suggests: The quickest way to find out if travel plans can be changed without a penalty will generally be to check the airline, car, or hotel website directly. Many of our partners are updating their policies to align with changing travel restrictions, so make sure to check back regularly. I did have a look at the Scottsdale Plaza Resort and it appears that the hotel is still open and operating (if they were closed thru the end of April it would be much easier to know what would happen in this situation). As well, this page shows a list of hotels that are currently allowing cancellations: Hotels allowing Hotwire Cancellations The page linked at the end of the paragraph above does have a link to request canceling your hotwire reservation, but unfortunately it does not indicate what happens if you request a cancellation and the hotel is not honoring refunds... would they simply not process the cancellation and leave you with the option of using the reservation, would they process the cancellation while not refunding any of your money (taking away the possibility of still traveling should things improve or should you become more comfortable with traveling), etc, etc. With all of the above noted, i would first contact the hotel directly, let them know you have an upcoming reservation purchased thru Hotwire, you are concerned about traveling, as well as many restaurants and activities not being operational (you may also want to mention a specific event that you were planning to attend that is now canceled). Ask them directly what your options are. If they agree to cancel the reservation, inquire how it is that you will receive a refund (do you need to further contact Hotwire to process or will it be done automatically?). Also be sure to write down the names (and date/time) of anyone that you speak to that authorizes the cancellation. If they indicate that the reservation is non-refundable and can't be canceled, i would continue to monitor the pages at the links above to see if this property is added to the list of hotels that are allowing refunds. As well, continue to call the hotel every 4-5 days to see if their policy has changed or if you can get somebody there with a sympathetic ear to allow a refund. Good luck and let us know how you make out... or how we can be of further help.
  10. Hello friends, On February 17 2020, I bid (by using your link) a hotel on Hot Wire. I won the exact hotel your helper thought it would be - The Scotsdale Plaza Resort. The trip is for the end of April and I don't feel we should travel. But... more than the flying and hotel part is the fact that many restaurants, stores and attractions may not be open. I'd rather not take that chance. I cannot find good info regarding if Hotwire will refund my money and cancel the reservation due to Corona. It seems every other place is. Any info or suggestions? Thank you so much!
  11. Priceline now has online cancellation available as well, depending upon what hotel, airline, or cruise line you have booked with. More information can be found here: Priceline Coronavirus Cancel
  12. Shortly after posting the above i received an email that Hotwire is now offering a self-service link that allows users to cancel their Hot Rate Hotels and car rental bookings. See this link for more information: Cancel Hotwire Hotel
  13. The corona virus outbreak has disrupted the entire travel industry across the board... everything from airfare, hotels, car rentals, and cruises have been effected. With nearly 20 years experience in the travel industry, we have seen a lot, and will offer our thoughts and perspective below. WHAT TO DO NOW: NEAR TERM TRAVEL PLANS: Travel companies are experiencing unprecedented call volume and wait times are excessively long. Companies are asking that you refrain from calling if your travel plans are not within the next week, as this will enable those with immediate travel plans to get the assistance they need in a timely manner (or at least the best that can be expected). If you do need to get in touch with customer support try the following: visit the company website that you booked through to see if they are processing cancellations / refunds online look for online chat functionality, although don't waste your time with any 'chat bot' as their automated responses will not be of any value given the current circumstances if you used an OTA (PRICELINE, HOTWIRE, Expedia, etc) for a hotel booking, try calling the hotel directly using their local phone number. You're trying to reach the actual hotel front desk... not the call center. Speak to the hotel directly to find out how they have been handling the situation. See if you can get the person at the desk to process a refund and enter it in their system, writing down all the information such as their name, time you called, etc. If possible ask for an email confirmation of what was agreed upon, as this also gives you written proof and eliminates any 'he said she said' discrepancy in the future as to what the hotel agreed to do. try to reach the company via Twitter, Facebook, etc. as you may get a quicker response if you must call, try to multi-task by putting the call on speaker phone and doing other things (cooking, checking email, surfing the web, planning your next trip, etc, etc) until you have a representative on the line FUTURE TRAVEL PLANS: If you believe the current situation will pass, consider making future travel plans now. Airlines are currently desperate for business and generally offering flexible cancellation options if you book by the end of March. Most cancellations come in the form of a credit to be used within a certain amount of time in the future, so check with each airline for their specific terms. Hotels can be safely booked using a refundable rate. This locks you in to a low rate while fear may be near it's peak, gives you the ability to cancel until a few days before your trip if you decide not to travel, as well as gives you the ability to cancel and re-book should rates head even lower. You can use our sister site to compare the best hotels/rates on a refundable basis Hotel prices in many cities have plummeted to levels that have not been seen since post-9/11. It's certainly worth a look if your travel plans are far enough into the future. A quick look at rates for NYC and Chicago sees many 4+ star and higher rated hotels for under $100/nite. (at the moment HOTWIRE prices seem to be a little less than PRICELINE, but you can easily check/compare them both using our tool) MY OWN RECENT EXPERIENCES: I have recently booked airfare for two trips, one in August and one in November. I feel 'pretty good' that both of these trips will take place, but should i need to cancel, i can use the airfare credit anytime in the next year (and i'm assuming that if travel continues to be inhibited that they may extend the time that the credit can be used). Hotels for each trip are booked at good prices which can be canceled up until a few days before my arrival. Before i purchased the first airline ticket i bought i did have a question for the airline as it was only one day since they announced their updated cancellation policy. I was told the hold time would be about 4 hours so i used their callback feature that they would call me back when it was my turn. I did receive a callback about 9 hours later at 1am in the morning! The representative was pleasant (and new) but unfortunately wasn't trained to answer my question and transferred me to a different department. Unfortunately this put me on hold for which i gave up after 15 minutes as i suspected it could be hours. I did have plans to go to Atlantic City for March Madness as i wanted to see if things down there were growing with legalized sports betting, but i canceled the trip when the tournament was canceled, which was a moot point anyway since the casino hotels closed today for at least the next 2 weeks. THE FUTURE OF TRAVEL: The travel industry has been very strong over the last 10+ years, and with hotel occupancy high and virtually no empty seats on airplanes, deeply discounted prices were harder to come by. Deals were still out there... but they were farther and fewer between and not available for all travel dates. I don't necessarily expect a quick snapback to travel, as it will take awhile before the general population feels comfortable traveling again. I suspect we may see hotels be the first to comeback as people take local trips they can drive to, which should be followed by airfare, with the cruise industry being last to return to normal. During this recovery window, we may see PRICELINE / HOTWIRE deals return to the bargain basement prices that we were accustomed to 5-10 years ago, as hotels try to fill empty rooms and airlines try to fill empty seats. There will be setbacks for both our country and economy over the coming weeks, but hopefully it will be a case of 'two steps forward and one step back', with consistent progress. I urge everyone to remain calm, keep things in perspective, and keep yourselves and your families healthy.
  14. At the moment the NYOP product as we knew it is gone. There is still bidding available via their app, but it's a different product... most notably there is no re-bidding which really eliminates the biggest benefit for the user. As long as your stay is for 2+ nites and for a 3+ star rated hotel, you can usually do just as well using PRICELINE EXPRESS along with one of our Priceline Coupons. Not only is the price very close after our coupon, but you get the advantage of having a very good guess as to the hotel being offered. For HOTWIRE and PRICELINE EXPRESS you can research/identify hotels using the recent updates to our BiddingHelper tool: 1) search using 2) click the HOTWIRE EASY VIEW or PRICELINE EXPRESS tab 3) hover your mouse (or click) the blue 'FIND MATCH in HOTEL LIST' ==> most hotels are instantly revealed Not sure when you're looking to travel, but if far enough in advance that you believe the current events will subside, there are some incredible bargains to be had. Although NYOP as we knew it may have disappeared, i think there is a chance that Priceline / Hotwire may regain its footing and once again reign supreme as the discount King and Queen... there will be a HUGE amount of unsold hotel inventory which should be deeply discounted in the months ahead that we may see the kinds of deals we were used to 5-10 years ago.
  15. "name your own price" is not available anymore? at least in NYC? It just goes to its regular listings when I try.
  16. Most of the features of NYOP have been eliminated from the app as well... no more re-bidding since you can only bid on one zone at a time. In most instances you can get as good of a deal with PRICELINE EXPRESS or HOTWIRE, especially when using our Priceline Coupon. The caveat is that our 'everyday' coupon requires a 2+ nite stay, although at the moment (valid until tomorrow 3/15) there is also a $20 off coupon that requires a $100 purchase (no star rating or minimum number of nites). Also, there was never really any way to determine which hotel you would get when bidding, but recently both PRICELINE EXPRESS and HOTWIRE have made it easier to research / identify hotels. Most hotels can be identified using our tool: 1) search at 2) click the HOTWIRE EASY VIEW tab or PRICELINE EXPRESS tab 3) hover your mouse (or click) the blue 'FIND MATCH in HOTEL LIST' --> most hotel names will be shown instantly If you see a hotel that you're interested in and would like us to have a second look before purchase, or if a hotel has not yet been identified, feel free to ask for help and we will take a look. Good luck in your pursuit in a hotel and let us know if we can be of any help with your current travel plans.
  17. It appears that Priceline NYOP has moved entirely to the Priceline App (Apple/Android) only; from what I can tell, it now only gives a star level and nothing other ways to identify a hotel besides narrowing down the list by area.
  18. I usually do not... if i had an aging parent that was sick or some other 'inside' knowledge that would make increase the chances i would need to cancel then i would consider it (or if i was traveling internationally since there are more moving parts involved in that), but i'm statistical in nature so i take a probability point of view: If the hotel above (before resort fees since those would not be paid if you for whatever reason did not show up at the hotel) cost ~$300 and the insurance is ~$20, i figure the insurance is about 6.5% of what my 'loss' would be. So it comes down to whether or not i think have a greater than 6% chance of needing to cancel for a covered event. I italicize the last part of that sentence as there are many events that would not be covered by the insurance (for example, 'epidemics' are an excluded event so it would likely not apply given the current situation). There are lots of other exclusions for which insurance companies would not have to pay so i'd prefer to 'self insure'. As well, i would also have some sort of travel insurance from my credit card company (not sure what it does/does not cover), and there is always a chance that the booking company (priceline/hotwire) would allow for a refund (or issue a credit to be used on a future purchase) should things get even worse. The companies have been 'pretty good' in the past of allowing cancellations/issuing refunds when there were location specific issues, but they may take a harder stance in a nationwide/worldwide epidemic since it would have more of an effect on their bottomline. So far playing the odds has worked in my favor, but it only works until it doesn't, so you have to weigh your own tolerance for risk and if there are any factors in your own life that would increase/decrease the probability of you needing to cancel the trip.
  19. The Arlo SoHo sounds great! I tend to stick to the well known franchises, but this different place and the reviews are great. I will be ready to bid later today, hope the rates are still low. Of course I will bid through these links! 😄 I don't see any Hotwire promo codes posted, although the rates are besting PL by quite a bit. I did see that notice from Allianz Global about cancellations, and it seems that if you buy insurance, you may be eligible for a refund, on a case by case basis. Do you usually recommend buying the travel insurance?
  20. Just like Las Vegas, resort fees are almost unavoidable in NYC, just about every hotel now charges them! As well, rather than focus on a hotel that does not charge resort fees, i would suggest instead focusing on the total cost, as you are better of with a $40 hotel that charges a $40 resort fee vs. a $100 hotel that does not charge a resort fee. My suggestion would be this hotel from hotwire: 4* HOTWIRE SoHo - Tribeca for $52 Boutique hotel Smoke-free rooms Restaurant(s) Internet access ==> Arlo Soho While this property does charge a $35/nite resort fee, you're all in price would be $419 which is still well below your target budget and the hotel gets good reviews. While not exactly in midtown, it is near two different subway stations that can get you close to the filming of the Daily Show (well, as close as a subway can get you as there is not really service along 11th Ave) as well as to points in midtown. If you wanted something more centrally located i think you would likely see the price go up substantially (probably $100+ for the trip) and the hotel would not be as well reviewed. Thoughts on this property / option? Please remember to return to BetterBidding and use the PRICELINE and HOTWIRE links on the board to begin your travel purchases... or thru our sister site for your regular rate purchases. PS- i did find this from Allianz which is the insurance company that is sold by Hotwire during check-out: (emphasis added by me)
  21. Thanks for your detailed reply! My travel dates are 3/26-3/3029, a 4 night stay. I am definitely looking for a budget trip, but nothing under 3.5*, no more than $150/ nt (under $650 total if possible) and since I have tickets to the Daily Show, so I am looking to stay in the Midtown West or Central Park South area, although NY is pretty easy to navigate if I were to stay closer to Wall STreet, where the rates have been very low. But I just heard that NY declared a state of emergency, and in 2 1/2 weeks I don't know if the show will allow a live audience due to the outbreak. I have other plans though, so still plan to go unless the situation gets dire. I'm hoping to avoid a hotel with resort fees! Is there a way to filter them out before we get to the checkout screen? I hate selecting a hotel for a good price and then find out there's a $40/nt resort fee. Thanks for all your help! 😄
  22. No official 'blanket-wide' cancellations yet, as far as i know... although i suspect there is some case-by-case cancellations taking place behind the scenes. Here are some comments i made a few days ago relative to 'will prices go down further as a result of coronavirus': Are you just coming for the one nite of March 26th or is this the first nite of your multi-nite stay? If i were in your shoes how much of an outlay would play somewhat of a factor in my decision making... if just for one nite and my outlay was $100 i might make the decision to book now and take the chance; if it was a 4-5 nite stay i wouldn't be wiling to roll the dice as much. This is one instance where resort fees may actually help... if you buy a hotel room for $40 with a $40 resort fee and you don't show, you're only 'out' the $40; they don't collect any resort fee on a 'no-show' reservation. Also, depending upon your credit card you may have some sort of insurance through them... although whether this insurance would cover an instance such as coronavirus would require a thorough reading of their terms of the insurance (or at least a phone call to customer support). I will add that rates are reaching crazy levels... 4* hotels with great reviews in NYC starting at $40/nite. If you'd like us to have a look at some of the offers please confirm the full dates of your trip and we will advise accordingly. Also, are you looking to make this a 'budget trip' so looking for something acceptable as cheap as possible... or are you looking for a value trip for something high-end that is at a price that has never been seen before? Please remember to return to BetterBidding and use the PRICELINE and HOTWIRE links on the board to begin your travel purchases... or thru our sister site for your regular rate purchases. Let us know the above and we'll take it from there.
  23. Congratulations on your success! Looks like a nice deal, hope you're happy with the results and this works well for your plans. Thank you for sharing your win with the board. Please click the PRICELINE and HOTWIRE links on the board to begin your travel purchases. Enjoy your stay.
  24. Welcome to BetterBidding! We're glad you're here... and you'll be glad you're here too, as we take the guesswork out of HOTWIRE and PRICELINE EXPRESS. One key bit of information missing from your post above is your budget, as that will more likely be the deciding factor as far as what type of hotel and star rating you shoot for. Assuming you know the area a little and the name of some of the hotels that you are hoping for, i would start as follows: 1) use our tool, enter your location and dates, and click the search button 2) once the results are shown click the HOTWIRE EASY VIEW tab (or the PRICELINE EXPRESS tab) and on the left side of the page filter the results to only the zones that you are interested in and are nearby the entrance to Disneyland 3) within each of the results hover your mouse over the 'SEE MATCH from HOTEL LIST' button and the likely name of that hotel will be shown If you're not familiar with the area, you may also want to open another browser tab to MAPS and, enter the address of Disneyland and you'll be able to see the hotel names that are in the immediate area near the entrance... these are the names of the hotels that you should be hoping to see within the Does this get you started in the right direction? If you see something that is of interest let us know and we can confirm the hotel ID, or if you're still at a loss let us know your expected budget (per nite before taxes/fees) and we'll have a look as well. Please remember to return to BetterBidding and use the PRICELINE and HOTWIRE links on the board to begin your travel purchases... or thru our sister site for your regular rate purchases.
  25. I've never used priceline before as I am a bit of a planner. I like to know where I'm going to be. BUT the Aussie dollar is tanking and It is making my trip to Disneyland a disaster. I need a good deal. So It has bought me here. I sort of know how it all works. I'm happy to get a "mystery hotel" for an amazing deal but I am scared. This trip will just be myself and my 4yo Daughter, we must be in walking distance to Disneyland - I was looking at the Castle Inn and Suites - that's as far away as I'd like to be - 10min walk total. We're looking at Nov 10 - 20th Two beds or 1 King fine, don't need pool or anything fancy. Breakfast would be a bonus but in no way essential. Can anyone point me in the right direction?
  26. Amenities: Free Internet In Public Areas Pets Allowed No Smoking Rooms/Facilities Fitness Center Handicapped Rooms/Facilities Business Center Spa Restaurant Free Internet Access Room price:$111.00 avg./night Number of rooms:1 room Number of nights:4 nights Room subtotal:$444.00 Taxes & fees:$112.40 Total charged today:$556.40 Hotel site rate is USD$184 Hotwire offering the same hotel for slightly more (total of $586)
  27. I'm wondering if either PL or Hotwire are offering refunds or honoring cancellations in the wake of the corona virus? Several major events are being cancelled nationwide and I'm sure the hotels are facing major last minute cancellations. I am planning a trip to NYC and was going to use PL or Hotwire to book, but Gov. Cuomo just declared a state emergency for NY, so I'm wondering if I should either wait to book, or book now when prices are low and see if PL or Hotwire will let me either cancel or rebook? I have some time (3/26), so it's not rush, but wonder if anyone had experienced an event being cancelled and the hotel refunded your room? Thanks, travellers!
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