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  1. Hope you budgeted taxi money for your visit as this hotel is not within walking distance to downtown areas of interest.
  2. Just thought I'd post a warning to those thinking of bidding on a 4* for downtown Seattle. One of the hotels, Sorrento, is located in an area that should not be considered downtown (Northeast of hwy 5). I believe it's been promoted to a 4* recently via Priceline and others have said they do not consider it's location "downtown". You will have to take a cab/bus to actually enjoy the downtown from this location. I've also noticed some members posting wins for the Westin and being placed in the non-renovated rooms. For me, this seals the deal to not use Priceline for our upcomming vacation plans in Seattle. I didn't want others to mistakenly think they were downtown when they actually are not when bidding on a 4-star. Good luck to those still looking for a 4-star in downtown Seattle!
  3. So - now what do we do? I need a 4* for 4 nights August 14-18th....and I refuse to stay on the N/E side of hwy 5. Perhaps Priceline just shot theirselves in the foot on this one. I knew this whole thing was too good to be true. Glad others are able to use this site for savings but it appears we will not be able to.
  4. That is on the North side of Hwy 5 and as someone else pointed out - you'll have to take a cab/bus to do anything in the downtown area. Because they added this hotel (which is an old hotel) to the 4* list - I'm rethinking bidding now. We wish to stay DOWNTOWN not North of it.
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