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  1. Thank you !  Even though Lady Gaga had to cancel due to bronchitis, my gf's and I stayed downtown Vanc at the Hyatt, and had a wicked night.  Great hotel. Very nice room.  We were given a corner room on the 18th floor, facing West.  Great view of the Hotel Vancouver, and the docks down by the water.  Can't beat location.  A Starbucks and McDonalds right below ??? Hit each twice ! LOL.  Also right by Skytrain.  And a block from Robson.  Great night.  Really happy with my win both in price and hotel itself.

  2. Hi there,


    I took a stab at bidding.  I bid on a 5*, then on a 5* and a 4.5*, and then on a 5* 4.5* and 4*, in 1 zone (Downtown) and then 2 zones (Downtown and the Granville Entertainment District) in Vancouver, BC.  I bid up from $130, $135, and $140.


    I secured the 4* Hyatt Regency Vancouver Hotel for $140 !


    Very happy with my win.  Seeing Lady Gaga that night, and now staying in Vanc in style !



  3. Well, after reading the advice that was provided in the forums on Canadian hotels, and after looking at the Priceline and Hotwire Calendar of Wins, I took a chance and put a bid in for the 'Downtown' zone this morning. I was going to start there, and then add zones as I needed to/ as per the re-bidding strategies discussed.

    Since I knew that one other person had secured a 4 * downtown/granville entertainment area for the same date we were looking at, at $122, I decided not to mess around, and to bid $120. And ... I got it !

    $ 120 for the Marriott Pinnacle Hotel, in the Downtown area. Came out to $ 143 with all taxes added. I am thinking this is a very good deal, given the hotel rate for a room on the same night starts at $ 319.

    This is a great site, and I'll be using it again. Thank you !

  4. I am definitely willing to stay in Downtown Vancouver or Granville Entertainment District. Either is fine !

    $130 is probably our top amount, as I know that doesn't include tax, or parking fee.

    I did see that someone got the Sheraton Wall Centre for $122 for the night we are looking at, so am hoping that is a good sign.

    Thanks for your help - much appreciated !

  5. Hi there,

    I am looking for a hotel in downtown Vancouver, checking in Fri Aug 5, checking out Sat Aug 6.

    4 adults. 2 hotel rooms. 2 adults in each room.

    I'd like 4 star or above, although I see on Priceline that 4 * is the highest rating given for downtown Vancouver hotels.

    Would you please give me some tips on how best to secure 2 hotel rooms in this bracket for a good price, in dtown Vanc ?

    Thank you !

  6. Hi there,

    I wanted to provide an update. I've been monitoring the hotel / resorts and the prices that have been posted here for the Wailea area of Maui. The prices this year seem quite high, and the hotel / resort selection - at least for the wins that people have been posting, just doesn't seem to be very varied. Just because of the high prices, we decided to go for an all inclusive in Mexico this year instead. We got a great price for 2 weeks and are very excited. We'll try our luck for Maui next time we plan a vacation, as it is still on our list of places to visit. Prices just too high for the resorts / star rating we wanted this year.

    Thank you to all for your help and support, and answers to my questions. I very much appreciated it, and I'll definitely use this site and the PRICELINE links in the future.



  7. Just wanted to provide an update. And ask a question.

    We are changing our travel dates as airfare is cheaper April 18 to April 29, flying from Vancouver to Maui.

    If I bid via PRICELINE using Name Your Price, and we need to cancel or reschedule, is this possible ?

    Also, if we bid on a vehicle in the same way, is it refundable or rescheduleable ?

    And can I bid on a jeep specifically ? Using PL or HW ?

  8. Yes, I am willing to pay a bit more for a resort than a 4*.

    Let's do 10 days, starting April 16, as I want to stay in Hana and in Huelo Point for a one or two nights each as well if we can, and we'll book those separately, unless we can bid here for that too.

    I would like to pay $100 per night, but am willing to go up to $150 per night. I use this figure, as my friend used Priceline and scored the Marriott in Wailea for $100 per night. I'd love a good deal like that. If we have to go over $150 per night, then I will probably just go to the travel agent and get a package (if that ends up being cheaper).

    I realize I can't bid on a specific hotel, and that Hotwire will give me a a slightly better idea of what I may be bidding on now, so thank you for the clarification.

    Ok, so what strategy should I use - and thank you in advance for your assistance !


  9. Hi there,

    I am brand new to Betterbidding.com and PL/HW. I was speaking to a friend about my wanting to go to Maui, and I decided to join after she told me about the great deal ($100/night) she got for a Resort Hotel (Marriott) in Wailea, Maui.

    We would like to travel to Maui on April 16, and return 10 or 14 days later (we are flexible here and it depends on how good of a deal we get as to the number of nights we can stay - 10 for sure). We'd like to stay in Wailea or Ka'anapali, in a 4* or higher. We are interested in both Resort Hotels and regular hotels, but I'd like to know if any of the Resort Hotels have a kitchen, as we thought that would be a nice extra to have. We would like a hotel with a beach, and while the Marriott is nice my friend said it didn't have a beach directly in front. We'd like ocean view, nonsmoking. Is that possible via PL or HW ? We are prepared to pay $150 per night, but I'd really like to try for the same deal my friend got as then we could stay for the full 14 days. We may want to stay 2 nights in Hana during our 10 - 14 days, but not sure yet.

    We would also like to rent a car. Can we do this here too ?

    Thanks in advance for your help. Looking forward to using PL/HW and to a great vacation.

    Regards, HH2011

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