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  1. Several unsuccessful bids at $2 increments before getting this win. Express Deal DT-Pikes 4* was $144 (and also appeared to have a slightly higher % tax recovery charge). Saved about 25 bucks v. being lazy and using the Express Deal. Sheraton rack was $204, prepaid $192. Sunday night was cheaper if booked as two stays with PRICELINE EXPRESS Deals, probably the same hotel, but I suppose they don't have to let you stay in the same room, even if you win back to back bookings at the same hotel (which is also not guaranteed). I'm guessing the Sat. night rate is because of the Mariners games, season closers I think, though their record is pretty bad this year! Used PRICELINE link for all bids. FYI failed bids for Space Needle zone 4* up to $155. Was aiming for the Pan Pacific but didn't want to pay too much of a premium.
  2. Bid $66, counteroffer at $79. Rebid $68, same counteroffer. Won at $70. Used BB PRICELINE link for each bid (preserves more rebids that way). Express deal 4* was $81. Published rate $169. Looking forward to it.
  3. Vail announced 16 hours ago that they're open this Fri-Sun for skiing. Express deal posted at $95. I bid $80, rejected w/ counteroffer at $96 (I know it's just a computer algorithm but seems rude to have a counteroffer higher than the Expres price). Free rebid at $85 accepted. Used Better bidding PRICELINE link. FYI on my March stay at LAV (also posted on the board) I got upgraded to a two room exec suite with a very nice living room, huge bath, and balcony with partial slope view. Fantastic! Edit: I pasted in the heading from my last win, so the "Resort" is confusing, can't see how I can edit the topic heading. I see PL has removed the Resort category and classified LAV as 4* (which seems about right).
  4. Started bidding pretty low, increased in $2 or $3 increments. I was bidding both Airport South and Arboretum 4* at the same time, adding in free rebids. I was OK with a 4* in either location. Started getting counteroffers of $91 at a bid of $74, kept rebidding by 2s until I hit at $80. Express Deal was $136 for Arboretum 4*. I did one random Downtown bit at $70, but didn't want to pay something like $20 for parking, and I'm not planning to hang out at the Austin music bars (something I did more than enough of 20 years ago...). I did see a recent review on TripAdvisor that says the Renaissance is remodeling. So this may be a winner more often for a while, remodels can turn off some full-price customers during the noise. Should be fine for one night's sleep. Used BetterBidding PRICELINE links for all research and bids. One thing I've wondered, especially when an accepted bid is that much lower than the PRICELINE EXPRESS Deal: might the $136 have netted the Westin?? Doesn't matter, I just want a nice place to sleep, and Renaissance hotels are good. But I just wonder...
  5. 11 bids from $50-70 in two dollar increments, started getting counteroffers of $81 starting with my $66 rejected bid but kept on my strategy, thought I'd probably hit at $74 given the counteroffer, so this is sweet. PRICELINE EXPRESS Deal for this zone & * was $88, so a nice savings. Westin site rate (and others) was $165. Used the Better Bidding PRICELINE link for all bids. I've actually never stayed in a Westin, though I've used PL dozens of times in many cities (and have won the Renaissance twice in past years in this zone). Looking forward to this stay!
  6. Front desk said on check-in that this was the Atrium Tower. Room was on the 12th floor of the short, west-most tower, but accessed vie either Atrium or standard elevators.
  7. First bid. Should have bid lower as I had two re-bids! I didn't notice the recent $124 win. Anyway, small difference, and I still saved $38 off the PRICELINE EXPRESS Deal and a lot less than rack. I stayed last year for $130/nt for two nights and was quite happy. I really like being right in the main village and handy to the gondola and w/ ski valet. Looking forward to returning. Used the PRICELINE link on this site.
  8. Do you think I need to call ahead to request a non smoking room? Nevada seems to be about the only place that isn't generally smoke free any more. I could ask what tower if I call for the n.s. room. Thanks.
  9. One night stay. Amenities: Resort Casino Airport Shuttle Fitness Center Pool(s) Restaurant(s) Business Center Laundry Facilities (self-service) High-Speed Internet Access Golf Nearby Tennis Nearby Spa Services Children's Activity Program Used the HOTWIRE link above.
  10. Don't know if this is the dolphin, luxury, or atrium tower? The Hotwire receipt doesn't say, just that it's 4.5 stars. This is my first ever Hotwire. I'm usually a PL guy. Amenities: Resort Casino Airport Shuttle Fitness Center Pool(s) Restaurant(s) Business Center High-Speed Internet Access Golf Nearby Tennis Nearby Spa Services Used HOTWIRE link above.
  11. Tried lots of bids around Denver for the 14th. Denver West 3.5* up to $67, then 3* 55, 59, 64. Hit on $64. I also tried $55 and $61 for 4* Westminster since I love the Renaissance, but I am headed up to Breckenridge morning of the 15th so would rather go lower stars to be in Golden and up in the mtns sooner. Best rate for the Courtyard was $135, so just over 50% off. This is a new property for me, but Courtyard's generally are nice. Used the PRICELINE link to start each set of bids 4*, 3.5*, 3*.
  12. Just posted my PL win, Resort - Lodge at Vail $130/nt 3-19-21 on the CO-PL board. Thanks for the assist. Saved $32 net w/ taxes and fees vs. Hotwire's $145/nt for a 4 star.
  13. Wow, first bid accepted for $130/nt. I had posted a Hotwire ID request a couple days ago, and had been tracking Hotwire for either 3/14-16 or 3/19-21. Hotwire had been showing a 4* 3/19-21 for $145. Best guess was Vail Cascade (could still be that on Hotwire, who knows). Figured I'd try PL first (via your link of course), and decided $130 seemed like a decent first bid. Obviously don't know if lower would have hit. This seems like a great deal, total charged by PL for two nights $299.32. Best Rock Resorts price $599/nt. Same $599 for retail on Priceline. Lowest price Resort class anywhere in Vail on PL those dates appears to be the Marriott Mountain Resort for $299/nt. I did see one Marriott "locals" price of $199. Kayak has the Sebastain (which PL calls a Resort) for $285. I'm looking forward to it. I've seen a few mixed reviews on Trip Advisor for the Lodge at Vail, but it's steps from the Vista Bahn and not much farther to my favorite restaurant, Up The Creek. Even with parking and resort fee this seems like a smokin' deal in the heart of Vail. B)
  14. I wondered about the kitchenette. I looked at Manor Vail, Mountain Haus and Austria Haus as 3.5*s and none mention Kitchenette in the descriptions on the 'retail' side. Not sure if that is complete list (though they list a lot, like billiards, etc). It also looks like Vail Cascade (4*, slopeside, etc) has rooms Sun-Wed 3/18-21 at $149/nt as a Hotwire rate, so there is inventory going begging during prime Spring Break. I was just there last week and the snow is decent but well below last year's epic conditions, so I wonder if prices are reflecting that. FYI I'm still deciding whether to ski Vail 15-17 Mar, or 19-21, as I'll ski Breck the other days. Gotta decide soon!! Thanks and I'll let you know what I decide (I might just Priceline and try for the Comfort Inn Avon, it's fine and even w/ $25 day parking at Vail, can be a very cheap deal). I'll use the PRICELINE and HOTWIRE links and post the appropriate win.
  15. 3.5* Vail Area Hotel Super Saver $178 for March 14-16, 2012 "Still gathering reviews" Amenities: Resort, Fitness Center, Pool(s), Restaurant(s), Business Center, Laundry Facilities (self-service), High-Speed Internet Access, Golf Nearby, Tennis Nearby, Kitchenette, Spa Services Used the HOTWIRE box in upper left to search. Thank you.
  16. Bid up in $1 increments from $49 to $55. Won at $55. I stayed here last March (posted that priceline bid, too) for the same price. Great stay that time, think it should be again. Last time I requested, on check-in, a high floor with mountain views, and they obliged. They also offered a $10 pre-pay option for the breakfast at check-in, saving $5. The buffet was very high quality and included coffee, OJ, and made to order eggs, waffles, etc. Not your Hampton Inn steam-tray sort of place. Woohee!
  17. Used several rebids at $3 increments, landed on $69! Looks like free parking, outdoor pool, really looks more like a 4* in amenities and brand. Very highly rated on Tripadvisor, too.
  18. I've also heard that in resort areas, it can be helpful to break your bid up into more than one part if it's for longer than a few nights. You may want to look at local published rates weekday vs weekend and decide if you can accept the risk of having to move hotels partway thru your stay if it turns out that rates or availability are quite different over the 6 nights you want to stay there. You might win 3 or 4 weeknights at a decent rate, but have to pay more for the two weekend nights, and a standard 6 night bid doesn't allow for that variability in pricing on the published side. I took a quick look (I'm planning a shorter trip to Galveston in May, so I'm directly curious) and many properties have big rate jumps on the Friday night and Sat night of your intended stay. I think Galveston tends to have a big regional weekend car-trip draw (or there may be a festival or other event that weekend?). Anyway, I'm just basing that on Priceline strategies I've read, I've never bid a stay anywhere longer than 3 nights personally... Good luck!
  19. Bid $44 rejected with counteroffer of $59. Ignored that, rebid $46, accepted. FYI, I stayed at the Broomfield Renaissance last Sunday (for $55, posted here) and it was excellent. Tried Westminster-Broomfield for this night and bid $55 and $58, rejected, and knew the Doubletree was likely to bite for a lot less, so decided to save $$ and step down a tad in stars/property. It'll be fine, I've stayed at the Doubletree Stapleton before. Used your PRICELINE link.
  20. OK, this is more like it - $6 less than I'm paying for a Holiday Inn the night before in Nebraska, for what looks like a top-notch place. First bid accepted (I saw a $52 on the boards, maybe should have tried that, but no complaints). Past trips I've stayed at the Marriott Golden for around this price, it's nice but nothing special. Yay.
  21. I tried bidding up and down I-80 from Kearney to Grand Island to York, working my way east. Maybe a lot of spring breakers headed to/from Colorado skiing? Most of the better hotels in Kearny were totally sold out. I only had one shot at York after bombing in Kearny and GI, so bid maybe a tad high. Retail side of PL had a non-refundable room at the H.I. for $74, so even with the booking fee built in, I did save $6.73. Whoopee. On the other hand, I bid $64 for 2.5* in Grand Island and was rejected, so this ain't bad. Not one of my better PL wins on price. It's been a frustrating evening, having multiple failed bids in Des Moines for April 7-10 also.
  22. MLK Sunday night, one night. First bit accepted, $52. Had also bid $50 and $52 in a separate window for Millenium/Loop, but rejected (first bid garnered a $65 counteroffer which I ignored). Tried NMA before going to $54 for Loop. Figured I'd get something in either area within the 6 free rebids. Got the boutique over the behemoth (probably would have been Hyatt in Loop for a few bucks more).
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