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  1. Good to know! At this point, we're planning on doing the very very last minute attempt at the best pricing. As of 24 hours before check-in the pricing is not looking good for any 4 stars other than Tropicana, which (according to my research online) is pretty dumpy and has a lot of smoking complaints. Do you have any opinions about Westgate Flamingo Bay Resort or Tahiti Village? I realize they are both commutes into the strip, but both have really positive reviews consistently on several sites, and at least one of them (Westgate) has a regular shuttle to the strip, which cuts down o
  2. Still playing the waiting game, but will hopefully book in the next 24 or so. Couple of questions (if anyone happens to know): 1) I keep seeing Tuscany Suites coming up and they have very high ratings, especially for cleanliness. I usually wouldn't consider anything less than a 4 star in Vegas, but considering it's right behind the Paris and close to the monorail and has such high ratings, other than losing the glamour and fun of being in one of the big strip resorts, am I right in thinking I should seriously consider this property to get something in the low 100's (with PLE or HWH
  3. I definitely agree with that thinking. I only wish they hadn't specifically told us to hold off on booking, as that indicated to me that they were fairly confident they could do something we couldn't do as outsiders. I would have much rather been told something along the lines of "sometimes we can do something, and sometimes we can't if it's an expensive weekend, so it's totally up to you if you want to take the gamble and wait". Because at that point, I absolutely wouldn't have taken the gamble on it. The frustration you're hearing in my comments about the situation, was that the end result o
  4. All good things to keep in mind! I'm seriously kicking myself for not taking the 4.5 star that was in the low 100's a few weeks ago when the "well meaning" friend offered to hook us up with comps. Well meaning friend has now ripped our vegas trip to shreds! haha
  5. Thanks! That's all very helpful. We're grad students, so the hope is to get as low in the 100's as possible. If we get into the $150/night range (plus taxes and resort fees on top of that) we're going to have to cut our trip down to only two nights. (Although I FULLY agree with you that $146 for the Wynn IS a GREAT value for that property - it's our favorite Vegas hotel; but at this stage of our lives, we're not in the value proposition world as much as student budget world, which we then are trying to balance with our champagne tastes and an asthmatic who likes breathing in his ho
  6. I've always been SO good about closing up any threads that I started, and so I was quite surprised to see that I had left one sort of dangling (my response must not have posted, because I do remember writing one...)
  7. Seeking advice on trends in Vegas - specifically on last minute price drops using Express Deals or Hot Deals. Our plans: Vegas Strip Friday, 2/14/20 - Mon 2/17/20 (to attend a Sat 2/15 event). Prices weren't terrible a few weeks ago (using BB to query PL/HW showed some 5*'s in the mid-100's and 4/4.5*'s in low-100's), but I hesitated when someone thought they could maneuver a comp room for us. Found out Thursday that was a no go, and by then, prices had skyrocketed. (Serves me right for holding out for something free!). As of today, some seem to be coming do
  8. Just realized I had not updated my posting on this message. We ended up not booking a hotel as a friend hooked us up for something. So I have no helpful info to report. Other than BetterBidding.com is a lifesaver!!
  9. Just wanted to report that we purchased the Priceline Express Deal and got the following: 3.5 Star: French Quarter Check in: 11/26/13 (2 nights) $66 per night Indoor/Outdoor Pool Fitness Center Business Center Rated 8.0 or higher In Checking this site to cross reference, the Pinned lists showed that the only 3.5 star hotels in the French Quarter were the Bourbon Orleans (one of our favorites), or another similar charming hotel that has the same feel as the Bourbon Orelans (name is escaping me now). Anyway, we were good with either of those and were hopeful when we pulled the trigger on the Exp
  10. Just thought I'd let you all know that I just won the Spa at Norwich Inn for 10/22 on Hotwire. It was listed as a 3.5 Star for $95 per night. I felt pretty safe and sure it would be this hotel, as it seemed to be the only 3.5 star in this area. Was very glad that I was right on this. Looks like a lovely hotel, and the book rate on the hotel was over $200 per night, so I'm very pleased with this win!
  11. I wish I had a better result to report. I'm frankly beyond angry over this - which I FULLY blame on PRICELINE, not on BetterBidding.com. Here's what happened: The Express Deal on Priceline for the 3.5 Star hotel listed 6 amenities in the listing. When I went to the regular list of full priced hotels on Priceline and specified those same 6 amenities at a 3.5 star rating, the ONLY hotel that showed up was the Red Lion, which is essentially right across the street from Disneyland and an easy walk. So I decided to take the chance, since the search did not show any of the hotels that are much furth
  12. I might as well ask about two of the other deals on Express Deals for the same dates: 3 Star, Guest Rating 7.0, $75/night. Amenities: internet pool pets restaurant business center fitness center And a 2 Star for $42/night that highlights "Includes FREE breakfast and Internet". Amenities: "coffee cup" (does that mean breakfast? coffee? not sure) Internet Pool Thanks guys!!
  13. I'm getting the same one now on the search, I think. It's a Disneyland - Anaheim Convention Center - Garden Grove in a 3.5 Star for $77 a night. Amenities: Internet Pool Pets Restaurant Business Center Fitness Center Any ideas?
  14. Yeah, it's too late. That hotel is now gone. Waited too long. Huge Bummer - looked like a great deal at a great price! Back to the drawing board... Note to everyone: make absolutely dead sure that you have followed up on your postings - and that there haven't been any internet glitches that stopped your follow up from going through, or you might wind up like me and miss out on a great hotel because the owners of this site think you have failed to follow up as required. Time is often of the essence with these Express Deals and the time it takes to find out that your follow up for a previous pos
  15. We ended up bidding $95 for the White House area and won the Westin. We were very happy with our stay and found it to be a reasonable walk to the museums and the other sites, like Ford's Theatre and the White House.
  16. How strange! I followed up that thread on my cell phone right after I booked it. Not sure why it didn't post. I do know those are the rules, though, and so I apologize that it appears that I broke them!
  17. We are going to be at Disneyland 9/9/13 through 9/11/13. Priceline is showing a 3.5 star express deal for $77 per night. Amenities include: Internet, Pool, Pets, Restaurant, Business Center, Fitness Center Overall Rating: 8.0 and Guest Favorite. Oddly enough, when I list out Priceline hotels for Disneyland area that have those amenities, none come up at Guest rating 8.0, and none of them say "Guest Favorite". Any ideas what it might be? There is also a 3 Star Express deal for $74 a night that is a Guest Rating 7.0 and has Internet, Pool, Pets, Restaurant, Business Center, Fitness Center. We ar
  18. Quick Correction: I got two hotels mixed up in my recent comments. Your Priceline Pinned List was showing the Marriott Wardman Park in the 4* Dupont Circle area. That's the hotel/area that my friend said was a bit of a trek as it's up near the zoo. The Hilton, as you correctly commented, is quite close to Dupont Circle and would therefore have high ratings for location. My mistake. I'm sorry. In terms of bidding on Priceline for the Dupont Circle area, it does seem a risk to chance getting that Marriott, as much as I'd love to stay in any of the other 4* Dupont Circle hotels on the Priceline P
  19. I don't really know D.C., but a friend of mine told me that although it's quite beautiful up near where the Hilton is, that it's a bit of a trek from the National Mall and museums, etc. he suggested that unless I was sure that I was getting the Dupont Circle Hotel, that he thought I should I stick with the White House/Downtown area. Currently on Hotwire there are two 4*'s showing in the White House and Dupont Circle areas. Here are the details: 4* White House-Downtown: $101 85% Hotwire Customer Recommended Smoke Free Rooms Fitness Center Restaurant(s) Business Center High-Speed Internet Acces
  20. I apologize, I thought this was the hotwire forum, so I was posting my Priceline experience on the Priceline forum. Didn't realize I should merge both HOTWIRE and PRICELINE updates onto just one thread. We really do want to be near Dupont Circle, and unfortunately the way they have this zone set up, it crosses the river and includes a northern part of D.C. (the zoo area), which cuts off the opportunity to walk to the Dupont Circle clubs and restaurants we hoped to go to while visiting. I'm dismayed that I can't get the Dupont Circle hotel as another user got when she did a PRICELINE bid, but I
  21. Just thought I'd report that I bid $90 for a 4* in the white house area (based on another recent winning bid of a board member), and was denied. My dates are 3/21-3/24.
  22. I've seen that some members have had luck with bidding on PRICELINE recently and getting the Dupont Circle Hotel. I really want to be as close to Dupont Circle as possible - and would LOVE that hotel, but my concern is that the area they show for the Dupont Circle section goes VERY far north, and I'll be very unhappy if we're stuck that far north and aren't walking distance to the Dupont Circle area. Any suggestions?
  23. How were you confident it would be the Dupont Circle? That's the hotel we'd love to be in, but are afraid to do PRICELINE because the Marriott is also a 4 star in this area and we definitely DON'T want a Marriott?
  24. Hi, For the dates March 21-23, Hotwire is showing a 4 star in the Dupont Circle area with the following amenities: Fitness Center Restaurant Business Center High-Speed Internet Access Accessible for the blind Accessible for the deaf Accessible path of travel In-room accessibility Accessible bathroom Handicapped Parking Roll-in shower I do know, from a check of their website, that the Omni Shoreham is sold out for those dates, so I know it's not the Shoreham. And the Hilton Towers and the Palomar both have all of those amenities on their lists. FYI: I, of COURSE, clicked on the links on betterb
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