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  1. Hi,

    wanted a 3-night stay around Cherry Hill area.

    First Bid2.5*: $35 rejected. Counter offered $15 increase. I rejected it

    Second Bid 2.5*: Added rebid zone (Deptford Area), increased bid to $40 -- it was rejected.

    Third Bid - dropped zone to 2.0* and increased bid to $45 (desperation setting in).

    It was accepted, and upgraded to a 2.5* property (Hyatt Place in Mount Laurel) -- really nice property -- free WIFI, parking, etc.

    Of course, I remembered and used our built-in PRICELINE link from this page.

    rgds, Noela

  2. Thanks..I started the bidding process and finally a bid of $45 was accepted. Here are the details:

    Your Offer Price: $45.00 (per day)

    Total Rental Days: 4 days(3 days and 6 hours)

    Subtotal: $180.00

    Taxes and Fees: $66.83

    Total Charges: $246.83

    Lowest Published Price: $371.96

    Total Savings:* $125.13 (You saved 34%)

    Thanks again - saving slightly more than $100 on some of the best deals around....

  3. Hi,

    Just got this hotel on the first try...was going to shoot for a 2.5*, but my blurred vision could not escape the 2* check button.


    Las Palmas Hotel And Suites

    West Ft. Lauderdale - Plantation

    3003 North University Drive

    Sunrise, Florida 33322

    Check-In Date:

    Fri, Aug 3, 2007 / After 03:00 PM

    Check-Out Date:

    Mon, Aug 6, 2007 / 12:00 PM

    Your Offer Price Per Room, Per Night: $45.00

    Subtotal: $135.00

    Taxes & Service Fees: $24.47

    Total Charges*: $159.47


    Though I may have overbidded for this hotel, I think this is still a good deal since their standard internet rate is $120 per night.

    Of course, I booked through Savingsbarn link.

    thanks Noela

  4. Thanks for all responses.

    I might have to call DavesLimos ..

    Yes, Hertz has cars, but only smaller ones: I need a larger car (that can carry about 5 -7) and I have 6 large suitcases..

    My other option is to take Greyhound from Philly to Port Authority, and then take one of Airport shuttles from there..

    thanks again - MN

  5. Hi,

    I am flying out of JFK this weekend (17 June), with my family overseas.

    We were planning to rent a car from Philly/Cherry Hill and drop it off at JFK.

    Currently, I'm unable to find any rental company allowing one-way for this particular weekend.

    What could possibly explain this? Is there any other way to travel from Philly area to JFK (with 2 school-age kids and 6 suitcases)?

    Thanks - MN

  6. Hi,

    I am planning on visiting Toronto area, with my partner and our kids (total of 6) between May 4 to 6.

    I am thinking of staying at a property like the Residence Inn for obvious (space) reasons.

    There are 2 clear rebid zones..(zones without 2.5*) - Toronto East and Scarborough - but they are far away from where I want to stay. But then there are two other rebid zones - Oakville & Toronto west that are closer - but they also have 3*s. If I chose any of these rebid zones, isn't it possible that I can be upgraded to a 3* ?

    I already tried to bid Toronto (Mississauga) 2.5* at $28 and was rejected. I want to go on and add a rebid zone, but I am not sure which would be prudent to ask -- those in the Scarborough & East end?

    What strategy would you advice?

    Regards, Noela

  7. Hi,

    After discussion with my partner, we decided to stay in Cherry Hill area (her preference mainly -- she can't stand the busy Philly life)

    Yesterday, March 13, I bid 2.5* at $33 and was rejected. I was asked to rebid. Since I still have time, I waited till tonight and bid again 2.5@$35 and was accepted. The reviews are mixed. We will see how it goes.

    Your Offer Price: $35.00

    Number of Rooms: 1

    Number of Nights: 2

    Subtotal: $70.00

    Taxes & Service Fees: $17.44

    Total Charges*: $87.44

    I used the Savingsbarn link.

    Thanks very much - MN

  8. Personally i like nicer hotels, but for a cheap price and can overlook almost anything :)

    Yes, thats my desire. I am planning a surprise get away for my partner and I. My partner lives around the Cherry Hill-Collingswood area. We (my partner especially) wanted to stay around the area just in case the kids need us in emergency. I thought of Hyatt in Pennslanding ....folks have had it for about $65 recently. So in the end, it will be a choice between the AmeriSuites (via Hotwire) or Hyatt Penns Landing (through priceline).

    Thanks -- MN

  9. Thereuare,

    you hit the nail right on the head....bidding is risky. of course, if the Cherry Hill 3* are ok, i would consider them...but i don't really know how bad they are. Whats your opinion on these 3*s?

    I want a good (clean, not dingy) and affordable hotel between 40 - 60 per night. So, I probably would go with Hotwire....is there any certainty that the $65 property is AmeriSuites?

    sorry, i am going in circles......but i'm sure I will make a decision soon.

    rgds, MN

  10. Hi,

    Happy New Year !!!

    I am interested in bidding for a 3* hotel in Cherry Hill/Mount Laurel area from Friday April 6 through sunday, April 8.

    I've read the reviews on the two main 3*'s: Wyndham & Marriott -- and they don't seem to enthusiastic. I am hoping the situation has changed since then.

    Anyhow, I would want some bidding advice -- I am prepared to pay between 45 - 60 per night.

    Any thoughts as to how i should proceed?

    Regards, Noela

  11. Hi,

    I would have to be in toronto for the month of July with my two kids. I have to stay for 31 days. All temporary accomodations exceed the $1000 that i budget.

    I need a suite with kitchen facilities, and the living room with sofa bed. I am thinking of staying a Residence-Inn kind of place.

    Can I book Residence Inn through Priceline ?

    I have a car, hence location is not so important.

    Regards, Noela

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