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  1. If you decided to stay in the Wailea area, let me know, I got an incredible deal on a hotel there through a promotion I was sent. This lessens the sting of my foul up with priceline this year. Im actually looking forward staying at this property. All excellent reviews. I was surprised to get such a great deal but was emailed by them since I signed up for their hotel card. I usually sigh up for all of the hotel cards since its free and sometime pays off with upgrades and what not. But this is the first time any hotel sent me close to 50% rack rates with the card. If I didn"t have the card I would have never gotten the email, so I suppose those cards payoff sometimes. Im glad too , I was really sweating finding a place to stay, most all sold out for September . I considered a condo , but last time I did that I did not enjoy it as much as a hotel. Made me feel like I was in someones apartment in anywhere USA. Not the Hawaiian vacation, and feel I was looking for. Anyway, best of luck to you, hope you find what your are looking for. :)

  2. The longer you wait the more chance of hotels sellng out. This year I saw Sheraton coming up on priceline for decent rates, I wanted Hyatt, so I waited to see if i could bag Hyatt, when I made a phone call to Hyatt they informed me they were sold out of garden and mountain view rooms, meaning very unlikely a win on priceline, went back to my second choice the Sheraton and it was totally sold out. Leaving me with nothing. This will be the frist year in a long while i will not use priceline. I only have myself to blame for waiting for the hotel I wanted instead of the one that was available. Costly mistake. My opinion is, Maui seems to be doing brisk buisness and by waiting you risk a total sell out.

  3. Looks like a match for ResortQuest Kaanapali Shores. Formely a Aston property. Price is 193.00 for your dates on the hotel/condo web site for studio . This condo/hotel has decent reviews. Price to me is a bit high. Can get a studio at the Whaler on Kaanapali Beach, for this price. Something to consider . Good luck on your search.

  4. Since no one had responded to your question yet, i will do my best to do so. To my knowlege Grand Wailea Resort has not been won on priceline and to bid that high expecting a cerain hotel is very risky on priceline and not advisable. Hotwire however is less of a risk, although you wont get a good of a deal, there is a better chance getting what you want. For an example, I wanted 5 nights on the Big Island, knowing i did not want the Hilton Waikola Village (which is a good probabliity),and since I wanted the Prince Hapuna, I settled for hotwire rates. Bottomline here is, in my opinion do not risk a high bid to get a hotel that you might not get.

  5. This one is a bit of a surprise. Quite pleased but I guessed wrong on both counts. Have not seen this one on hotwire much, if at all. Had trouble securing a room on priceline on these dates so went with hotwire this time and feel the property and price were excellent. Thanks to all that helped me on this one. Your help is always appreciated. :)

  6. Wailea - Makena

    *4 dates 09/19/06 to 09/24/06

    Price 225.00 a night

    Hotel Amenities

    Resort,Fitness Center,Restaurant(s),Golf Nearby,Spa Services,Beachfront,Pool(s),Laundry Facilities,Tennis Nearby,

    Children's Activity Program

    coult this be the

    Renaissance Wailea Beach Resort?? If so downgraded to *4 from *4 1/2

    or is it

    4* Wailea Marriott, an Outrigger Resort, is so missing the "Busiiness" amenitie but otherwise matches the star rating.

    Thanks for your best guess on this one.

  7. The travel industry is on the way up. I doubt you'll see 89.00 prices for Westin in Maui baring something short of a miracle. I can see a definite difference in bidding patterns from as little as last year. Everything is up. Airfare, hotels. The hotels do not need to discount their rooms as much as they have in the past with capacity at all time high. I must say though I don

  8. All this talk of the Whaler coming up, I dont think i have ever seen the Whaler come up as a priceline win. Not to as it never will, but since it is a condo/hotel with mostly timeshare residence its less chance to be used by priceline. I actually like the Whaler although since it is owned by timeshare residence each unit is different and some better then others. Some units are very nice while others look like they have not been updated since the 70s. Shag carpet anyone? :)

  9. Tried an economy car at 12.00 denied, priceline came back with try again if raise bid, raised to 13.00 denied. Compact car at 15.00 a day accepted. Your Offer Price: $15.00

    Total Rental Days: 7

    Subtotal: $105.00

    Taxes & Fees: $54.77

    Total Charges: $159.77 Alamo

    Best rates on net were $256 with budget for same days

  10. Ive never seen the Whaler come up on priceline, thats not to say it won't, its just I have never seen it.

    You will enjoy the Hyatt; I stayed there last year. If you plan on self parking in the self parking lot instead of valet parking, the lot might be full if you have a late evening out, if so, just valet the car and let them know at the front desk the self parking lot was full and they will comp the valet parking for that night. For some reason self-parking lot very small. Also some free parking in back of the hotel.

  11. Well, I have noticed the really awesome priceline deals are a thing of the past, more so for the resort type properties. Few years ago, I got wins at 150.00 to 160.00 resorts in Maui. Not a chance of that happening now. Hotel inventory is less since the demand is rising. Priceline is still great. Anytime you can save 100 bucks a night makes it worthwhile, but I guess I got a bit spoiled from the deals of the past.

  12. "The only cars that aren't cheap are minivans and SUVs"

    I would add convertibles to that list. They don't come cheap in Hawaii. They keep those at a premium price.

    I actually found a convertible cheaper in Maui than I did The Big Island. You just have to shop around and if the prices are high, wait. My advice it to check back often. I have had prices change with rental cars with in hours of each other.

  13. Hotel Amenities


    Resorts offer a complete destination experience. Facilities generally include a spa or fitness center, one or more swimming pools, and superior dining options. Depending on location, recreational activities may include water sports, golf, tennis or skiing. Coastal resorts usually boast ocean views or beachfront access. Note: A resort fee may be charged.


    Property is located on the beach.


    Property offers at least one restaurant on the premises; hours and days of operation may vary.


    Property offers at least one pool area; hours and dates of operation may be seasonal.

    Fitness Center

    Guests have access to exercise equipment; an additional charge may apply.

    Spa Services

    Guests have access to a spa facility or spa services; an extra charge typically applies.

    Children's Activity Program

    Property offers supervised programs, events or activities for younger guests; an additional charge may apply.

    Golf Nearby

    Property is located within walking distance or a short drive of at least one golf course; an extra charge typically applies.

    Tennis Nearby

    Property is located within walking distance or a short drive of at least one tennis court; an extra charge typically applies.

    Business Center

    Guests have access to business equipment and services; an additional charge may apply.

    by the way, im really amazed at how quick prices change on hotwire, I decided to check my dates again just for kicks less then 10 mins after my purchase, and it came up , 223.00 , 24.00 more, somtimes I think hotwire just pulls their prices out of their,,,ah, hat. I guess I caught it at the right time, 5 mins later or earlier and I woulnt get that price. Somewhat of a game I guess.

  14. I have been checking hotwire daily, rates were a constant 219.00 or more. Finally went down to 199.00 for the nights I needed. Im usually a priceline customer, but the risk of receving the Hilton scared me away this time. Decided to take the sure thing and pay a bit more. Hapuna usually comes up at 180.00 (lowest bid) a night with priceline , I felt the 40.00 a night difference is alright considering there is no risk of receiving the Hilton. Im happy with the results here, maybe should have waited a bit longer considering dates are far in advance but wanted to get it over with and start planning the hotel i need in Maui.

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