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  1. Quick update, letter from Continental, just as I thought, they say they are not resposinsible for engine #2 failure causing the flight to be delayed/canceled. First off this is not what they told me at the airport, I was told the total opposite that they would reimburse me for expenses caused by this flight. This is not my first run in with Continental since it's my hometown airlines. They are notorious for saying one thing then doing another. The letter states they are not responsible for mechanical issues? My question is, if they are not who is? This is just another run around from a company that refuses to take responsibility. Since they are my city's airline, I have little choice when flying them since they are so dominate in this area. In the future Ill look at other airlines first before flying.

  2. You are correct, except I don't come here to argue though, I just thought it was pointless to post a winning bid several months after the fact. To me this leads to confusion, as I doubt the prices would be current. Plus this thread was about insurance that's why I placed it in off topic. . Didn't mean to offend anyone with my comments. Please don't analyze this post and come out with something negative in it, its just my opinion and nothing else. After all, I didn't mind too much being ridden about my phantom missing post :) if anything I found it amusing. And believe me I know about being deleted else where, but I wont say much about that, I believe if you don't have anything good to say about someone, don't say anything at all :)...........by the way, if it helps anyone, the car company was Hertz.

  3. I was surprised myself at some of the reaction or should I say over reaction to my comments. I would like to believe it just an individual who misunderstood my post or decided not to read it in its entirety. Whatever the case, I did indeed post my winnings at time of bidding and just a little effort by the misinformed poster would verify that. I see this quite a bit of this on certain boards where there are a few individuals who take it upon themselves to be the ultimate Authority on all issues. I did not however think it would happen here. I do my best to help travelers here who have questions about certain subjects I might have insight into; I have also seen a few questions by members that for some reason go unanswered. And I feel that

  4. Hi, I stayed at the Radisson resort near sea world last month. Was great for kids, I believe my winning bid was 70.00 a night. They show a Disney movie out by the pool and have a grill going with hot dogs and burgers and a fire pit for smores in the evening. The pool is very small however, but its fine for kids. They have a free shuttle that takes you to Seaworld which will save you 10.00 on parking. I did not get charged a resort fee when I was there, they might have one but I wasn't charged. Self parking at hotel is free. There is a Mcdonalds and a Bar B Q place down the road, not to far. . As I said in my trip advisor review, if im going to Seaworld most of the day, this is a much better deal then spending what Hyatt wants just to have a lazy river which you wont use if your at sea world. Radisson trys to make it fun for families, No it's not the Hyatt, but your not paying Hyatt rates either. I went in the summer, now with school in session I see rates at 50.00 or so. You can try for the Hyatt but if you get the Raddison dont be disapointed . I would expect you to get the Radisson between a bid of 50.00 to 65.00 Good Luck, lets us know how you do.

  5. If you read the post carefully you will see I named both priceline and hotwire. Since my trip consisted of two different hotels, two different rental cars, and four separate airlines tickets, I used both priceline and hotwire, depending on price, location, type of car and many other factors that determined which supplier I used. The winning bids were months ago. Little use to anyone now. This latest thread has nothing to do with my winning bids as its under Off Topic: Run of House...But I will research my credit card statements to find out what month the actual bidding took place and post accordingly in hopes that it may indeed benefit someone. Hope this helps. Thanks

  6. The insurance offered by priceline and hotwire through a company called Access America in my opinion is a scam. This is what happened, last month my flight to Honolulu from Houston was canceled due to what I was told weather related issues, I read the 10 page small print they issue you when you purchase the insurance, its somewhat confusing so I called Access America the insurance I bought through priceline and hotwire, and they informed me that No, weather related issues are not included in the insurance, only if its a mechanical problem. I was disappointed but figured it must be in the small print somewhere. Well, about an hour later after talking to several Continental employees, come to find out it was indeed a mechanical issue with one of the Continetantal planes and that

  7. This seems to be the going rate right now on this resort. Started at 55, free rebid at 58. Then accepted at 61. Could have gotten the Omni Northwest for the same price but I was scared away by the negative reviews.

    Also, friends going at the same time got a *4 Hilton Palacio Del Rio for 110.00 on the riverwalk/downtown which I wasn't willing to pay. Thought it was a bit high. Plus another couple going received *2.5 Holiday Inn Market Square riverwalk/downtown for 75.00 (terrible reviews) hope this helps someone.

    The online rate for Radisson Resort ranged from 99.00 to 109.00. With kids back to school this is expected. (located by sea world)

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