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  1. This is listed as Nassau - Paradise Island

    3.5* Radisson Cable Beach

    Amenities: Resort, Beachfront, Restaurant, Pool, Fitness, Business, Spa

    Problem is I called Raddison, they dont have a hotel in Nassau.... I was wondering if this is Sheraton Cable beach instead??? I know its not listed under available hotel with hotwire, but Radisson Cable Beach is listed and it does not exist.....

    Everything is the same except the golf nearby option....I dont think the Sheraton has a Spa,,,that throws me off somewhat..????

    Dates are 12/12 12/16

    price is 129.00 3 1/2 star

    Resort, Beachfront, Fitness,Pool ,Restaurant, Business,Golf,Spa


  2. I am so furious right now because this is not what i wanted. I wanted Venetian or Palazzo, and based on the rates people have been getting during the week at $139 i bid that ammount and it went through. However i ended up with Trump Towers =( I called PRICELINE and told them i entered the wrong dates so they offered to cancel and refund only half of it. If i want a full refund i have to redo the dates.

    So i want Venetian or Palazzo for 06/17/08-06/19/08 and willing to pay up to $160 a night for each. How do i bid again and make sure i dont get the trump towers?


    Im surprised priceline did anything for you at all; certainly they did not have to... I would consider yourself lucky on this one.

  3. I needed a one night stay added on to already made reservations at this hotel. Started bidding at 135, 140, 150, 155, 165, 178, using free re-bids then accepted at 180.00. This was a double -edged sword for me....I knew this hotel does not come up much in priceline wins (or its not tried for too often)...but when it has come up, the winners usually did better then my winning bid....The stay is 4 months out, which goes against what my strategy for priceline usually is,,,which is to wait just as long as I can for the hotel to dump excess rooms to priceline...but knowing this hotel is big on conventions and meetings.. and not knowing the hotels schedule ,,.I didnt want to take a chance on getting shut out completely, and have to settle on the hotels rates,,,, I may have done better by waiting but who knows....I saved 53.00 over the hotel rates...not big but Ill take it

    best hotel rate 239.00

    tax 21.51

    total 260.51

    priceline winning bid 180.00

    Taxes & Service Fees: 27.46

    total 207. 46

  4. Actually off the subject a bit, but on my last trip to Maui I purchased a some excursions from a hotel concierge that posted them on ebay. Long story short..I got to Maui and all my tickets for the excursions were bad...be very weary on Ebay. Usually if the deal sounds too good to be true,,then watch out.

    But check it out you never know...I thought I did my homework on this guy, but he was a professional con artist and covered his tracks very well..he even had bogus referrals , he got many tourist before he skipped the island............ just be careful on ebay sometimes its not worth the savings you think you are getting.

  5. I would try my luck with PRICELINE first. You will most likely get a better hotel for less cost,,,Most , if not all hotels *3 and above have a airport shuttle near IAH.

    But if you feel more comfortble with a sure thing, then go with HOTWIRE. Also, if you or maybe a family member or friend has the Entertainment Book, it has a 10.00 off ANY hotel stay booked at HOTWIRE. I just used mine, and it worked like a charm.

  6. Booked this hotel for the bluebonnet festival, most motels sold out,,,

    Americas Best Value Inn and Suites Brenham Hotel

    1 room @ $66.00 per night

    Tax recovery charge and fees:$14.18

    Total Price:$80.18

    This did not work out too well for me...I thought this hotel would be the comfort suites,,,I got burned, the web price for this hotel is LESS then hotwires....hotel price is 58.65. I called hotwire...they want me to jump through flaming hoops to get the difference back...I have to send in a fax, then follow up with a phone call "in a few days" to let them know of their "decision" :)

    I gave the rep on the phone the exact web site when she asked me for it, put me on hold for 20 mins came back and said, yes your right, send in the fax of the web site!!!! Huh?? :) she just saw it for herself,,,she told me she cant make the decision it has to be passed on...what a joke,,Im sticking to priceline from now on..atleast when they burn you they just won

  7. Started out bidding 38.00, recived a "add 17 more " to check again from priceline. Declined that offer and added Austin Downtown and bid 40.00.

    Accepted Radisson Hotel Austin North

    Austin North

    6000 Middle Fiskville Road

    Austin, Texas 78752

    Your Offer Price Per Room, Per Night: $40.00

    Subtotal: $40.00

    Taxes & Service Fees: $13.33

    Total Charges*: $53.33

    Best web price for this hotel is 99.00

    Room 1 Cost $99.00 USD

    $14.85 USD

    Total Estimated Cost

    for 1 Room $113.85 USD

    Savings of 60.52 ....

    I was almost certain from previous winning bids in this area it was the Radisson Hotel Austin North. I expect this hotel to be downgraded by priceline soon. From what the reviews say its more like a glorified motel 6 (not that there is anything wrong with motel 6 :) ) but the *3 is somewhat misleading, more along the lines of a *2...but it serves my purpose, didnt want to pay the inflated downtown prices (even with priceline) used PRICELINE link on top right hand side of web page to start my bid.

    Might be reason for decent price,,bidders be aware: from hotel web site....For your added pleasure and enjoyment, the Radisson Austin North will be closing the pool from March 2008 until May 1, 2008 while undergoing a complete renovation of the pool and courtyard area and for the addition of a beautiful new hot tub.

    Thank you for your patience. It will be worth the wait!

  8. Renaissance Newark Airport Hotel

    Newark - Newark Airport

    1000 Spring Street

    Elizabeth, New Jersey

    Bid 40, 45, then accepted at 48.00

    Your Offer Price Per Room, Per Night: $48.00

    Subtotal: $48.00

    Taxes & Service Fees: $15.07

    Total Charges*: $63.07

    best deal on hotels website is 149.00

    Estimated government taxes and fees


    Total for stay (per room)


    This is a good deal., saved 111.26 off web rates,,nice!!

  9. This hotel seems to flip flop quite a bit between *4 and Resort..Looking at past bids, it come up as both, the dates dont seem to have much to do with it. One winning bid is for Resort, then a few weeks later its a *4 again.. I dont think the hotel ITSELF.. knows what it is.. :)

  10. To tell you the truth I didn't care of this comment "You should really not post info like this when you don't know what you're talking about."

    That's not nice either. I went through the trouble of calling the hotel to see if it was still under renovations. This property has come up as a Resort in the past. His comments are based on pure speculation and I believe this person knows full well the Renaissance can come up as a Resort at some point. More so since the renovations are complete. But of course ill be nice, I just wont take his word for it that it wont come up as a Resort

  11. so Im suppose to trust you that i wont get Renaissance if I bid resort in Orlando (Universal Studios - SeaWorld)..

    not a chance.....read below..(.previously Resort, may be temporary ) what part of that dont you understand?

    4* Renaissance Orlando Resort (previously Resort, may be temporary due to construction)


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