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  1. Please be aware, HOTWIRE is  now calling motels such as La Quinta , Country In  and Suites,  Holiday In Express and Best Westerns as " boutique holes"

    This past month I have booked 6 times with HOTWIRE in category  boutique hotel and was awarded all of the above.  On the last booking it was a La Quinta, so I called Hotwire to ask how they

    came to the conclusion a La Quinta motel is a boutique hotel?  They put me on hold to call the hotel, came back to the phone to offer me a refund or a 25% credit off my rate to keep the

    motel. This is not a good trend and I told them so, as far as I am concerned  this is false advertising as we all know none of the motel I have listed above can be construed as a "boutique hotel"

    After conferring with Hotwire they seem to agree with me. Not that will stop what they are doing. Just be careful when booking any “boutique hotel" with Hotwire.

  2. Mid-size $24/ day $186.45 total price

    This is a great deal as I have been surfing the car rental sites for a few days using many different coupon codes and offers and still couldn’t get anything less than under 300 with major rental companies.

    Had a few lesser known companies come in at around 250, but I don’t like the risk involved with no name rental agencies. Tried bidding compact first for 20 and was denied, accepted for Mid Size with 24.00  bid.  "Pay Now" on Hertz for same vehicle is priced at 380.97 Approx. Tot.)    

    Price.line came through big time this time,major savings on this one.

  3. Great info. I know admin wants to keep the listings as current as possible.

    I posted the Holiday Inn on the beach in Destin was listed as *3 on Hotwire a few days ago, will now be called Destin Sands Beach Resort.

    However,Destin Sands Beach Resort is listed currently as a * 3 possibility which im pretty sure wont happen since the hotel will not open until spring 2014. So, if looking on Hotwire in Destin area disregard this listing as it is not a possibility at this time.

  4. I noticed on the Hotwire list of hotels it still shows Holiday Inn on the Beach. I don’t believe this win is now possible as the property is now being called Destin Sands Beach Resort. They were originally going to reopen around Memorial Day, but that has been delayed until Spring 2014. Major renovations happening!! Sounds like it will be fabulous but I am sad it will no longer be an affordable Holiday Inn!!

  5. I appreciate making the forum and board more user friendly however in my case it makes it more difficult with the changes to the Priceline/Hotwire Hotel Lists. Instead of looking at the free rebids with one look, I now have to click on each area to determine if a certain star ranked hotel is in my rebid zone. Not a big deal really but it will now take me twice as long to determine this information. Another thing is I can no longer copy and paste name of hotel in to tripadvisor to read the reviews of the hotel, again no big deal just will take longer now to type each and every hotel into tripadvisor.

  6. This is true; however, if you are on a budget and booking a hotel through Priceline; then finding out later the hotel you won has a steep parking fee, this can be quite a surprise. Some just can’t afford it. When parking fees are added to the amount of the Priceline booking many times it is the same as paying the full rack rate at the hotel. . Well hidden parking fees among other fees can be devastating for those who can’t afford it. The very reason to use Priceline is to save on a hotel stay, true both full price and discounted have to pay the parking fee, but I believe for those who didn’t use Priceline the cost for parking would not much of an issue as it would be for those who do use Priceline...I could be wrong but that’s how I feel when I’m slapped with a unknown 45 dollar a day parking fee...it just cuts into your potential savings on the room.

  7. Sugarland wins are rare. I gave up a long time ago for this area. There are only a few hotels in this growing area of town with quite a few new businesses popping up. I don't see wins here often, but that's not to say it doesn’t ever happen, is just not a strong possibility. As far as Hilton Houston Southwest goes, its a little bit of a drive to Sugarland area.

  8. This is very upsetting for anyone as it negates any savings from using Priceline. However, Houston is notorious for their parking situation in and around the Downtown area. Try this, go have a drink inside the Shula's restaurant inside the Hyatt before you head out for he evening , ask them to validate your parking ticket, this will let you leave for dinner, theater etc...Then when you come back, park in a 20.00 lot. I know this area quite well and can tell you if you are willing to walk a few blocks there is overnight parking for 10.00. This needs exact amount as you will need to put the cash inside a slot with the number of the parking space you use. DO NOT keep valuables inside or within sight of your vehicle and don't forget to lock it.

    Hope this helps...good luck

  9. This hotel is a converted Holiday Inn Express that had horrible reviews, but since has been taken over and refurbished by La Quinta Inn & Suites and the reviews have improved tremendously. More along the lines of a *2 hotel as Hotwire seems to inflate their star ratings. I used a coupon from Entertainment Book to save an additional 20.00 off over the final cost of hotel stay.

    2.5-star Hotel in hot Springs South

    This Hotel features the following amenities:


    Free Parking Free Breakfast Free Internet Indoor pool(s)Fitness Center Laundry Facilities (self-service) High-Speed Internet Access Accessible for the blind Accessible for the deaf Accessible path of travelIn-room accessibility Wheelchair accessible Accessible bathroom Handicapped parking Roll-in shower

  10. Here is an additional 20.00 dollar off promo code from National that was sent to me by email as an apology for their site being down.

    It should work with HOTWIRE. Just put the code in the appropriate box to get additional discount. NWEBCPN027

    Promo code good for compact vehicle on up.

    No expiration date, does not state how long the code good will be valid.

  11. I cant figure out if this one out..... is it,

    5* The Phoenician (Amenities: Resort, Restaurant, Pool, Fitness, Spa, Hi-Speed Internet, Childrens Activities, Golf, Tennis, Business)

    or 5* Royal Palms (previously 4.5*) Amenities: Restaurant, Pool, Fitness, Hi-Speed Internet, Business, Golf, Spa

    5*(Scottsdale)area hotel

    Dates 09/03 09/08 Price 110.00 Fitness Center, Pool(s), Restaurant(s,) Business Center, High-Speed Internet Access,Golf Nearby ,Spa Services, Accessible for the blind,Accessible for the deaf, Free Parking, Accessible path of travel, In-room accessibility,Accessible bathroom, Handicapped parking, Roll-in shower


    In 95% of Hotwire customer reviews.

    I don’t know if it could be either one of the ones I mentioned as it doesn’t add up. If I had to choose one it would be The Phoenician since their rates are 149.00 a night where as Royal Palms nightly rate is 171.00

    Then again that might not mean a thing, :blink: I’m confused here; any help would be appreciated...Thanks

  12. Bid on 3.5* at 40.00, got a counter offer from Priceline for 48.00. Declined and added free rebid at 42.00 which was accepted. Best price for Marriott Rewards Members is 89.00 a night with free breakfast buffet for two. If not a Marriott Rewards Member weekend price is 109.00 a night. I figure I did alright with this one, the breakfast buffet would have been nice but I doubt it will cost me 47.00 which is my savings using Priceline. In all honesty I was shooting for the Omni in same area but not disappointed with this win, looks like a nice hotel and it's rather new so I am sure this will work out just fine.

    Offer Price: $42.00

    Rooms: 1

    Nights: 1

    Room Subtotal: $42.00

    Taxes & Fees: $14.32

    Total $56.32

  13. I have the same problem in Austin, I will bid 3 * category to avoid the Hilton Airport as they charge 12.00 for self parking, but wouldn't you know it, the fine folks at Priceline "upgrade" my bid to a 3 1/2 * and I receive this hotel anyway. Bidding a lower star rating does not guarantee you will not get a higher star rated hotel. Much to my chagrin I have been upgraded by Priceline many times, which really to me is a downgrade.

  14. First bid was 40.00, used free rebid at 45.00 and 3.5* Doubletree San Antonio (Airport SAT) came up.

    The reviews of this hotel are shaky at best, Priceline recently upgraded this property from *3 to * 3.5 I'm not sure what it takes to go up a notch in rating, but I do not see any recent upgrades or refurbish at this property...may have got the 3.5 bump up from name only.

    All in all, im ok with this, only one night stay shouldn't be that bad; I have serious doubts (from previous reviews )this is not a true 3.5 . On my return I plan to let Priceline know if the hotel disappoints, might not do any good for me, however, it may bring the * rating back where it belongs.

    Internet price for this room was 99.00, so more than half off I think I can live it.

    Used the PRICELINE link on top of page to start my bidding.

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