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  1. Before bidding on PRICELINE or accepting a price on HOTWIRE, you should really exhaust any and all discounts made available to you through the provider’s websites as well as direct calls. Many times I have found hotels running specials that are less then what is the going price for PRICELINE or HOTWIRE. Not long ago I booked a Resort though the hotel web site. Hotwire was 10.00 less but the hotel was throwing in a 100.00 dining credit. It’s always a good idea to check into specials and not always assume the oblique travel sites are the best price. You will be surprised at how competitive some companies are at beating the lowest price, either through promotions or extras when booking direct.
  2. Little Rock Aiport Economy Car National 8.95 Car daily rate - Hotwire hot Rate::$8.95 Rental days :4 CarSubTotal:$35.80 Tax recovery charges and fees:$30.06 Total price:$65.86 Used 10.00 coupon for car rental with HOTWIRE from Entertainment Book bring the total car rental for 4 days to 55.86 Tried PRICELINE first and no luck. This is one of the few times I have found Hotwire to be less then PRICELINE. PRICELINE couldn't touch this price, I bid up to 12.00 a day for Economy and was denied, before trying HOTWIRE.
  3. Im the one who won the La Paloma on HOTWIRE for 59.00 . Used a coupon from Entertainment Book for 20.00 off a hotel using HOTWIRE so my first night was 39.00, the rest of the stay was 59.00 a night. I see PRICELINE had a few bids for La Paloma for 56.00, I will pass on the 3.00 a night saving to asure I will avoid the Lowes.
  4. Started bidding at 28.00 used free rebids up to 30.00, and then got counter offer for 10.00 more which I declined and with last free rebid, I bid 32.00 which was accepted. Radisson Hotel Phoenix Airport Your Offer Price Per Room, Per Night: $32.00 Subtotal: $32.00 Taxes & Fees: $11.70 Total Charges*: $43.70 8/23 8/24 Used the PRICELINE link from better bidding. Best price online 75.00 Saved , 40.00 with tax included with priceline.
  5. Poco Diablo Resort is no longer affiliated with the Radisson brand. Not sure if this will affect the bidding process on priceline. Its is now called Poco Diablo Resort with the Radisson named dropped. Poco Diablo Resort 1752 State Route 179, Sedona AZ 86336
  6. I was right, it was the Westin La Paloma Resort & Spa , after much research and few phone calls, Loews Ventana Canyon Resort is not a non smoking hotel, The Lodge at Ventana Canyon does not have Children's Activity Program leaving The Westin La Paloma Resort as the probable hotel. It really does help to do some investigating to narrow it down a bit. I had a good feeling it was the Westin, but a little foot work narrowed it down a bit more to where I was comfortable bidding. The Westin La Paloma Resort & Spa 59.00 Hotel rate per night - total $275.38 saves me 160.00 off hotel rates, which I will use to pay for mandatory resort fee of 15.00 and another 15.00 for self parking. Check-in Aug 24, 2010 Check-out Sat, Aug 28, 2010
  7. Excllent price for this hotel. Very good reviews. This is the hotel Im trying to get but won't risk PRICELINE as I fear getting Loews Resort which I do not want. Westin has a sale of 99.00 a night on web site.
  8. Im very sorry, the dates are 8/23 09/01. Yes I’m sure you are right, buisness travelers don't mind paying that price as it not out of their pocket. If I owned a business I would still use PRICELINE and HOTWIRE, the saving are just too great to pass up, more so in a case like this, where the taxes are outrageous. Big companies just don’t care or bother with the savings. When you see 700.00 a week for a compact rental, that enough to make you flinch. Check your eye glasses and look again. Really hard to believe.
  9. Went to book and it was gone. I will wait and see if it comes around again, if not, i'll just pay the hotel direct 99.00 a night.
  10. Thanks,,however, I called Loews Ventana Canyon Resort they say they have "smoke free rooms" The hotel Hotel amenities list: Smoke Free Rooms They are NOT a smoke free resort they just have smoke free rooms......THE LODGE AT VENTANA CANYON and Westin Westin La Paloma Resort and Spa are smoke free resorts. Im just not sure how they mean that hotel icon, does it mean smoke free rooms as stated, or smoke free resort. THE LODGE AT VENTANA CANYON can be ruled out as they do not have a childrens program. According to HOTWIRE vacation Westin shows (Smoking is not permitted inside hotel rooms) HOTWIRE vacation list under Room Amenities Smoking permitted for Loews Ventana Canyon
  11. Your Offer Price: $18.00 (per day) Total Rental Days: 9 days(8 days and 14 hours) Subtotal: $162.00 Taxes and Fees: $137.55 Total Charges: $299.55 Lowest Published Price: $747.35 Total Savings:* $447.80 (You saved 60%) As you know, there is no way in hades that Alamo can rent this car for 747.35 but yet when I went to the Alamo web site, there it was 747.35. I should have called them and told them I just want to rent the car, not buy it. Taxes Kill you in PHX. When you pay more in taxes then you do the actual car, there is something wrong. In any case, never settle for retail on a rent car in PHX, they know they cant rent them for that and you will ALWAYS get a discount. Hotwire had $341 55 for same car and times. I did try and bid for a compact and mid size for same bid but was denied...strange a full size won the 18.00 bid, when I tried everything leading up to it.
  12. Would you also be happy to look into my listing as well? (below this one ) Im ready to book it I just need a 2nd opinon...thanks
  13. Call the Montelucia and ask if they have a tennis court, you might not have seen it, but most resorts have one tuck away somewhere. If they have one, it might narrrow it down for you a bit.
  14. Foothills - La Paloma - Ventana Canyon area hotel 8/24 8/28 59.00 Hotel amenities : .Resort . Smoke Free Rooms . Fitness Center . Pool(s) . Restaurant(s) . Business Center . High-speed Internet Access . Golf Nearby . Tennis Nearby Spa Services . Spa Services .Children's Activity Program (This hotel will let you choose your bed for 10.00 more at 69.00) Hi all, thanks for your help on this one, Im ready to book now,just need a little help. I think the key is..which hotel is non smoking? Is it,,,4* Loews Ventana Canyon Resort 4* The Lodge at Ventana Canyon or 4* The Westin La Paloma Resort and Spa If more than one is non smoking im sunk.....I won't be able to identify, unless someone here can bail me out. (does smoke free rooms mean the Hotel is smoke free, or just some rooms are smoke free?) thanks again. Update: just called THE LODGE AT VENTANA CANYON they are smoke free as well as the Westin. Called Loews Ventana Canyon Resort they DO have smoking rooms. So its down to The Lodge and Westin. Location: Foothills - La Paloma - Ventana Canyon Star rating: silkHotelStarRating: 4-star Check-in date: silkCheckInDate:Tue, Aug 24 Check-out date: silkCheckOutnDate:Sat, Aug 28
  15. 3 * $45 ... 3/5 - 3/6 Courtyard By Marriott Austin-Airport 7809 E. Ben White Blvd Austin, Texas 78741 This was the hardest I had to work for a room but quite please with the results. I have never stayed at this hotel before but the reviews are very positive. Price for this hotel on Courtyard's web site 109.00. I did remember to use the pirce.line link here for all my bidding, thanks for your help as always.
  16. Something must be going on in Austin this weekend. Trying to get a room 03/05 - 03/06 I have bid up to 55.00 for *3 in areas: Austin South Airport, Downtown Austin, - Austin Central and Austin Arboretum. I am using Cedar Park and Austin Southwest for free rebid on a *3 ...in above areas. No luck... Checked few of the hotels web sites and a couple of them were sold out on these dates... I will try again later tonite...but this time doesnt look good unless I bid around 65+ If I am unsuccessful will try Hotwire. I did use the PRICELINE link here for my bidding attempts.
  17. I agree,,,It was not good. Not up to par with the * priceline says it is.
  18. Holiday Inn Houston-Near The Galleria 3131 West Loop South Houston, Texas 77027 Won this hotel on first bid,,,I was trying to low ball them and I guess I didn't go low enough. I can't imagine them going any less, but who knows. Im happy with the results. Best rate for this hotel on website was $135.00 and free parking anywhere near the Galleria is a big plus.
  19. Mixed reviews on tripadvisor on this resort. As a * 3.5 I expected to see better reviews.
  20. Just a heads up.... Austin (South - Airport) 3* Hawthorn Suites Amenities: Complimentary Breakfast, Pool, Fitness, Kitchenette, Tennis, Business, Laundry OR Amenities: Pool, Fitness, Hi-Speed Internet Hawthorn Suites by Wyndham Austin Airport 7800 East Riverside Drive Austin, TX 78744 US From Hotel web site Please be advised this property has been closed since Dec 2008 due to Structure Damage. Opening date has still not been determined. Sorry for any inconvenience.
  21. I really like this hotel. Very nice and great location...however, I noticed the regular price booking is 109.00 .
  22. Have you seen the reviews for Marriott Frenchmans Reef? I have not stayed here personally but the reviews are mixed. Seems to be some issues with mold and mildew at the hotel. I was considering staying here myself but I might pass on it now.
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