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  1. Wow, never thought I'd be an inspiration to so many :-) I was seriously worried about how much I'd have to pay for Singapore hotels, so was very pleased with my result.
  2. Who said there were no good deals to be had in Singapore in January? Actually it was my guidebook, but they were very wrong :-) Started at $60 inching up adding in extra zones (Zones 3 and 6 don't have 5* options, so they make for a nice, safe add-in), eventually winning at $85.
  3. Have a look at hotwire and the eqivalent star ratings and areas to gauge the maximum you should bid would be my first advice :) sorry, no idea which hotel might be which.
  4. I was looking at similar dates in Niagara (27th-29th). After trying lots a bids a few months ago, Priceline is "offering" me 4* in zone 1 Niagara "Niagara Falls" for $79 on the basis that it was a previous winning bid. Might be useful to provide you with some sort of basis :-) My recent bids of $50-$79 for a 4* on those dates has been rejected, however.
  5. Problem has mostly solved itself, as I used some points to get the room with child, so that just leaves the PRICELINE booking. $40 rejected!
  6. That's the problem I guess - I won't know how much I'm saving until I make the priceline bids, and by then of course, it is too late :-) However, there only seems to be one 2.5* hotel, so I'm punting that it's the same one for both Hotwire and Priceline, and not a different hotel up or downgraded. The stay will be for one night on 6th April 2010.
  7. Hi, I have a group with 2 adults and 1 child, and 2 more adults, looking at accomodation in Crystal River. Looks like I can get Holiday Inn Express based on the following assumptions: 1) On Hotwire it shows a 2.5* hotel with fitness centre. This hotel seems to be the only 2.5* in Crystal river, and no others hotels have fitness centres according to tripadvisor. Hotwire allows booking for 2 adults and 1 child in the dropdowns. If I book this hotel am I then guaranteed a room to fit 2+1, or am I still at the mercy of scheduling? 2) On priceline you can book 2.5* in Crystal river via bidding. Via the retail part of priceline, the only 2.5* or better hotel shown in Crystal river is the HIE - does this mean it's almost certain to be the HIE if I win a bid? So, my plan: Bid for priceline for the 2 adults. Win bid. Contact hotel and say I have a child and can they give me a room that will fit 2+1. If they can, bid and book a second via priceline. If they say no (and assuming I can book 2+1 with no problems on Hotwire as explained above), then book via hotwire for the other room. Will all of that likely work out? Any comments? I realise there is a chance the hotwire and priceline bookings will place us in different hotels, but that's ok :-) Will book via links when I've decided. :-)
  8. Knew I was forgetting something :-) Resort, fitness, pool, restaurant, business, laundry, high speed internet, tennis displayed at listing time. (also has Kitchenette, Children's Activity Program listed on my "win" page.) Easy to spot as after "continue" it says it has 4.5 "dots" tripadvisor rating, which narrows down the possibilities a lot :-)
  9. Booked using HOTWIRE link, seemed to be offering much better deals than PRICELINE if my failed bids are any indication. One of the best hotels in Orlando for a cheap price, very happy. Although was sorely tempted by 3* at Disney main gate for $32.
  10. Holy hell! That is cheap - I paid $80 and thought I was getting a sweet deal for the same timeframe.
  11. Used PRICELINE link. Tried $40 and was rejected yesterday.
  12. To me it seemed that the 2 and 2.5* hotels in NYC were a little better than average - have a look at the list of hotels and tripadvisor ratings - anything in MTE or MTW 2.5*s and above looks pretty good to me. I ended up getting Hampton Inn Times Square south 2.5*s (Actually in Madison Square Garden zone) recently for just $105 bid price per night for 14 nights in April, so March should be cheaper in theory. Otherwise just keep plugging in the *s and areas you want and bids up to about $125 per night and who knows? :-) If worst comes to worst, Hotwire has 3 - 3.5* hotels in the areas you want for only a smidge above that.
  13. Used the PRICELINE link. Hotwire had either the Westin or Marriott for $93. I started the bidding at $70, and sure enough, Priceline offers to give it to me if I increase my bid by $22. Added Hull zone and increased to $81 and the rest is history :-)
  14. Serious good values around at the moment. Amenities: Restaurant High Speed Internet Access The trick to making sure you get the Quality Hotel and not the Quality Inn is to check the trip advisor rating after clicking on "Continue". And used the HOTWIRE linky thingy :)
  15. Super price for what is by all acoounts a quite decent little place. Used the PRICELINE linky thingy.
  16. Via PRICELINE link. Well, it's certainly cheap, some mixed reviews and parking costs will bump up the price, but well located.
  17. Hi, Will be touring around eastern canada and was wondering if someone could suggest good zones for the major cities. Will have a car for the touring part, but will parking be an issue for these cities, either at the hotels or in and around the city? More than happy to walk a lot if in a central location. Toronto Ottawa Montreal Quebec City Niagara falls area Thanks in advance.
  18. It's 2.5*s accoding to Priceline. Looks like it has free internet and breakfast too :-) Should I be making a "bid won" post, or is this posting sufficient.
  19. It seems a little patience can pay dividends :-) Your Price Was Accepted Congratulations, your price of $105 was accepted by Hampton Inn Manhattan-Times Square South Perfect location, just up the road from Penn staton, near subway etc etc Very pleased! Used the linky thingy.
  20. In a similar vein, Sheraton Boston Hotel 5/6/2010 - 5/10/2010 $86.00 per room per night. Ameneties were listed as follows: Smoke Free Rooms Fitness Center Pool(s) Restaurant(s) Business Center High-speed Internet Access Also had the option of "Bed Choice".
  21. >"I'm seeing a 3.5* in the MTE area for $139 on HOTWIRE for these dates (restaurant, fitness, internet, business; possibly the Tudor, Doubletree Met or >Roosevelt.) Given that, you may have success in the $110-125 range for a 3.5* in MTE on PRICELINE." Ok will give that a go tomorrow :-)
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